When you’re looking to get your business in front of customers, there’s nothing quite like PPC advertising. It’s so successful that Google earned $32.6 billion in advertising revenue in 2019. It’s a great way to highlight new insurance offers quickly. Paid ads work well alongside other marketing outreach, like SEO or content marketing. Yet, with several advertising platforms to choose from, it can quickly become confusing. Which platform will give the best ROI? How can you learn about keyword targeting? You don’t have to. Read on to learn why you should hire PPC marketing services for your insurance company.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s the advertising model used by Google, Amazon, and Facebook (among others). Google Ads are perhaps the most well known.

In short, you choose keywords related to your business. In your case, this would be keywords for insurance. You’d add the type of insurance you offer.

Then the ad system bids on your behalf to show your ad to people who use those keywords. If someone clicks on the ad, that’s when you pay.

Why would you hire someone to do your PPC marketing?

It Saves You Time

As you can tell, PPC marketing takes a lot of time. First, you need to learn how it works. You’ll need to research keywords and learn how to apply them.

You need to create and run variations of your advert so you can text which will be most successful. That leads to an analysis phase where you crunch the numbers to see which ad works best.

More testing might follow until you find a combination that works.

Also, what works on one platform may not work on another. So you need to carry out testing on each PPC platform to find what works.

By using PPC experts, you can use the time it takes to do all this for other tasks. It also means you can avoid making PPC mistakes that cost money.

Use Their Expertise

It takes time to build familiarity with running a successful PPC campaign. A PPC marketing agency already knows how to do this.

They already know your market. A good agency already knows what terms your competition targets.

This kind of market intelligence is incredibly valuable. It would take you months, if not years, to develop yourself.

Your marketing agency can also create landing pages to convert more visitors. That makes your ads more profitable in the long run.

It means those who click on your ads end up exactly where they need to be to work with your company.

Finally, your agency knows what to look for in the data. They can even find ways to deter people from clicking on your ad, who won’t convert. These people will cost money long term, so it’s best to weed them out upfront.

Outsource Your PPC Marketing Services

Now you can see why it’s best to hand your PPC marketing services to an expert company. The time savings alone make it the smart move.

Plus, being able to capitalize on market intelligence gives you an edge over your competitors.

Interested in working with a PPC partner? Book a free consultation with us to discuss your needs. We can get you started in no time.

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