PPC Advertising Case Studies

American Marketing Association Award Winning Campaign for The National Legal Research Group

Online Marketing Results:
Increased Online Leads by 308%
Conversion Rate Increased by 175%
Reduced Cost-Per-Lead by 39%

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Investor Network Case Study

PPC Advertising Results:
Increased Conversions by 243%
Conversion Rate Reached 28%
Reduced Cost-Per-Lead by 42%
Click-Through-Rate Increased by 284%

Matthews & Megna, LLC

Online Lead Generation Results:
Increased Online Leads by 91%
Conversion Rates Reached 23%
Reduced Cost-Per-Lead by 46%

Issuer Direct

PPC Campaign Lead Generation Results:
Increased Leads by 255%
Increased Conversion Rate by 82%
Reduced Cost Per Lead by 60%

Pedal Industries

eCommerce PPC Results:
Increased Purchases by 112%
Increased Revenue by 239%
Increased Return on Ad Spend by 47%

PaperCuts Shredding Services

PPC B2B Campaign Lead Generation Results:
Increased Leads by 117%
Increased Phone Calls by 140%
Increased Conversion Rate by 58%
Reduced Cost Per Lead by 55%

Breed Network, LLC Case Study

E-Commerce Marketing Results:
Increased E-Commerce Conversion Rate by 152%
Increased E-Commerce Transactions by 463.89%
Increased Revenue by 261%
Increased New Website Visitors by 125%

WholeHealth.com Case Study

Results of our New PPC Campaigns and Changes Implemented:
Increased Conversion Rate by 70%
Increased Revenue by 139%
Increased Return on Ad Spend by 155%

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ArtByte Cryptocurrency Technology

PPC Advertising for Cryptocurrency Case Study:
48,337 new Facebook page likes.
117,127 Website Sessions with 70,334 New Visitors.
9,290 goal completions on the website based on goals tracked for setting up an ArtByte wallet or creating artist profile on website.
Increased value and press coverage: Press Release Here

Saferoad Insurance

PPC Campaign Case Study Results:
Increased Online Leads 110%
Increased Conversion Rate by 142%
Reduced Cost Per Lead by 57%


Revelation Machinery

PPC Lead Generation Case Study:
Increased Leads by 332%
Decreased Cost Per Lead by 31%
Increased Website Traffic by 307%