Facebook Ad Management

Highly-Specialized Facebook Ad Management

We specialize exclusively in PPC Management services, including Facebook Advertising, to get you a better ROI than non-specialized agencies. Our team will work with you to develop a better long-term plan to grow your business from your online advertising!

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    • Get More High Quality Leads
    • Increase Inbound Phone Calls
    • Boost Your ROI
    • Gain More Followers
  • Increase Sales

Our Facebook Advertising Services Offer:

Fair PPC Management Pricing - Fair and Competitive, No Hidden Fees.
Month-to-Month Contracts - We Don't Lock You Into Long-Term Contracts

Full Transparency - You Have Full Access/Ownership to Your Accounts
ROI Driven Strategy Development - Get the Best Results from Your Ads

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Client Testimonials

"Falcon Digital Marketing has greatly improved our PPC and other digital advertising.  I would certainly recommend their services."
- John Buckley, National Legal Research Group  

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"They delivered the best results our company had experienced in four years of working with other digital marketing firms. They are honest, transparent and really took the time to understand our industry, our goals and worked within our budget to drive tremendous results! I highly recommend them!"
- Kelly Jenkins, WholeHealth.com

north texas cash for homes“Awesome at what they do! All we had to do was let them know what our budget was and the areas we wanted to target and they took over the rest. Completely hands off to allow us to actually spend more time in our business and leave the marketing to the professionals.
- Tiger Butler, TEB Properties 

"Falcon Digital Marketing was very knowledgeable and produced great results for my team. I would highly recommend them."
- Lee Smith, US Mortgage Corporation 

"I would highly recommend Them! Great Company, Great Service, Great Value, Great RESULTS!"
- Darryl Pikoos, Papercuts Inc 

piusi usa“I truly recommend  Falcon Digital Marketing to anyone who wishes to work with a professional digital marketing agency that takes pride in their work  
- Marco Dell'Api, Piusi USA

Why Choose Us for Facebook Ad Management?

Account Manager

You will have a dedicated Facebook ad specialist assigned to your account for direct communication and better support.

Monthly Contracts

Month-To-Month contracts with no cancellation fees. We don't force you into long-term contracts.

Unlimited Updates

No limits on updates, ads, campaigns or any fees for account changes and additional audience targeting. One fee covers it all.

Free Reports & Meetings

No charge for reports, calls, and meetings with us.


Since 2008, we have managed Facebook PPC accounts from $500 per month to $150,000 per month in a wide range of industries and Pay-Per-Click ad platforms, including Facebook ads.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing is up-front and fair to our clients. Without any hidden fees - That's the way it should be.

ROI Focused Campaigns

We make sure your Facebook ad budget is resulting in business growth, not just more website traffic and Facebook likes. We build a strategy to increase overall sales and profits.


We give you full access and ownership to your accounts with us, unlike some PPC companies.

Best Facebook Ad Management Services


Target Audience Research

We'll research the best target audience for your potential new customers on Facebook. This way you are showing to audiences most likely to turn into new business for you.


Custom Audience Building

If you have email lists from current clients, newsletters, trade shows, or other sources, we can build a custom audience to target with Facebook ads, including Lookalike lists to expand your reach to other potential customers.


Ad Copy Writing

By combing audience research, competitor research, and your feedback, we will write highly-optimized and top performing Facebook ads for your online advertising campaigns.


A/B Testing

Facebook PPC ad campaigns should constantly be tested and optimized. As your Facebook PPC management company, we will test new ads, audiences, and targeting to get you the best results from your social media ads.


Frequent Optimization

We don't abandon your account after setting it up. Frequent optimizations are made to your Facebook ad campaigns based on account performance data. This includes conversion rate optimization, increasing ROI, lead generation, testing new ad copy, and reducing wasted ad spend. As your Facebook ad agency, we make sure your account is taken care of, and you are always up to date on the latest Facebook ad strategies.


Easy to Read Reports

We provide easy to understand, customizable Facebook PPC reports that show you if your online advertising dollars are producing the results you want. No fluff or confusing industry jargon - our reports give you real data - ROI, Leads, Phone Calls, Sales, Likes, Comments, Shares, and much more. Typically on a monthly basis, or more if needed.

Advanced Facebook Marketing Comes Standard

Custom Setup

We will build a fully customized Facebook advertising campaign for your business - from research, account structure, target audiences, ads, pixel setup, bid management and more, even help you setup a new account.

Conversion Tracking

We will setup your Facebook pixels to track and optimize what matters most to your business - leads, online sales, phone calls, website form submissions, emails, signups, page likes, whitepaper downloads, memberships, and more. We'll customize your tracking to fit your business needs.

PPC Call Tracking

Our call tracking software will track your calls from ads - from ads, to campaigns, to audiences - we can easily track it all. You will also get full access to your call logs and call tracking dashboard. Contact us to learn more.

PPC Landing Page

We will provide you with a full audit of your current landing page or website to make sure it is optimized for your goals! We'll make sure your advertising dollars are well spent by sending Facebook ads directly to a highly optimized, high converting landing page.

Facebook Ad Management Services

Facebook Ads Targeting Users' Interests and Behaviors

We can get your ads in front of the right audience based on what they like and show interest in on Facebook. This ensures the best results from your Facebook ad targeting.

Facebook Demographic  Targeting

Are you looking to target a specific age range on Facebook or other key demographics? We can ensure your ads are in front of your right target demographic for you Facebook PPC advertising campaign management.

Facebook Ads for eCommerce Stores

We are experts at Facebook ads for eCommerce. If you are wanting to do Facebook ads for Shopify stores, Magento, BigCommerce, and other major online store platforms, our PPC experts can get you a better ROI.

Facebook Lead Ads

Capture emails and other lead info with lead ad campaigns through Facebook. We can setup campaigns to capture the crucial info you need from your new incoming leads from Facebook ads.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Grow your audience and boost your blog posts to receive more website traffic, branding, and page likes. This is essential in any social media marketing and content marketing strategy.

Facebook Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are a great way to bring visitors back to your site, especially for longer sales cycles. We'll design an advanced remarketing/retargeting strategy that makes sure website visitors come back to complete a purchase or become a new lead for your business.

Facebook Page Like Campaigns

Grow your page likes, your audience, and your branding with highly-effective page like ad campaigns. With the right targeting, you gain a valuable audience following for your page for company news, product updates, coupons, and promotions.

Instagram Ads

Many people don't realize that Facebook owns Instagram. If your company is wanting to expand its reach, we can easily expand your advertising reach into Instagram Ads with nearly all of the advertising capabilities and targeting of Facebook ads.

Facebook Audience Location Targeting

We make sure you Facebook PPC Ads show only to users located in your target location. This is critical to local business Facebook ads and other businesses with specific target areas, such as zip codes.

How Our Facebook Management Company is Different

Falcon Digital Marketing is specialized in competitive ppc advertising markets where other agencies have a hard time performing well. Our highly-trained PPC advertising experts are experienced in Facebook Paid advertising, as well as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Banner Ads, Remarketing Ads, Video Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more. We are not just a Facebook Ad Agency that recently opened, we are industry experts in a wide range of PPC platforms. We put together long-term online advertising strategies that range across multiple PPC platforms to create a better performing advertising campaign for your company. Although there are trends and fads for Facebook funnels and everyone claims to be a Facebook advertising expert, our Facebook Ad Agency has worked with hundreds and clients and managed millions of dollars in advertising spend over the last 10 years. We implement a range of tactics to ensure your campaigns are highly-profitable.

We will conduct advanced research to determine the best target market for your ad campaign. This will allow your business to show Facebook ads for your target audience - including the correct geo-targeting, demographics, interests, and behavior. There are many layers that can be applied to Facebook advertising to get advanced campaigns setup to outperform your competitors. Whether it is Facebook Lead Ads, Video Ads, Instagram ads, or other popular ad formats, we can help put together a great ad campaign for you.

Industries We Commonly Work With

We focus on advanced to basic Facebook PPC advertising campaigns in a range of industries. For Facebook paid ads, and other pay per click formats, these are commonly for Facebook ads for home services, Facebook ads for insurance companies, Facebook ad management for real estate investors, e-commerce stores, Facebook ad management for attorneys, B2B markets, and more. There are many industries that can benefit from ads on Facebook since there is a wide range of targeting. It is common for businesses to use remarketing ads on Facebook, and target specific interests, demographics, and geographic regions - such as zip codes. While Facebook Advertising policies can prohibit some industries, most are relevant to show on this very large social media platform. With the correct research, setup, tracking, and ongoing optimization, many different types of industries have seen great success and found how to use Facebook ads to get leads and sales. Click on the link below to view our work for advertising on Facebook, as well as other PPC ad platforms.