Client Story

Falcon Digital Marketing Wins AMA Crystal Award for Online Marketing

Falcon Digital Marketing Wins AMA Crystal Award for Online Marketing

The American Marketing Association Crystal Awards honored Falcon Digital Marketing in the category of Online Marketing for their top performing Search Engine Marketing campaign. Falcon Digital Marketing was chosen to receive this award for their online advertising campaign in the legal industry for The National Legal Research Group, the oldest and largest legal research firm in the U.S that provides legal research and writing services for attorneys

The Goal: 

The National Legal Research Group, needed to improve online lead generation efforts through pay-per-click advertising. Their goal was to increase leads generated by PPC advertising, reduce their cost per lead, increase conversion rates, and reduce the number of inquiries they receive from non-attorneys. They were not getting enough leads, conversion rates were too low, and the cost-per-lead was too high and not cost effective for their online advertising efforts.


Our Strategy

  • Overhaul Keyword Targeting
  • A/B Test More Specific Ad Copy
  • Remove Keywords Wasting Budget
  • Implement Advanced Bidding Strategies
  • Develop Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies
  • Implement Remarketing Campaigns


In the first 6 months of implementation, we were able to increase online leads by 308%, reduce cost per lead by 39%, and increase conversion rates by 175%. We also received feedback from our client that the number of non-attorney inquiries had decreased since implementing the ad campaign changes and new ads. We were able to successfully meet our objective of increasing leads, reducing cost per lead, and increase conversion rates, while still reducing the frequency of non-attorney inquiries received by the client.

"Falcon Digital Marketing has greatly improved our PPC and other digital advertising. I would certainly recommend their services.""

– John Buckley, National Legal Research Group  

Advanced PPC Implementation

To improve the clients PPC advertising performance, we started with a full audit of their current online advertising campaigns. We then performed detailed research on their industry, their competitors, high-value keywords to target, and reviewed their current landing pages on their website. Based on what we found from our research, reviewing previous reports, and direct feedback from the client, we were able to implement more advanced PPC strategies with better targeting to yield better results.

The Results


Increased Online Leads 

by 308%

Conversion Rate Increased

by 175%

Reduced Cost-Per-Lead

by 39%

Better Targeting, Better Results

We adjusted the audience targeting and ad message to clearly target attorneys looking to hire other attorneys for legal research services. Additional keyword research had to be completed to carefully choose only keywords that an attorney would search, rather than keywords that a non-attorney would search to find an attorney for a personal issue. Keywords were changed to target more specific terms