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  4. Get Expert PPC Management for Pest Control Services, So You Can Focus on Running Your Business.

We Are a Top Rated PPC Ad Agency:

"I have worked with them for over a year and they really understand online marketing and what it takes to maximize your return on investment!"
Nick D.

"Within no time, we had our campaign up and running and optimized for results. Thank you!"
Todd B.

"Great to work with. They go out of their way to understand the message you are trying to communicate, and work with you to get your message out."
Andy H.

"I would highly recommend them to any business looking to bring in the best qualified leads. They have many years of experience, and know exactly what they are doing"
Spencer W.

"They are my go-to for all things PPC! I'm often at a loss when it comes to the more technical aspects of online marketing, and I can always rely on their team to help fill the gaps."
Rachel P.

"They were able to make us more efficient and make better use of my marketing dollars. I was very impressed!"
Jeremy R.

"They are second to none.The two best words to describe this company are HONEST and RESULTS!""
Shawn K.

"Best results our company had experienced in four years!"
Kelly J.

"They took the time to understand our business and our goals and had great recommendations to better our account."
Tim W.

"They have been a great asset to the growth of my clients in PPC. They have a wide variety of expertise and experience!"
Yasmine S.

"Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and helped drive sales to our company."
Peter K.

"They really know their stuff when it comes to putting together advanced online marketing plans. I would definitely recommend them!"
Jennie P.

"Extremely knowledgeable in Pay-per-click advertisement - always quick to respond and has been an excellent resource."
Angie G.

"Great Company, Great Service, Great Value, Great RESULTS!"
Darryl P.

"They helped us to understand the process and the tools needed to get our company marketed!"
Ted L.

"We highly recommend them. Not only are they a pleasure to work with but we have been really happy with our marketing results."
Tami L.

"They are experts with deep experience. They have made dramatic improvements in our CPA and conversion rates!"
Jane D.

"Helped us design and implement a plan that generated true results and improvement in all areas!"
Jon G.

Award Winning PPC Ad Services

Why Choose Our PPC Ad Agency for Your Pest Control Business?


Account Manager

Gain individualized attention from a PPC Account Manager. Your PPC advertising account is in capable hands, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.


We have over 12 years of experience managing accounts and have successfully implemented PPC advertising campaigns with expenditures ranging from $500 to $500,000.

Monthly Contracts

Take advantage of month-to-month agreements. We do not require our clients to sign lengthy contracts because we are confident in the success of our pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Fair Pricing

We offer straightforward, uncomplicated, and competitive pricing for our customers. There are never any unexpected developments with our PPC management firm for pest control services.

Unlimited Updates

No campaign or update limits – get as many campaigns, ads, keywords, and updates as you will need to achieve – without the weird limitations that the other PPC Advertising Companies for pest control impose.

ROI Focused Campaigns

Instead of focusing solely on increasing the number of clicks on your website, we prioritize growing the revenue of your business. With our expert help, you can expect to receive more phone calls and business.

Free Reports & Meetings

We love to keep in touch with our clients, so we’ll keep you posted on the progress of your PPC campaigns via email, meetings, and phone calls.


You will not be in the dark about any aspect of your account or advertising campaigns like you could be with other pay-per-click providers for pest control; instead, you will have complete access and ownership of your accounts

Pest Control Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

Google Search Ads

We have the best Google ads management for pest control, from Google Ads to Microsoft Bing Ads. We zero in on the most practical terms to increase calls and revenue. With this method, you can save money and improve the returns on your Advertisements on Google.

Facebook Ads

Our Facebok ads management for pest control services will ultimately increase the number of sales and leads. If you want more leads generated by Facebook Ads, we will ensure that your ads are viewed by the appropriate people in the proper locations.

Mobile Ads

The use of mobile devices to perform online searches is rapidly increasing. With the help of our professional staff, your business will be visible in Google’s mobile ad results. Phone and clicks-to-call ads mean more calls and customers in record time.

Banner Ads

The exposure your banner advertising receives in your local market significantly impacts your ability to generate leads and build brand recognition. If you add this to your Search strategy, you’ll be able to outperform the competition in your area and win the local market.

Remarketing Ads

Maintaining visibility among potential customers as they weigh your offerings against competitors is crucial. Remarketing advertisements are an excellent strategy for sustaining contact with potential clients and securing larger contracts.

Video Ads

Advertisements in the form of videos are particularly effective because they allow you to reach customers in a way that text and image ads can’t. Aside from pay-per-click advertisements for pest control on Google, this can help bring in more phone calls and potential consumers for your company.

Best PPC Management Services for Pest Control Companies


Keyword Research

Our professionals employ the most up-to-date tools, software, and techniques to locate the ideal keywords to increase your business’s calls and clients. We don’t waste money on ineffective keywords because we know which ones work for ppc ads for pest control.

Competitor Research

We conduct thorough competitor research as part of our pest control PPC advertising management service, ensuring that you always have a leg up on the competition. To ensure excellent advertising outcomes, our staff is always one ahead of the competition.

Ad Copy Writing

We’ll develop the most effective ads for PPC advertising by integrating our thorough keyword analysis results with data we gather about your competitors and your insights. In this way, you should expect more than than just clicks from your ads, but more phone calls and new clients.

A/B Testing

Our expert team’s work is second to none, including constant split testing of your ads to find top performers. That way, your ads will continue to generate high success and revenue.

Frequent Optimization

Our team won’t only launch your impressive PPC ads, we’ll also constantly tweak everything to provide you with the best results. We keep an eye on your pay-per-click campaigns and tweak them so you can save money and make more.

Easy To Read Reports

We provide clear and concise data to help you understand how successful your pay-per-click advertising campaigns for pest control were. We break down the actual metrics for your ad campaign without overwhelming you with technical jargon so you can make informed spending decisions.

How Our PPC Management Company for Pest Control is Different

We prioritize improving your ROI because, it is the most critical factor in our business. When they’ve reached their click-through-rate goals, some PPC companies stop caring about anything else. You can rest assured that your ads will increase phone calls and revenue by working with us. This is essential if you want to see a reasonable return on your investment from your PPC advertising for pest control. We manage your pay-per-click ad budget while keeping you fully apprised of its status and ROI. This way, you and your PPC account leadership team can appreciate the stellar results.

The Best PPC Marketing Strategies for Pest Control Companies

Custom Setup

Your company’s ads are in good hands with our team. We are well-versed in all the best practices for PPC advertising and will help you determine which phrases, ad groups, ads, and bid management will bring in the most revenue for your company. We offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for your business.

Conversion Tracking

We set up every piece of sophisticated tracking Call Tracking; form leads, submissions, Google Analytics, and more that your ads would ever need. Get the most out of your advertising budget with the help of our in-depth tracking and reporting.

PPC Call Tracking

All of our customers have access to our cutting-edge PPC call tracking system. We can analyze call data to determine which keywords, advertising, and campaigns yield the best results. You’ll also get complete access to the call log dashboard, where you can view, filter, and even record calls.

PPC Landing Page

We’ll direct your advertising to the most relevant page on your website, whether a custom-built landing page or an existing one. We can create a high-converting landing pages for your pay-per-click advertising campaigns or undertake an in-depth analysis of your current pages to identify areas for improvement.

Specialized PPC Management Agency for Pest Control

We have extensive experience PPC Management for Pest Control services across a wide range of budgets. We’ll create, launch, and fine-tune a PPC advertising strategy tailored just to your business. ROI, not just increased traffic, is always the target. It is in everyone’s best interest that you’re advertising yields a positive return on investment. Some PPC campaigns can be a waste of money if the clicks they generate don’t result in new customers or phone calls. Our strategies are developed with your company’s expansion in mind.

Our PPC Management Service Process

Our process for developing effective internet marketing campaigns includes 4 main steps: research, strategy development, implementation, and ongoing optimization.

01 PPC Research

We discuss your business goals, learn about your company, learn about your industry, research competitors, and conduct advanced keyword research.

02 PPC Ad Strategy Development

We build a customized, ROI focused online marketing strategy based on what we learned during the research phase and align it with your business goals. We then go over the strategy with you in detail – discussing keywords, ads, targeting, and marketing goals for your approval.

03 PPC Ad Campaign Implementation

We setup everything for you and give you full access – keywords, ads, account optimization, A/B testing, Google Analytics tracking, call tracking, and anything else needed for your marketing campaign to succeed. You have full access and ownership of your accounts and website

04 Ongoing PPC Ad Optimization

Every month a full report will be put together for you so that you can see the progress of the marketing and the frequent adjustments we make to improve performance and ROI for your campaigns. We are a Houston PPC Management company that works with national and local businesses.

Questions About Pay-Per-Click Management Services for Pest Control Companies

How Do PPC Management Fees Work for Exterminators?

We charge a Monthly Fee for monthly Pay-Per-Click management services for Exterminator Companies. For example, if the Customer spends $3000.00 in Google Ads, the Customer would pay Google Ads $3000.00 directly for the ads in their own account, and a separate fee to Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC for creating, managing, and optimizing those Pay-Per-Click ads for Exterminator Companies.

Is There A Cancelation Fee?

No, our contracts do not have a cancelation fee

What is Your Setup Fee for PPC Management?

The setup fee is $500 in most cases.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

Our contracts are month-to-month

How Much Does PPC Advertising for Pest Control Companies Cost?

We recommend starting with at least $1,000 per month as a recommended starting budget for PPC advertising for Pest Control Service Companies.

PPC advertising is charged based on cost-per-click. PPC platforms use an auction system to decide how much you pay for your ad to show. The more competition there is, the higher your cost-per-click. In very competitive industries, you will pay a high cost-per-click and need a higher monthly PPC budget for Pest Control companies.

How Long Does it Take to Setup a PPC Advertising Campaign for Pest Control Lead Generation Ads?

Typically 1-2 weeks until your ads are live.

What's Included in Our PPC Management Services


Research & Setup

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Website and Landing Page Audit
  • Ad Creation
  • Full Custom Setup of All PPC Campaigns

Ongoing Campaign Management

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Negative Keywords
  • Device Targeting Optimization
  • Location Targeting Optimization
  • Ad Schedule Optimization
  • Conversion Rate and CPA Optimization
  • ROAS Optimization
  • Bid Management and Optimization
  • Ad A/B Testing and Optimization
  • Frequent, Ongoing Account Optimization

Analytics & Reporting

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Account Manager
  • Conversions Tracking and Analytics Setup
  • Call Tracking