Shopping Ads

What Are Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads allow you to promote your products on the search engines like Google Adwords and Bing ads, and within Facebook Ads by giving the users detailed information and a picture of the products that you are selling. Also known as Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, this format allows the searcher to see a preview of your product before clicking on the ad.

PPC Shopping ads are similar to search ads as they are both show based on the keyword the person is searching at the moment. The main difference is that a search ad is only text, whereas a shopping ad has an image, text and the price of the product within the ad. Also, on the search engine pages, shopping ads are separated from the text ads in their own box to help them further stand out. For eCommerce ads, it is the best choice for a merchant services broker because they typically receive higher conversion rates and higher click-through-rates.

How Do Shopping Campaigns Work?

When a user conducts a search on one of the search engines such as Google or Bing, your shopping ad would be displayed if the user’s search contains relevant keywords for your products.

In order for the shopping campaigns to know about your products, you will need a shopping feed to plug into these advertising platforms. A shopping feed will contain a list of all of your products with several important details about each product. It will include details such as product name, product description, product image and price. From there, the shopping campaigns will be able to read your shopping feed to know what keywords will be relevant to your products.

Both Google Merchant Center and Bing Merchant center have options to host your shopping feed, as well as Facebook Shopping Ads. The merchant feed transcribes your shopping feed into the format that the advertising platform needs it to be in for the shopping ads. Within the merchant center you will be able to add additional details such as the shipping and the tax information used on your website. You will also be able to check for any errors that may be in your shopping feed within your merchant center.

Benefits of Running a Shopping Campaign

Due to the nature of a shopping ad unit, these ads usually see a higher click-through rate than traditional search ads. Having an image of the product paired with the text helps attract users to your products. With having a higher click-through rate, that also tends to lead to a lower cost per click than your typical PPC search ads maybe able provide.
When the user clicks on your product ads, it takes them to the exact product page on your website. This makes is every easy for the user to be able to navigate to the information that they are seeking.

For this reason, shopping ads see a higher conversion rates than most search campaigns. Being able to deep link to each product page is very powerful and makes the process seamless for the user. The easier you can make it on the user with your advertising, the better your ads will perform.

Who Can Use PPC Shopping Ads?

If you are wondering how to get more sales from your online store, shopping ads are definitely a great option to increase your ROI. Most online retailers are able to see a large boost in website traffic and sales in a short amount of time, with lower upfront costs than traditional advertising. View more details on our PPC Management Services.

Why Choose Us For PPC Shopping Ad Management

All consultants at Falcon Digital Marketing are Google Shopping Ads Certified. Most agencies only have the basic Google Adwords Certification, we are certified in all areas of Google Adwords, including shopping ads.

We approach PPC shopping campaign with advanced strategies and techniques for high ROI. The way that a shopping campaign is structured can make a very large difference in the performance that you will see from the campaign. Falcon Digital Marketing will structure the PPC shopping campaign so that it is setup for success and is ideal for frequent optimizations.

In order to achieve high ROI, it needs to be structured in a way that allows optimizations to one group of products that does not affect another group, most agencies miss this and setup the “All Products” default group.

Also, we keep in mind your profit margin so that we are able to bid accordingly. If a product has a higher margin, we can be more aggressive in pushing that product. Also, every product should not be at the same maximum cost per click when you have varying price points across your products, as well as varying margins. We take this, and many other specific details of your unique online store in to consideration. After all, the goal of a shopping campaign is to push sales on the website, and we setup your shopping ads to achieve the highest return on ad spend possible.

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