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Falcon Digital Marketing PPC Advertising Case Study: PPC Advertising Case Study

Whole Health is a leading premiere supplier of vitamins and supplements online since 1997. They needed an overhaul of their existing PPC advertising campaign to make their advertising spend profitable again. After using several agencies, testing automated software, and trying to run PPC in-house, they needed to switch to a provider that could make their e-commerce ad campaigns profitable again. Our team was able to overhaul their existing account and filter through years of performance data to produce a great ROI again!

The Results



Increased Conversion Rate

by 70%

Increased Revenue

by 139%

Increased Return on Ad Spend

by 155%

The Goal: was struggling to get a positive ROI from their PPC ads for their eCommerce website. They tried several agencies and even used PPC software, but they were not getting results. The goal was to sell a wider range of products, including new supplements, at a much higher ROI to their market in the U.S. and international market.


Our Strategy

  • Overhaul Keyword Targeting
  • A/B Test Ad Copy
  • Add Negative Keywords to Reduce Wasted Spend
  • Implement Advanced Bidding Strategies
  • Overhaul Shopping Campaigns and Product Feeds for Better ROI


Shortly after implementing our changes, we were able to increase Conversion Rates by 70%, increase revenue by 139%, and increase Return on Ad Spend by 155%. With the ROI boost, we were able to expand product offerings and grow into new international markets.

"They delivered the best results our company had experienced in four years of working with other digital marketing firms. They are honest, transparent and really took the time to understand our industry, our goals and worked within our budget to drive tremendous results! I highly recommend them!"

-Kelly Jenkins,

Advanced PPC Implementation

To improve the clients PPC advertising performance, we started with a full audit of their current online advertising campaigns. We then performed detailed research on their industry, their competitors, high-value keywords to target, and their Product Feed for the Shopping campaigns. Based on what we found, we made substantial adjustments to the Product feeds to improve PLAs in the Shopping campaigns. We also adjusted bidding to optimize for Return On Ad Spend, rather than CTR – this drastically improved profits.

Better Targeting, Better Results

By optimizing the Product Feed, re-writing ads, targeting more relevant keywords, and adding much-needed negative keywords, we were able to drastically increase profits. This allowed to launch ads for new products and expand to more markets while still maintaining a high ROI for their PPC advertising campaigns. 




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