Studies show that 85% of consumers use the internet in order to search for local businesses.

Have you ever searched for your business on the internet? What results come up when you search for your business? Are you currently running any PPC ads?

Potential customers use search engines every day to find information, so it can be advantageous to advertise in this space.

Keep reading to learn more about PPC ads for home services:

Why Should You Use PPC Ads for Home Services

You pay per click. This is a huge reason to invest in PPC ads because you only pay for the ad if the customer engages with the ad. Using these types of ads can elevate your marketing efforts for your home services and give you direct feedback on the conversion from ad to sale.

If your ad PPC ads to your current marketing campaigns, they can earn you quality leads if they are done properly. Using a PPC management service like ours can help to ensure that this process is completed properly.


Keywords are very important when it comes to PPC ads. With PPC ads, you can select which keywords you want your ad to show for. This way your ad only shows to people actively searching for home services online. Defining the keywords that relate most to your services is important. Brainstorm all of the words that someone may often use to search for your home services and the most-used ones can be keywords.

While there are many different types of keywords, location keywords are very powerful for location-based businesses. You want your business to be a top suggestion when someone searches for your home services near a specific location. This is one area that you may be missing out on because you have focused on ads promoting what you provide and not the location in which you provide those services.

Don’t Forget Mobile

So many customers use their phones to search. Whether they use Siri, a search engine, or their maps application to look up information, this platform cannot be ignored for advertising.

Our goal is to create, maintain, and grow search engine strategies for our customers. If you aren’t currently running mobile ads, this could be an area we focus on creating new strategies for your business.

Making sure you can be found on mobile search is critical. Potential customers can search on their phone, and then click to call you immediately. This ensures you get a lead that is ready to hire a home services company right now and potentially hire you the same day to complete a repair, remodel, or other home service.

Meeting your customers where they are browsing is key to online ad conversions.

Get Started Today

Now that you know more about PPC ads for home services, you can start reaching your potential customers today. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your current approach and how PPC ad management could help your business. We have testimonials listed on our website from our previous clients to give you a better idea of what it is like to work with us.

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