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"Falcon Digital Marketing has greatly improved our PPC and other digital advertising. I would certainly recommend their services."

– John Buckley, National Legal Research Group

"They delivered the best results our company had experienced in four years of working with other digital marketing firms. They are honest, transparent and really took the time to understand our industry."

– Kelly Jenkins, WholeHealth.com

I had a great experience with Falcon Digital Marketing! They were able to identify holes in my marketing to make us more efficient and make better use of my marketing dollars.

– Jeremy Robertson, Christian Brothers Automotive

Award Winning PPC Ad Services

Why Choose Our PPC Ad Agency for Attorneys?

Account Manager

You will receive 1on1 communication with your PPC account manager to get you better service and transparency with your advertising campaigns.


Since 2008, we have managed Pay Per Click advertising accounts from $500 per month to $350,000 per month in a wide range of areas of law, and other industries.

Monthly Contracts

No long-term contracts like some PPC ad agencies. We offer Month-To-Month contracts with no cancellation fees. Our amazing results keep our clients, not forced contracts.

Fair Pricing

Our PPC agency for lawyers offers simple and fair pricing to all of our clients, Without any hidden fees – just the way it should be.

Unlimited Updates

For our PPC management services for law firms, there are no limits on keywords, ads, campaigns, platforms or any fees for account changes and updates. Everything is included for one simple fee.

ROI Focused Campaigns

Our experts focus your online advertising strategy on growing your practice and bringing in new clients, not just getting more website traffic.

Free Reports & Meetings

Our PPC management services have no extra charge for reports, calls, and meetings with us. It is all included.


You retain full access and ownership to your ad accounts with us, unlike some PPC companies that lock you out of your own account.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Management for Attorneys

Google Ads & Search Ads

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, management for attorneys is one of our many specialties, as well as other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo. We will ensure your law firm shows up on the top search engines and clients are frequently calling to hire your legal services.

Facebook Ads

Our experts can create a successful Facebook advertising campaign to get you more leads, get repeat business, and find new clients through Facebook ads. Our Facebook ad strategies put your attorneys in front of the right target demographic and geo-targeting for your service area and area of law.

Video Ads

YouTube, News sites, and other video sites are very popular for online searchers. For entertainment, how-to videos, news and information, online videos can be a great place to get your video advertisement in front of your target demographic in a more engaging and memorable way than a text ad or banner ad. We can make sure your video ads produce the results you need.

Mobile Ads

Mobile traffic continues to grow year over year, especially in the legal industry. We’ll make sure your ads are in front of your potential new clients while they are searching on smartphones. We can get you results from mobile website ads, Call-Only or “Click-to-Call” ads, and mobile search ads.

Display - Banner Ads

Banner ads can be extremely effective when placed in front of the right audience. We will work with you to find the right demographics, website placements, verticals, topics, and contextual keyword targeting to make sure your PPC banner ads are driving you more business.

Native Ads

Our PPC management services setup Native Ad campaigns to target your potential customers while they are engaging blogs, news, and other article websites. This can work well with content marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, product launches, and more. Native ad networks like Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, and Taboola can target your native ppc ads to specific website topics, demographics of your target audiences, and granular audience interests targeting

PPC Management for Lawyers:

Armed Services Law
Auto Injury Law
Banking Law
Bankruptcy Law
Civil Law
Commercial Law
Consumer Protection Law
Copyright Law
Criminal Defense Law
Divorce Law
Employment Law
Environmental Law
Estate Planning Law
Family Law
Franchise Law
Health Law
Immigration Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property Law
Labor Law
Legal Malpractice Law
License Law
Medical Malpractice Law
Medicare / Medicaid Law
Mortgage Law
Negligence Law
Oil and Gas Law
Patent Law
Pension Law
Personal Injury Law
Products Liability Law
Public Housing Law
Real Estate Law
Wage and Hour Law
and more!

Managed Paid Search Campaigns for Attorneys

Keyword Research

We provide your law firm with the best PPC management services – implementing our advanced keyword strategy and research to find the top performing keywords to get you more clients. To provide full transparency, we will go over the target keyword list with you to make sure we are targeting the correct target audience for your practice and area of law.

Competitor Research

For your Pay-Per-Click ad campaign, we will do detailed competitor research to make sure your internet advertising is as effective as possible. Search engine marketing for lawyers is competitive, and we help you stay ahead of other law firms and stand out in the crowd when people are searching for your legal services online.

Ad Copy Writing

With your input, we will create all of your law firm’s PPC ads and make sure they go through a thorough approval process to ensure accuracy and compliance. Based on our keyword research, competitor research, and your feedback provided, we will setup top performing ads to get you more leads, more clients, and grow your law firm.

A/B Testing

We have the latest ad testing and optimization strategies in place for our clients to boost advertising performance month over month. We have worked with many attorneys and we know how to get the best performance for legal services on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and more!

Frequent Optimization

Our PPC agency can consistently improve your online advertising campaigns. This includes conversion rate optimization (CRO), increasing ROI and lead generation, adding the right negative keywords, testing ads, and reducing wasted spend. Unlike some PPC management companies, we will discuss your account performance in detail and answer your emails and calls right away.

Easy To Read Reports

Our online marketing agency will give you easy to read, detailed reports tracking all of your leads and phone calls so you can determine how many clients are coming from your Pay-Per-Click ads. Our PPC reports do not have confusing industry jargon, just the important numbers you need – leads, phone calls, website traffic details, and more. We typically provide PPC reporting on a monthly basis, but can do custom reports when needed.

Why Use Digital Marketing for Legal Services?

Many people use Google and other search engines to find an attorney online. Falcon Digital Marketing has successfully run many PPC ad campaigns for the legal industry, including pay per click ads for The National Legal Research Group. We develop internet advertising strategies built around getting you more clients, not just more website clicks.


Advanced Pay Per Click Management Services for Lawyers

Custom Setup

We will take care of the full setup of your customized pay-per-click advertising campaigns from start to finish. This includes finding the best keywords for your targeted area of law, writing attorney compliant ads, organizing ad groups, campaigns, ad extensions, bid management, optimization, and more. This way you can focus on practicing law, not PPC management.

Conversion Tracking

Our Pay-Per-Click management services will setup all tracking needed to ensure a successful online advertising campaign. Your advertising dollars will be well spent with our advanced tracking of calls, forms, emails, and all other leads important to your law firm.

PPC Call Tracking

We can easily track where your phone calls are coming from – from keywords, to ads, to campaigns – we track it all. You get full access to your call logs and call tracking dashboard. Our advanced call tracking gives you all the data you need to get more clients.

Landing Page Optimization

We audit your existing PPC landing page and website to make sure it is optimized to convert and get you more clients! We’ll make sure your advertising dollars are well spent by sending pay-per-click ads directly to a highly optimized, high converting landing page.

Google Ads Management for Attorneys

Google Adwords management for attorneys is a complex industry. Since Google is constantly changing, it takes dedicated experts to make sure best practices are applied to accounts and ad spend is not wasted. We are PPC experts that are Google Adwords Certified with many years of experience running ad campaigns for many clients throughout the United States, including top law firms.

Our PPC Management Service Process

Our process for developing effective internet marketing campaigns includes 4 main steps: research, strategy development, implementation, and ongoing optimization.

01 PPC Research

We discuss your business goals, learn about your company, learn about your industry, research competitors, and conduct advanced keyword research.

02 PPC Ad Strategy Development

We build a customized, ROI focused online marketing strategy based on what we learned during the research phase and align it with your business goals. We then go over the strategy with you in detail – discussing keywords, ads, targeting, and marketing goals for your approval.

03 PPC Ad Campaign Implementation

We setup everything for you and give you full access – keywords, ads, account optimization, A/B testing, Google Analytics tracking, call tracking, and anything else needed for your marketing campaign to succeed. You have full access and ownership of your accounts and website

04 Ongoing PPC Ad Optimization

Every month a full report will be put together for you so that you can see the progress of the marketing and the frequent adjustments we make to improve performance and ROI for your campaigns. We are a Houston PPC Management company that works with national and local businesses.

Questions About Pay-Per-Click Management Services

How Do PPC Management Fees Work?

We charge a Monthly Fee seperate from your advertising budget for monthly Pay-Per-Click management services. For example, if the Customer spends $3000.00 in Google Ads, the Customer would pay Google Ads $3000.00 directly for the ads in their own account, and a separate fee to Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC for creating, managing, and optimizing those Pay-Per-Click ads.

Is There A Cancelation Fee?

No, our contracts do not have a cancelation fee

What is Your Setup Fee for PPC Management?

The setup fee is $500 in most cases.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

Our contracts are month-to-month

How Much Does PPC Advertising Cost?

We recommend starting with at least $1,000 per month as a recommended starting budget for PPC advertising.

PPC advertising is charged based on cost-per-click. PPC platforms use an auction system to decide how much you pay for your ad to show. The more competition there is, the higher your cost-per-click. In very competitive industries, you will pay a high cost-per-click and need a higher monthly PPC budget.

How Long Does it Take to Setup a PPC Advertising Campaign?

Typically 1-2 weeks until your ads are live.

How Will PPC Ads Work for My Law Firm?

When people are searching for an attorney online, you want to make sure your law firm has prominent placement on top search engines so new clients can quickly and easily hire you for their legal needs. PPC Management for lawyers takes a unique skill set that many PPC agencies simply do not have. With how competitive and expensive the law industry can be, every dollar must be spent as efficiently as possible. This is why we make sure the most up to date and advanced PPC account optimization is applied to all of our accounts, giving our clients a much better ROI for their online advertising efforts. When someone is looking for legal advice, they are likely to use the internet to get their questions answered. At the early phases, people often search for how a law works, what to do if they are facing a lawsuit, or how the law applies to their situation. Our strategy makes sure that attorneys have the right advertising message, in the right place, at the right time to get more clients. Whether a person is in the early phases of finding an attorney, or needing a law firm immediately to help, we’ll make sure your law firm can be found online easily.

Are Google PPC Ads a Good Fit?

If you tried Google Adwords management with other companies or tried managing it yourself, we can review your current account status and go over options for improving performance through our PPC management services. With the right skills and research, we can get your ads focused on the right keywords that turn into more clients for your firm. There are constant new searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines for legal counsel. Whether you are a solo practitioner, or a large law firm, it is crucial in today’s modern world for your practice to show on top search engines when potential clients are seeking your legal services and ready to hire you.

Pay per click advertising can come in many forms, including video ads, banner ads, Facebook ads, social medial advertising, and more. It is especially important to find an advertising agency for attorneys that knows the best approach for Google Adwords and law firms to make sure the budget is well optimized. Since these cases are unique, internet ads for the legal industry should be unique as well. Our Google Adwords experts are certified, highly-experienced, and highly-trained. We can answer any questions you have during the setup process, and throughout the ongoing management of your marketing campaign.

What's Included in Our PPC Management Services