Mobile Ads

What Are Mobile Ads?

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Running mobile ads allows you to only target mobile devices, such as smartphones. These types of ads are able to be run in a number of places including on search engines, display banner ads, and social media. Mobile ads are very effective for reaching users on the go. These ads can be in the format of text, banners, video or the various styles that are available on the social media platforms. Mobile ads show to users while they are on a mobile device, like an iPhone or Android smartphone, and when they meet the specific targeting criteria that has been set within the campaign, such as within a 5-mile radius of your store.

How Do Mobile PPC Ad Campaigns Work?

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When running a mobile only campaign on the search engines, you are able to choose from running the regular text ads on mobile devices or you can select to run call only ads. Call only ads show a clickable phone number as the ad headline, making for a seamless process for the user to be able to call you. This makes it so that the user does not even have to visit your website, they can instead click to call your business.

On the display banner ad side, in a mobile only campaign, your banner or text ads will be displayed on the websites and mobile apps to users that are on a mobile device. You are able to utilize all of the same great targeting options that are available within a regular display campaign on desktops or tablets. The difference here is that you are selecting to only target mobile devices.

Within all of the social networks, you are able to change the device targeting to be able to target only mobile devices if you choose. This allows you to show in the mobile newsfeed to only users on smartphones.

Benefits of Running a Mobile Ad Campaign

mobile ad example near meThere have been multiple studies completed showing that mobile usage is largely increasing every year. Also, searches including "near me", such as "restaurants near me", have grown significantly over the years due to GPS and smartphone technology understanding where you are at the time of the search. For these reasons, if you are not running your ads on mobile devices, you are missing out on a large percentage of traffic. Even if you are an e-commerce store, users are still willing to make purchases through their smart phones, or research before making the purchase. As long as your website is mobile friendly, then running a mobile campaign would likely benefit your company. Mobile websites are specifically designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed, which means less waiting and more browsing and in this case, easier promotion of adverts. You can even track how people have found your website by checking your customer's journey. If you are wondering what is customer journey? A quick Google search will answer any questions you have!

Why Choose Us For PPC Mobile Ad Management

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All consultants at Falcon Digital Marketing are Google Mobile Ads Certified. Most agencies only have the basic Google Adwords Certification, we are certified in all areas of Google Adwords, including mobile ads.

Falcon Digital Marketing does extensive research to implement an advanced mobile advertising strategy to ensure optimal results from your mobile PPC campaigns. We would determine what mobile advertising platforms and campaigns types would be the most compatible for your individual company. And unique marketing goals. From there, we would regularly optimize the campaigns towards the goals that will have been outlined. The extensive research and regular optimization of the PPC mobile ad campaign allows us to grow your campaign and produce the best results.

Who Can Use PPC Mobile Ads

mobile ppc adNearly all industries would benefit from a mobile ad campaign on Google Adwords and other platforms. These campaigns are most important to businesses with physical locations, mobile apps and games, service companies, local businesses, and businesses that receive a large amount of phone calls. View more details on our PPC Advertising Management.

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