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  1. Your Ads Show to the Right People in the Right Place!
  2. No More Wasted Budget from the Wrong Location for the Wrong Services!
  3. We Can Target Zip Codes, Cities, States, and Multiple Locations for Franchises Easily!
  4. Get Expert PPC Management for Auto Repair Service, So You Can Focus on Running Your Business.

What People Are Saying About Us:

I would highly recommend them to any business looking to bring in the best qualified leads. They have many years of experience, and know exactly what they are doing. They are the best at what he does by bringing in the most qualified traffic to clients, all on a perfect and very effective budget.

Spencer Williams

Senior Product Designer, American Airlines

"Falcon Digital Marketing is second to none.The two best words to describe this company are HONEST and RESULTS!"



Shawn Kemp

Senior Software Enginer, Godaddy.com

Falcon Digital Marketing provided us with excellent service!

Jocelyn Bélanger

Assistant Professor of Psychology, NYU

They have been an excellent resource for digital marketing consultation. They are extremely knowledgeable in Pay-per-click advertisement and has been able to provide guidance with SEO as well. We would highly recommend them!

Angie Goertz

Director of Marketing, Accesswire

I had a great experience with Falcon Digital Marketing! The team was able to identify holes in my marketing to make us more efficient and make better use of my marketing dollars. I was very impressed with his ability to break down the data and identify issues. I would strongly encourage you to have Chris and his team take an in depth look at your system and see how they can make your dollars work for you!

Jeremy Robertson

Manager, Christian Brothers Automotive

Chris managers our Google Ads account as if it were his own business. He took the time to understand our business and our goals and is always making changes and recommendations to better our account. 

Tim Wheeler

Executive Vice President, Revelation Machinery

Award Winning PPC Ad Services

Why Choose Our PPC Ad Agency for Your Automotive Repair Business?


Account Manager

You will have the personalized attention of your PPC Account Manager. We offer premium services for your PPC ad account, allowing you to keep your focus on your business!


Our experience in account management is more than 12 years and counting. Budgets of our Automotive PPC ad campaigns are anywhere from $500 to $500,000 per month, plus everything in between!

Monthly Contracts

Your contract is on a month-to-month basis without cancellation fees. We don’t need to offer long-term contracts to keep our clientele on board. Our first-class ad results are more than enough to satisfy.

Fair Pricing

None of our services will catch you off guard or by surprise. We offer simple, transparent, and pricing to all PPC management for auto repair shop clients.

Unlimited Updates

Unlike other PPC Ad Agencies for the Automotive Industry, you won’t see any strange limitations with us. We’ll present no limits on updates and setups, ensuring you get all necessary ads, campaigns, keywords, and updates.

ROI Focused Campaigns

We bring you more business, not just more clicks. Rest easy knowing our automotive Pay-Per-Click ad management services will bring in more business and more calls.

Free Reports & Meetings

We love connecting with our clients! You’ll get regular updates and reports on your results, whether through email, meetings, or calls – we are happy to go over your results with you.


We offer full transparency, unlike some other PPC companies for automotive services. You’ll have complete ownership and access to your accounts and ad campaigns.

Auto Shop Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

Google Search Ads

Our methods, including Google Ads Management for auto repair, ensure we focus on the keywords that will attract more profits and more calls. Also, our expertise with Google Ads Management will ensure your budget isn’t wasted and your dollars bring in business.


Facebook Ads

We have a simple and primary goal with our Facebook ads: get you more business and more leads. Our ads will zone in on the right audience in the right location to attract more leads from Facebook Ads for auto repair shops.

Mobile Ads

With the growing popularity of mobile online searches, we work to ensure your company is listed in mobile searches for Google Ads. You’ll see more demand than ever for click to calls ads and call ads.

Banner Ads

Our banner ads will boost your lead generation and branding by getting your local market’s attention. This additional PPC campaign tool will help you stay in front of the competition away from search engines and dominate your local market everywhere online.

Remarketing Ads

Keeping your audience’s attention is key while they’re choosing between you and the competition. Our remarketing ads will help give you the edge over rivals so you have more success with attracting new customers.

Video Ads

A unique and powerful tool to expand your operation beyond traditional PPC ads, our video ads will assist with closing more business. They help with attracting more calls and more customers outside of just search engines.

Best PPC Management Services for Automotive Services


Keyword Research

Our expert research will flesh out the best keywords for your operation. We know the best keywords, and how you can avoid wasting money on the wrong ones. We use the best strategies, tools, and software to drive in more calls and customers.

Competitor Research

We’ll carry out expert research on your competition so you stay ahead of the pack, and the service is included with your PPC ads management for auto repair. Our experts lead the way with results, and you stay in front of your competitors!

Ad Copy Writing

We’ll take a combination of elements to write premium PPC ads for your campaigns, including competitor research, keyword research, and your input. The results will translate into more calls and more business, not only clicks.

A/B Testing

We offer the best practices for Automotive PPC advertising management, including frequent A/B ad testing. You’ll see great performance from your ads as result, meaning more profits for you.

Frequent Optimization

Our PPC management team will go far beyond only setting up your fantastic PPC campaigns. We’ll keep close tabs on your account, not set it and forget it. Your campaign will be consistently monitored and optimized to remove budget waste and increase profit.

Easy To Read Reports

Our simple and straightforward reports will show you how much success your Automotive PPC ad campaigns are seeing. We won’t use confusing industry terms, but instead, clearly show the results your ads are seeing so that you make the best decisions for your ad campaign and for your dollar.

How Our PPC Management Company for Auto Repair Shops is Different

The purpose that drives our team the most is getting you a higher return on investment. Some PPC ad operations focus solely on achieving more clicks and quit there. Our team will follow through with ensuring your ads are bringing in more calls. This is vital to getting a proper return on investment from your PPC advertising for the automotive industry, or you’re just wasting your resources. You will know exactly where your advertising budget is going, and how we’re spending your pay-per-click advertising budget. With our completely transparent services, you’ll be able to see the great results coming in and go over everything with your PPC account representative. 

The Best PPC Marketing Strategies for Automotive Repair Companies

Custom Setup

Our agency will provide a completely unique PPC ad campaign designed precisely for your needs. Our toolkit contains all of the best keywords, ads, ad groups, bid management, and other premium PPC ad strategies that your business requires. Your campaign’s setup will be just for you!

Conversion Tracking

We have advanced tracking of your ads more than covered. Our tracking and reporting is detailed and we install all of the tracking you’ll ever need, whether it be form submissions, Google Analytics, Call Tracking, leads, and more!

PPC Call Tracking

Advanced PPC call tracking is a primary tool for all clients, so you can see where your calls came from. You can also see the best-performing ads, campaigns, and keywords that are yielding the best results. Plus, you get open access to your call log dashboard if needed for recording and tracking calls.

PPC Landing Page

We’ll ensure your ads show on the best landing page or existing website page, so you get the best possible exposure. We can also build a new landing page for your PPC campaign to give it maximum performance, or closely examine your existing pages to quickly alter your current pages or website.

Specialized PPC Management Agency for Automotive Services


Numerous industries value our team for our PPC ad management expertise. We will map out, implement, and perfect the top PPC advertising campaign for your operation. We always have ROI top of mind, not only more website clicks. This agency also wants to ensure your advertising is making you more money than you spend on it – which is how it should be. Other PPC ads can result in clicks that fail to translate into a new business or phone calls for you. On the other hand, our automotive pay-per-click advertising is shaped to grow your business, and your success means our success!

Our PPC Management Service Process

Our process for developing effective internet marketing campaigns includes 4 main steps: research, strategy development, implementation, and ongoing optimization.

01 PPC Research

We discuss your business goals, learn about your company, learn about your industry, research competitors, and conduct advanced keyword research.

02 PPC Ad Strategy Development

We build a customized, ROI focused online marketing strategy based on what we learned during the research phase and align it with your business goals. We then go over the strategy with you in detail – discussing keywords, ads, targeting, and marketing goals for your approval.

03 PPC Ad Campaign Implementation

We setup everything for you and give you full access – keywords, ads, account optimization, A/B testing, Google Analytics tracking, call tracking, and anything else needed for your marketing campaign to succeed. You have full access and ownership of your accounts and website

04 Ongoing PPC Ad Optimization

Every month a full report will be put together for you so that you can see the progress of the marketing and the frequent adjustments we make to improve performance and ROI for your campaigns. We are a Houston PPC Management company that works with national and local businesses.

Questions About Pay-Per-Click Management Services for Auto Repair  Companies

How Do PPC Management Fees Work for Auto Repair?

We charge a Monthly Fee for monthly Pay-Per-Click management services for Auto Repair. For example, if the Customer spends $3000.00 in Google Ads, the Customer would pay Google Ads $3000.00 directly for the ads in their own account, and a separate fee to Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC for creating, managing, and optimizing those Pay-Per-Click ads for Automotive Companies.

Is There A Cancelation Fee?

No, our contracts do not have a cancelation fee

What is Your Setup Fee for PPC Management?

The setup fee is $500 in most cases.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

Our contracts are month-to-month

How Much Does PPC Advertising for Auto Shop Companies Cost?

We recommend starting with at least $1,000 per month as a recommended starting budget for PPC advertising for Automotive Service Companies.

PPC advertising is charged based on cost-per-click. PPC platforms use an auction system to decide how much you pay for your ad to show. The more competition there is, the higher your cost-per-click. In very competitive industries, you will pay a high cost-per-click and need a higher monthly PPC budget for automotive companies.

How Long Does it Take to Setup a PPC Advertising Campaign for Auto Repair Services?

Typically 1-2 weeks until your ads are live.

What's Included in Our PPC Management Services


Research & Setup

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Research
  • PPC Strategy Development
  • Website and Landing Page Audit
  • Ad Creation
  • Full Custom Setup of All PPC Campaigns

Ongoing Campaign Management

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Negative Keywords
  • Device Targeting Optimization
  • Location Targeting Optimization
  • Ad Schedule Optimization
  • Conversion Rate and CPA Optimization
  • ROAS Optimization
  • Bid Management and Optimization
  • Ad A/B Testing and Optimization
  • Frequent, Ongoing PPC Account Optimization

Analytics & Reporting

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Account Manager
  • Conversions Tracking and Analytics Setup
  • PPC Call Tracking