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We Are a Top Rated PPC Ad Agency:

"I have worked with them for over a year and they really understand online marketing and what it takes to maximize your return on investment!"
Nick D.

"Within no time, we had our campaign up and running and optimized for results. Thank you!"
Todd B.

"Great to work with. They go out of their way to understand the message you are trying to communicate, and work with you to get your message out."
Andy H.

"I would highly recommend them to any business looking to bring in the best qualified leads. They have many years of experience, and know exactly what they are doing"
Spencer W.

"They are my go-to for all things PPC! I'm often at a loss when it comes to the more technical aspects of online marketing, and I can always rely on their team to help fill the gaps."
Rachel P.

"They were able to make us more efficient and make better use of my marketing dollars. I was very impressed!"
Jeremy R.

"They are second to none.The two best words to describe this company are HONEST and RESULTS!""
Shawn K.

"Best results our company had experienced in four years!"
Kelly J.

"They took the time to understand our business and our goals and had great recommendations to better our account."
Tim W.

"They have been a great asset to the growth of my clients in PPC. They have a wide variety of expertise and experience!"
Yasmine S.

"Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and helped drive sales to our company."
Peter K.

"They really know their stuff when it comes to putting together advanced online marketing plans. I would definitely recommend them!"
Jennie P.

"Extremely knowledgeable in Pay-per-click advertisement - always quick to respond and has been an excellent resource."
Angie G.

"Great Company, Great Service, Great Value, Great RESULTS!"
Darryl P.

"They helped us to understand the process and the tools needed to get our company marketed!"
Ted L.

"We highly recommend them. Not only are they a pleasure to work with but we have been really happy with our marketing results."
Tami L.

"They are experts with deep experience. They have made dramatic improvements in our CPA and conversion rates!"
Jane D.

"Helped us design and implement a plan that generated true results and improvement in all areas!"
Jon G.

Award Winning PPC Ad Services

Best Appliance Repair PPC Agency

Grow your business with our PPC management services!

Our specialists optimize your advertising spend to maximize returns and drive quality traffic. Our marketing campaigns, created by experienced account managers, ensure the best visibility in search results. Using proprietary techniques and data analysis, we improve your PPC advertising, improving your position and attracting valuable visitors. As an owner, you deserve marketing solutions with a track record of increasing conversions. Trust our expertise and marketing solutions to place your business ahead of the competition

Why Choose Our Pay Per Click Appliance Repair Management Services?


Account Manager

Receive direct access to your account manager. The high-quality support for your advertising account, will ensure digital marketing success, allowing you to concentrate on your business activities.


We have run pay per click ad campaigns for budgets ranging from $500 to $500,000 monthly and have managed accounts for over 12 years with success and growth for our clients. We have extensive experience with PPC Ad Management for Appliance Repair Services.

Monthly Contracts

We offer flexible contracts because our results help in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We will offer you monthly contracts without cancellation fees.

Fair Pricing

We offer our clients fair, simple, and transparent pricing, meaning you will not receive unexpected prices or any extra fees from our team.

Unlimited Updates

We do not have limits on updates and setups. Any updates, keywords, and campaigns needed to ensure your business becomes successful are provided without limitations.

ROI Focused Campaigns

We concentrate on ensuring you make more money, apart from ensuring your site receives more clicks. That’s where real success and growth comes from. You get more business and calls through our ad management services.

Free Reports & Meetings

We offer regular ad results from updates and reporting from calls, meetings, and emails. Our Ad Agency for Appliance Repair Services loves to engage in healthy conversations with clients.


Our Appliance Repair Services Ad Agency provides full transparency. Clients own their accounts and maintain full access to their ad campaigns. As the account owner you don’t have to worry about account control as with most outsource ppc companies

PPC & Google Ads Management Services

Our PPC experts offer the following services

Google Search Ads

This service covers Google Ads management and Microsoft Bing Ads to cater to all search engines. We concentrate on providing the best key words to generate more profits and calls. That way, you will avoid wasting a lot of money and receive more profits.

Facebook Ads

When using Facebook ads, our Ad Agency for Appliance Repair Services aims to ensure you receive more business and leads. Our team will make sure they target the appropriate audience to generate more ad leads from Facebook.

Mobile Ads

Online mobile searches are on the rise. Our professional team ensures that your business appears on mobile searches for Appliance Repair Services.

Banner Ads

You can receive significant branding and lead generation benefits when you get banner ads. When you add this to your search engine campaigns, it can assist you in dominating your market and standing out from your competitors.

Remarketing Ads

When your target audience is deciding whether to choose you or your competitor, you should strive to stay ahead of them. Our Appliance Repair Services Ad Management offers remarketing to help you stand out when approaching your potential customers.

Video Ads

Video ads help expand your search engines, and when you use a unique ad format, you can get more businesses. That can assist you in generating more calls and converting more potential clients to long-term customers for your business.

What’s Included

Keyword Research

Our ppc professionals use advanced strategies, software, and tools to trace the ideal keywords for your business to convert them into more customers and calls. We already know the keywords that will work for your business, meaning you will save money using the right keywords.

Competitor Research

Our experts ensure that you stand out from competitors by offering expert competitor research combined with Appliance Repair PPC ads management. Our experienced team always stays ahead of your competitors achieving better and more profitable results.

Ad Copy Writing

After combining your feedback, competitor research, and expert keyword research, we will write the best-performing ads for your campaigns that generate more business and calls.

A/B Testing

Good advertising management for Appliance Repair Services includes regular a/b testing for your business. That ensures that you keep receiving good performance leading to more ad profits.

Frequent Optimization

Our Appliance Repair PPC experts will help set up your PPC campaigns and continuously optimize your account. We ensure your PPC campaigns are optimized and monitored consistently to grow profit.

Easy To Read Reports

Our reports are simple and easy-to-read so you know the number of new leads we have generated. We avoid overwhelming reports with confusing words- that is why we explain the results to assist you in making the ideal budget decisions.

Research & Setup

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Website and Landing Page Audit
  • Ad Creation
  • Full Custom Setup of All PPC Campaigns

Ongoing Campaign Management

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Negative Keywords
  • Device Targeting Optimization
  • Location Targeting Optimization
  • Ad Schedule Optimization
  • Conversion Rate and CPA Optimization
  • ROAS Optimization
  • Bid Management and Optimization
  • Ad A/B Testing and Optimization
  • Frequent, Ongoing Account Optimization

Analytics & Reporting

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Account Manager
  • Conversions Tracking and Analytics Setup
  • Call Tracking

We’re The Best Appliance Repair PPC Agency in Texas (and the US)

Based in Houston TX, we help Appliance Repair Service Companies from all over the country to get more leads and growth from their online advertising

Our Process for Success

Our process for developing effective internet marketing campaigns includes 4 main steps:

  • Research
  • Strategy development
  • Implementation, and
  • Ongoing optimization.

01 PPC Research

We discuss your business goals, learn about your company, learn about your industry, research competitors, and conduct advanced keyword research.

02 PPC Ad Strategy Development

We build a customized, ROI focused online marketing strategy based on what we learned during the research phase and align it with your goals. We then go over the strategy with you in detail – discussing key words, targeting, and marketing goals for your approval.

03 PPC Ad Campaign Implementation

We setup everything for you and give you full access – queries, account optimization, A/B testing, Google Analytics tracking, call tracking, and anything else needed for your marketing campaign to succeed. You have full access and ownership of your accounts and website

04 Ongoing PPC Ad Optimization

Every month a full report will be put together for you so that you can see the progress and the frequent adjustments we make to improve performance and ROI.

Best Strategies

Custom Setup

Our Appliance Repair Ad Management experts will handle all aspects of your ad campaign. We understand the ideal bid management, ad groups, key words, and other ad strategies which can work for you. We can also customize the setup to suit your company’s needs.

Conversion Tracking

We can install advanced tracking systems such as Google Analytics, lead, form submissions, and call tracking for you to become successful.

PPC Call Tracking

We can help in installing advanced call tracking to find the best-performing campaigns, and key words, to report and track where the source of calls. We will ensure that you receive complete access to the call log dashboards for easier recording and tracking of calls when necessary.

PPC Landing Page

Our team will ensure that leads go to the existing website or best landing pages to stay at optimum performance. We can also produce the best-performing landing pages or analyze pages to undertake faster changes to your existing website or pages.

FAQ About Our Pay Per Click Management Services

What does an Appliance Repair PPC Agency do?

Appliance Repair PPC agencies create and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns to help appliance repair companies acquire leads and customers from Google Ads, Facebook and other pay-per-click platforms.

Do PPC Management Fees Work for Appliance Repair Services?

We charge a Monthly Fee for monthly Pay-Per-Click management services for Appliance Repair Service Companies. For example, if the Customer spends $3000.00 in Adwords, the Customer would pay Google $3000.00 directly for the advertising in their own account, and a separate fee to us for creating, managing, and optimizing them for Appliance Repair Companies.

Is There A Cancelation Fee?

No, our contracts do not have a cancelation fee

What is Your Setup Fee?

The setup fee is $500 in most cases.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

Our contracts are month-to-month

How Much Does it Cost?

We recommend starting with at least $1,000 per month as a recommended starting budget for advertising for Appliance Repair Service Companies.

Pay-per-click advertising is charged based on cost-per-click. Platforms use an auction system to decide how much you pay for your ad to show. The more competition there is, the higher your cost-per-click. In very competitive industries, you will pay a high cost-per-click and need a higher monthly budget for Appliance Repair companies.

How Long Does it Take to Setup a Campaign?

Typically 1-2 weeks until your ads are live.