Remarketing Ads

What Are Remarketing Ads?

Remarketing ads or Retargeting Ads allow your company to show ads, on other websites, to people that have previously visited either your website or mobile app. If a person were to leave your website, having completed one of your desired actions, then remarketing gives you the opportunity to reconnect with those users after they leave your website. This is done by showing them one of your relevant ads across the internet. Your desired actions can be something such as visiting a particular page on the website, visiting any page on the website, completing a purchase, filling out a lead or contact form, calling the number on the website or signing up for your newsletter. These custom actions are unique to your website and your company goals.

How Do Remarketing Campaigns Work?

As these previous website visitors browse the internet, they will see your banner ads. These ads can be seen on the search engines, on various display and video websites, as well as on the social network websites like Facebook. You are able to use specific messaging for these ads since they are only for users that already know about your brand and your products.

In order to know who you want to target, you need to setup remarketing audiences. These remarketing lists will be built from either adding remarketing code to your website or through the remarketing list options available within Google Analytics. It will depend on the advertising platform that you will be executing the campaign on as to what the setups will be for adding the remarketing code to the website, as well as the options that will be available for creating the remarketing list.

You will want to at least create two different audiences. One will be for all users that have visited your website. The other audience will be for users that have completed one of your desired actions on your website, that you can exclude from the campaign, such as completing an order. Also, multiple audiences can be created by grouping users together for items such as where the user goes on your website. There are many combinations of remarketing ad audiences you can setup, try testing different audiences to see which produces the best results from your remarketing PPC advertising.

Benefits of Running a Remarketing Ad Campaign

There are multiple benefits that come from running a remarketing advertising campaign. The main reason being that you are able to bring users back to your website that may not have had time to complete the purchase or didn’t have their credit card on them at the moment. These ads are a friendly reminder that the items or services you offer are still available and gives them a little nudge to go back and complete the action on the website.

Majority of the time, you will find that remarketing campaigns will have some of the highest conversion rates out of all of your campaigns. The reasoning behind this is that the user has already had a chance to look over your products or services and has had the chance to think it over. This way, when you remind them to come back to your website with your remarketing ads on Google Adwords or other platforms, they will have a higher chance of taking an action.

Who Can Use PPC Remarketing Ads?

Most websites would be able to benefit from a Pay-Per-Click remarketing campaign regardless of if your business has a short or long sales cycle. If you have a longer sales cycle, the time that a user is in your remarketing list can be extended. The exception to this is for those that are considered a sensitive category. Due to some products and services falling under categories that are sensitive in nature, such as a health related items, these are not able to collect an audience lists to use in a remarketing campaign.

View more details on our Pay-Per-Click Management Services.

Why Choose Us For PPC Remarketing Ad Management?

All consultants at Falcon Digital Marketing are Google Adwords Display Certified. Most agencies only have the basic Google Adwords Certification, we are certified in all areas of Google Adwords, including Display/Remarketing ads. 

There are many different ways that a remarketing or retargeting campaign can be executed on, and at Falcon Digital Marketing we pride ourselves with our performance metrics. In order to achieve the best results, we build out multiple, advanced remarketing lists for your website. This is done by looking at your website pages, as well as your website’s analytics, to see what areas of your website and users’ behaviors on your website need to be tagged. These lists are then continuously tested so that the campaigns can be further polished and refined to produce the best results from our PPC remarketing ad management services.

Based on your website goals and your industry, Falcon Digital Marketing executes a variety of different remarketing campaigns that make sense for your unique PPC marketing strategy. These remarketing campaign types including:

  • Search Remarketing Ads
  • Shopping Search Remarketing Ads
  • Display Remarketing
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Video Remarketing
  • Social Remarketing
  • Mobile App Remarketing

All of these options are categorized as remarketing, but where you want your remarketing ads to show, and the ad format is the main difference. Most people know about the banner ads that follow you as you browse the internet, but you can also show different formats like videos or apps, on a variety of locations. For example, you can have a banner ad or video ad show to people once they leave your website and go to Facebook or YouTube. LinkedIn remarketing is also a great option for B2B PPC advertising.

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