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We've Managed Over $1 Million Dollars in PPC Budgets for Real Estate Investors.
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Right Path Real Estate Advertising

"Great to work with. FDM goes out of their way to understand the message you are trying to communicate, and works with you to get your message out."
- Andy Helms, Right Path Real Estate

"Falcon Digital Marketing was very knowledgeable and produced great results for my team. I would highly recommend them."
- Lee Smith, US Mortgage Corporation

north texas cash for homes“Awesome at what they do! All we had to do was let them know what our budget was and the areas we wanted to target and they took over the rest. Completely hands off to allow us to actually spend more time in our business and leave the marketing to the professionals.
- Tiger Butler, TEB Properties

Why Choose Us?

Account Manager

You have direct contact with your PPC account manager to setup and plan a better strategy to make sure you leads are turning into more real estate deals.

Monthly Contracts

Month-To-Month contracts with no cancellation fees. This way you only stay if we are getting you the results you need to scale your business!

Unlimited Updates

No limits on keywords, ads, campaigns or any fees for account changes and updates. 1 fee includes all PPC ad management services.

Free Reports & Meetings

No charge for reports, calls, and meetings with us. We're happy to discuss your online advertising results with you in detail.


Since 2008, we have managed PPC accounts from $500 per month to $250,000 per month in a wide range of industries and platforms. We know how to get motivated sellers to real estate investors and scale their business - no matter what budget.

Fair Pricing

Our pay-per-click ad management pricing is fair and transparent. Without any hidden fees - That's the way it should be.

ROI Focused Campaigns

We focus your Pay-Per-Click advertising account on getting more leads at a lower cost per lead, and make sure they turn into buying more houses for you.


Unlike some PPC companies out there, you have full access and ownership of your advertising account and website at all times.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management for Real Estate Investors


Keyword Research

We make sure we provide your real estate investing company with the best PPC management services - putting in place the latest strategies we've learned over the last 10 years of digital marketing experience. We know which keywords bring in the top motivated sellers, and which PPC keywords not to use for investors. We'll make sure you are always targeting the keywords that turn into deals, not waste money.


Competitor Research

For all of our real estate investor PPC ad campaigns, we research what the competitors are doing in your area to make sure you stay ahead of them. Search engine marketing for real estate investors is very competitive, so we'll make sure that you don't waste any money on ad and find the competitive edge you need to find the best deals before competitors do.


Ad Copy Writing

Based on your feedback, we will create all of your house buyer PPC ads and make sure they go through a thorough approval process to ensure accuracy and compliance. Based on what we find in our keyword research, competitor research, and your feedback provided, we will setup top performing ads to get you more leads that turn into more deals!


A/B Testing

We continous test and re-test your online ads to make sure you are getting a better conversion rate and lower your cost per online lead. We have worked with many real estate investors over the years and we know how to get the best performance for real estate investors on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and more!


Frequent Optimization

Our PPC agency can consistently improve your online advertising campaigns. This includes conversion rate optimization (CRO), testing landing pages, increasing ROI and lead generation, adding the right negative keywords, testing ads, and reducing wasted spend on bad keywords. Unlike some PPC management companies out there, we will discuss your account performance in detail and answer your emails and calls right away.


Easy to Read Reports

Our online marketing agency will give you easy to read, detailed reports tracking all of your inbound leads and inbound PPC phone calls on your website so you can determine how many clients are coming from your Pay-Per-Click ads. Our PPC reports do not have confusing industry jargon, just the important numbers you need - leads, phone calls, website traffic details, cost per lead, conversion rates, and more. We typically provide PPC reporting on a monthly basis, but can do custom reports if you need them.

Advanced PPC Management Services for Real Estate Investors

Custom Setup

We will take care of the full setup of your customized pay-per-click advertising campaigns from start to finish. This includes finding the best keywords for your targeted region, writing effective ads, organizing ad groups, campaigns, ad extensions, bid management, optimization, and more. This way you can focus on your business, not PPC management.

Conversion Tracking

Our Pay-Per-Click management services will setup all tracking needed to ensure a successful online advertising campaign. Your advertising dollars will be well spent with our advanced tracking of calls, forms, emails, and all other leads important to your business.

PPC Call Tracking

We can easily track where your phone calls are coming from - from keywords, to ads, to campaigns - we track it all. You get full access to your call logs and call tracking dashboard. Our advanced call tracking gives you all the data you need to close more deals.

PPC Landing Page

We audit your existing PPC landing page and website to make sure it is optimized to convert and get you more clients! We'll make sure your advertising dollars are well spent by sending pay-per-click ads directly to a highly optimized, high converting landing page.

Best PPC Management Services for Real Estate Investors

google adwords home services 2

Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords management for real estate investors is still one of the best ways to get more motivated sellers from online advertising, as well as other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo. We will make sure that when someone searches keywords like "I need to sell my house for cash" or "Who buys ugly houses fast", your ad shows up at the top of Google and other major search engines. Since most people are familiar with real estate investor ads on search engines, this is the first place they go to search to find and investor to buy their house fast.

mobile ad example near me

Mobile Click-To-Call Ads

Mobile searches continues to grow year over year, especially in the real estate investor. We make sure your ads are in front of your potential house sellers while they are searching on smartphones. We can get you results from mobile website ads, Call-Only or "Click-to-Call" ads, and mobile search ads. This way when someone is ready to sell their ugly house right now, they can click to call you immediately!

facebook ads for contractors

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors

We are not selling "gurus" claiming to have the latest "funnel" gimmick on Facebook ads. Our highly trained and experienced Facebook ad experts know what advertising strategies work long-term for real estate investors and what strategies are short-term fads that don't scale. Through hundreds of tests and years of experience, we can build a Facebook ad strategy that adjusts to the latest Facebook ad trends to make sure they integrate with ALL of your online marketing strategies. If you've wasted money Facebook funnels that just didn't work, we would be happy to rebuild a successful Facebook advertising campaign for your business that gets qualify leads.

Display - Banner Ads

Banner ads can be extremely effective when placed in front of the right audience. We make sure your banner ads are very specific websites that bring in motivated sellers.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing banners ads bring your website visitors back to complete the form or call you for an offer. Since PPC Advertising for REI is so competitive, it is important to always stay in front of your motivated sellers and make sure they go with you to sell their house fast.

ppc video ads

Video Ads

YouTube, News sites, and other video sites are very popular for online searchers. Placing a video ad in front of a motivated seller can put your pay per click ads above all other real estate investors who do not have video ads.

Why Use Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investing Ads?

Most people go to Google.com to find just about anything, including a way to sell their house for cash to an investor. Falcon Digital Marketing has run many successful PPC advertising campaigns in a wide range of industries, including PPC management services for real estate investors. Through our detailed process, we build a strategy around getting you the right leads at the right price to make sure your online advertising turns into profit, not just website traffic. Pay-Per-Click advertising is very complex and changes constantly - that is why most real estate investing companies rely on an outside marketing agency to handle all of their internet advertising for them. This way they can focus on converting leads into deals. With all of the many tasks that are involved with flipping houses, wholesaling, or buy and hold rent houses, it make sense that most business owners do not also want to take on their marketing. Search Engine Marketing for real estate investors continues to be one of the top online lead generation choices for companies that want to scale. The precise geo-targeting, data available, and tracking make it easier to know what is working and what is not. With traditional forms of advertising, it can be much harder to remove wasted spend and focus your marketing efforts on the top producers. We handle all of your calls tracking, Google Analytics, reporting, PPC campaign management on all advertising platforms, and more.

Google Adwords Management for Real Estate Investors

Google Adwords management for real estate investors is very competitive. It takes a significant amount of research, expertise, and testing to find the right strategy for effective lead generation through Google search ads. Our team is Google Adwords certified, highly-trained, and highly-experienced to handle the most competitive industries like real estate. If you have tried many ways to improve your Google Ads performance but end up wasting even more time and money, it may be time to switch to an expert PPC management company. If you have an existing Google ads account, we can audit your current setup to make faster improvements and get your advertising ROI turned around quickly.