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Award Winning PPC Ad Services

Why Our PPC Ad Agency for Roof Repair?



Account Manager

When you workwith us, we provide you with a digital marketing expert to manage your account. You get high-quality support for your roofing PPC advertising that enables you to focus on growing your business.


For over 12 years, our team has developed and managed complex PPC ad campaigns for roofers at a wide range of budgets ranging from $500 per month to $500,000 per month. This means we can develop the perfect PPC marketing plan for your small business or large company!

Monthly Contracts

 We don’t believe that a contract is why you should stay with us. We believe our amazing results leading to increased revenue for your business is what will make you want to stay.

Fair Pricing

Our PPC ad management pricing for roof repair is transparent, simple, and fair for all our clients. You get peace of mind knowing there are no hidden fees or surprise expenses with our search engine marketing services.

Unlimited Updates

We offer no-limit PPC ad management. That means you get unlimited campaigns, ads, keywords, and updates to your campaigns. We do whatever it takes to make your marketing succeed!

ROI Focused Campaigns

Our goal is for your company to make more money. That’s why we are obsessed with getting you a strong ROI for your advertising, not just get a bunch of clicks and waste your budget.

Reports & Meetings

We provide regular, custom marketing reports and PPC update meetings to our clients. We love sharing our results with you. You will always know exactly what value you are getting from our PPC ad services!


We operate with 100% transparency to you. You own your own PPC advertising accounts and have full access to all advertising campaigns we develop.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Management Services for Roof Repair We Offer


Google Search Ads

We develop, deploy, and manage your Google Advertising Campaigns for Roof Repair. Our Google Ads management is second-to-none as we focus on the best keywords to bring in increased leads and higher profits. We maximize your results based on your marketing budget so you never waste advertising investment again. We also offer the same services for Bing/Yahoo ads.


Facebook Ads

For some businesses, Facebook marketing can be a lucrative form of social media marketing. We build our Facebook advertising campaigns for specific targeted audiences to bring in the qualified leads your business needs to succeed.

Mobile Ads

According to Google, 63% of all search inquiries are from mobile devices. Mobile online searches are growing faster than ever. Our expert team will ensure that your shows ads on Google for mobile searches. This means you can expect more calls and customers than ever before from our mobile optimized ads.

Banner Ads

Banner advertising for local markets is an additional opportunity for lead generation and branding. We add this to our campaigns so that you can dominate your local market and stay ahead of your competition outside of search engines.

Remarketing Ads

Consumers often need repeated interactions with a business in order to make a purchase. Our retargeting ads make sure this happens. We use advanced technology to ensure that you keep interacting with those who visit your website or click on your ads until they make a purchase. Expect to close bigger jobs from our remarketing ads!

Video Ads

Video ads are a powerful way to expand your advertising beyond search engines. This unique advertisement outlet offers many advantages and high conversions from your advertising traffic. Video advertising can help drive additional calls and customers to your business beyond the lead from traditional PPC ads.

Best PPC Management Services for Roofing Companies


Keyword Research

Our experts use the latest keyword tools, software, and strategies to find the best keywords for roof repair to increase your traffic and conversions for your business. We know what keywords work, and don’t waste your money on keywords that will not convert.

Ad Copy Writing

After we combine expert keyword research, competitor research, and your feedback – our copywriting team will create ads that are irresistible to your target audience. This way you get ads that produce leads and get you more business – not just empty clicks.

Competitor Research

We ensure you stay ahead of your competitors by including expert competitor analysis with your PPC ads management for Roof Repair Services. You stay one step ahead of the competition with ads that make you the leader in your industry.

A/B Testing

We implement the best PPC advertising management for roofing including regular a/b split testing of your advertising campaigns. This data allows us to pick the most optimal version of each ad, leading to a higher conversions for your ads.

Frequent Optimization

Our PPC management agency for Roof Repair companies will not only create amazing PPC campaigns for you, but we will also continuously optimize your account. We ensure that your PPC campaigns are monitored and updated constantly to minimize wasted budget and get your ads performing at peak efficiency.

Easy To Read Reports

Our regular performance reports are simple and easy to read so you know exactly how well your PPC ad campaigns for Roofers are performing. We don’t overwhelm the report with confusing industry jargon. Instead, we explain exactly what results came in from your ad to help you make the best budget decisions.

How Our PPC Management Company for Roof Repair is Different

We are obsessed with your success. That means we put all our value in high ROI advertising. Some PPC companies for roof repair focus all of their attention on just getting more clicks and stop there. We are not satisfied with that. We make sure that your ads are getting you more lead traffic with a high conversion rate so that you get a high yield on your advertising investment.

We also provide an excellent, turnkey marketing experience. Our expert team takes care of all of your marketing needs. Our personalized PPC managers are always available to you so that you have direct access to us at all times. We also believe in complete transparency in how your budget is spent, what results we have produced, and how you can access your content. Lastly, you own everything we create, so you will never be locked out of your own campaigns.


The Best PPC Marketing Strategies for Realtors


Custom Setup

Our team will take care of everything for your PPC ad campaign for your roof repair company. We know the best keywords, ad groups, ads, bid management and other top PPC ad strategies that work for your business. We’ll provide a complete custom setup for your company!

Conversion Tracking

We install all the data tracking software your ads need to succeed – call tracking, form submissions, leads, Google Analytics, and more! Our advanced marketing analytics make sure you get the best results from your ads at all times.

PPC Call Tracking

We install advanced PPC call tracking for all of our clients. We track and report the source of all your calls. This means we can find the top performing keywords that actually turn into calls for your business. You will also receive full access to your PPC call tracking dashboard for tracking and recording calls.

PPC Landing Page

Our team of experts will create a top performing landing page for your ads to be at peak performance, or we will optimize your website to convert from the ad traffic. We make sure that when your potential clients click on your ads, they see a great page that pushes them to make a purchase.

Specialized PPC Management Agency for Roof Repair Leads

We are experts in PPC ad management for roofing leads and digital marketing for many industries. Our team will plan, implement, and optimize the best PPC advertising campaign for your local business or national company or franchise. Our goal is always your success which means we care about ROI – not just more website clicks. We work tirelessly to ensure that you make more money from your advertising than you put into it. Other PPC advertising for roofing can waste money on clicks that don’t turn into phone calls or new business for you. Not ours. Our pay-per-click ad campaigns are built for one thing: growing your business. Your success is our success so we stop at nothing to ensure your business grows. Get started with us today!


Our PPC Management Service Process

Our process for developing effective internet marketing campaigns includes 4 main steps: research, strategy development, implementation, and ongoing optimization.

01 PPC Research

We discuss your business goals, learn about your company, learn about your industry, research competitors, and conduct advanced keyword research.

02 PPC Ad Strategy Development

We build a customized, ROI focused online marketing strategy based on what we learned during the research phase and align it with your business goals. We then go over the strategy with you in detail – discussing keywords, ads, targeting, and marketing goals for your approval.

03 PPC Ad Campaign Implementation

We setup everything for you and give you full access – keywords, ads, account optimization, A/B testing, Google Analytics tracking, call tracking, and anything else needed for your marketing campaign to succeed. You have full access and ownership of your accounts and website

04 Ongoing PPC Ad Optimization

Every month a full report will be put together for you so that you can see the progress of the marketing and the frequent adjustments we make to improve performance and ROI for your campaigns. We are a Houston PPC Management company that works with national and local businesses.

Questions About Pay-Per-Click Management Services for Roofing Leads

How Do PPC Management Fees Work for Roof Repair Companies?

We charge a Monthly Fee for monthly Pay-Per-Click management services for Roof Repair. For example, if the Customer spends $3000.00 in Google Ads, the Customer would pay Google Ads $3000.00 directly for the ads in their own account, and a separate fee to Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC for creating, managing, and optimizing those Pay-Per-Click ads for Roofing services.

Is There A Cancelation Fee?

No, our contracts do not have a cancelation fee

What is Your Setup Fee for PPC Management?

The setup fee is $500 in most cases.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

Our contracts are month-to-month

How Much Does PPC Advertising for Roofing Leads Cost?

We recommend starting with at least $1,000 per month as a recommended starting budget for PPC advertising for getting roof repair leads.

PPC advertising is charged based on cost-per-click. PPC platforms use an auction system to decide how much you pay for your ad to show. The more competition there is, the higher your cost-per-click. In very competitive industries, you will pay a high cost-per-click and need a higher monthly PPC budget for roofing companies.

How Long Does it Take to Setup a PPC Advertising Campaign for Roof Repair Companies?

Typically 1-2 weeks until your ads are live.

What's Included in Our PPC Management Services


Research & Setup

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Website and Landing Page Audit
  • Ad Creation
  • Full Custom Setup of All PPC Campaigns

Ongoing Campaign Management

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Negative Keywords
  • Device Targeting Optimization
  • Location Targeting Optimization
  • Ad Schedule Optimization
  • Conversion Rate and CPA Optimization
  • ROAS Optimization
  • Bid Management and Optimization
  • Ad A/B Testing and Optimization
  • Frequent, Ongoing Account Optimization

Analytics & Reporting

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Account Manager
  • Conversions Tracking and Analytics Setup
  • Call Tracking