5 Ways Advertising on Bing Beats AdWords

There are over 3 billion people using the internet every single day. That immense amount of users represents a tremendous opportunity for you to capture highly targeted leads for your business.

There is a barrier however to capturing those leads... stiff competition.

Competing for those 3 billion internet users are 1.9 billion websites, many of which are positioned in your niche fighting for your customers.

In order to cut through this clutter, many people have turned to investing in online ads. But which ad platform is the right place to purchase your ads through?

In our opinion, contrary to popular belief, Bing is a very strong option.

We've written this article to share a few reasons why advertising on Bing can trump advertising through AdWords and other providers.

1. Bing Ads are Typically Cheaper

The explosive popularity of Google's AdWords has made competition for certain keywords fierce on the platform. That means that the amount you're paying per click is way up on Google in comparison to Bing.

When advertising on Bing, you're likely to save in the vicinity of 30% - 35% on the keywords you're targeting in comparison to AdWords. Bing also uses an auction style system (similar to AdWord's) for determining CPC's which means that you're sure to get a competitive price.

Furthermore, many users see a lot more value for their low-cost ads given that, in general, Bing ads will get excellent positioning.

2. Platform Specific Advertising

The way people interact with the web is as varied as the number of things you can find online. Because of that reality, many advertisers have turned to creating specific ads targeted at specific device users to create a more personalized advertising experience and grow conversions.

Bing realizes this trend and gives advertisers an immense amount of control over targeting devices and excluding others. That means you can run ads that appear solely on tablets, phones, desktops or any combination of those platforms. Google has this feature as well, so it is available on both platforms.

3. Bing Gives You the Choice of Close Variants

When you've done your keyword research and know exactly where you'd like your advertising spend to go, it can be jarring when your ad platform forces you to not only pay for traffic for your targeted keyword but also for keywords in close proximity.

Bing allows you the flexibility to choose if you want your ads to pop up when people are searching for things related to your keyword or when people misspell certain words. If you opt out of this feature, you can be sure that your ads will only be presented to people that meet your exact search criteria.

4. Better Social Integration

When you're advertising on Bing, you may notice a small bit of text under your headline that shares exciting social stats with viewers. This bit of text might say something to the effect of, "100,000 followers on Twitter".

Bing's ability to add credibility to your advertisements through social integration can dramatically improve the rate at which your ad is interacted with.

5. Demographic Targeted Search Ads

One of the absolute best features you'll get when advertising on Bing that you won't see with AdWords is better demographic targeted search ads.

With Bing, you can go into your "advanced targeting options" and not only specify certain demos for your ads but even allocate percentages to each demo so your ads can be presented, for example, 20% of the time to female users and 80% of the time to male users.

Wrapping up Reasons Why Advertising on Bing Can Beat AdWords

Cutting through the clutter and getting ahead of your competition online has never been more important and been made easier than it is today via online advertising.

If you're looking for a premiere platform to run your ads on, we recommend getting off the beaten path by trying Bing.

Bing offers deep flexibility to advertisers when it comes to connecting with their target markets. They offer welcome levels of integration with social media and do all of that at a price that's lower than AdWords.

With all of those advantages to advertising on Bing, you'd be hard-pressed to find a reason to not sample what the platform can do for you!

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