Display Ads

What Are Display Ads?

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Display ads let you connect with your potential customers using a variety of different ad formats. The most popular ad formats are banner or image ads and text ads. These advertisements are able to be displayed on the thousands of various websites across the internet. It gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand to users to educate them about your product or service offerings while they are browsing the internet. These ads can be very targeted to capture a niche audience, as well as using a very broad user base, depending on what the goal of the campaign is.

How Do PPC Display Ads Work?


While users are surfing the internet they are presented with ads that come in a variety of sizes. The banner ads that the user is shown are based on the targeting that is implemented within the campaign. There are multiple PPC targeting methods to choose from when setting up the campaign. These targeting options will help match your banner ads to websites within the display network that will be the most relevant. Here are the display targeting options:

  • Contextual Targeting or Display Keywords
    • This is a way to limit the websites and web pages that your ads appear on based on the content within the website. You are able to target a list of keywords that you have handpicked and find relevant for your product or services.
  • Managed Placements
    • If there are some select websites that would be ideal to have your advertisement shown on, then this targeting option would be ideal for your campaign. By using the managed placements targeting option you are able to hand pick the websites or mobile apps your display banner ad and text ads will be shown on.
  • Audience Targeting or Interests and Remarketing
    • Interests:
      Google Adwords has built a large list of audiences based on the users browsing history. Advertisers are able to utilize these audiences to help further target their Pay-Per-Click display campaigns. The two main types of audiences available are affinity audiences and in-market audiences. Within each of these audiences there are large lists of sub-audiences to choose from, so there is likely some that will be relevant to your industry and help get your ads in front of the right people.
    • Remarketing:
      There is also a separate targeting option for Remarketing audiences, which are built through previous visitors of your website or app. These ads show to the person that visited your site recently, no matter which website they are currently on.
  • Website Topics
    • Google Adwords has placed each website within the display network into categories or topics based on their content. This display ad targeting method is similar to using the contextual targeting method, but this is done on a broader level. If you are interested in only having your ads shown on a certain category of websites, such as news sites, then this would be a great display ad targeting option.
  • Demographic Targeting
    • Within the Google Adwords platform, there is demographic information available that you can use in targeting your display campaigns. You are able to target people based on their gender, age, as well as their parental status.
  • Gmail Ads
    • Part of the display network, technically Placement targeting, Gmail ads are shown inside Gmail users' inboxes and look similar to an email message. These can be used to target people that are receiving emails from your competitors, or based on keywords in their emails.


Benefits of Running a Banner Ad Campaign

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Display campaigns give you the opportunity to display your ads in front of your target audience while they are browsing online, outside of search engines. This gives you an advantage over your competition that is limiting their advertising to just search engine ads. For example, if a user is researching a topic that is related to your product or service, that would be a great time to display your banner or text ad in front of that person. Display campaigns are another way of presenting your ads in front of the right people at the right time. Not everyone will conduct a search on Google, and then immediately signup or purchase. Display campaigns also help build brand awareness, as well as get in front of users that may not have gone straight to the search engines to look for your product or service.  Research websites, forums, entertainment sites, and news websites have a large amount of daily visitors, getting your banner ads on the right websites in front of the right audience can help significantly grow your business. Banner ads aren’t just for large companies, large budgets, and branding purposes.


Why Choose Us For PPC Display Ad Management

Google Adwords Display Certification2

All consultants at Falcon Digital Marketing are Google Adwords Display Certified. Most agencies only have the basic Google Adwords Certification, we are certified in all areas of Google Adwords, including Display/Banner Ads. 

There are advanced settings and extensive research that come into play for display campaigns in order to make them successful. Falcon Digital Marketing will do heavy marketing research, and apply advanced targeting methods, as well as exclude websites based on what makes sense for your company. We conduct all of the research to better understand your audience and to be able to get your banner ads in front of the right people to produce the best results from your online advertising campaign.


Who Can Use PPC Display Ads?

If your company needs to get more exposure and sales, beyond just search engine advertising, then display advertising is a great fit. Display campaigns tend to have a significantly lower cost per click than a search campaign. This allows your budget to stretch further and have a larger group of people be able to see your internet ads. Also, if your product or service is easier to quickly explain through an image, then using a banner ad would be very powerful.  It also extends your internet advertising beyond just search engines, giving you an advantage over your competition.

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