When your company specializes in sales and services to other businesses, you need to consistently develop qualified leads that become sales and conversions. PPC ads for B2B companies do just that and much more.

Running a PPC campaign can be difficult and unless run properly, fruitless. When a campaign is run well, it generates traffic to your website and brings a high return on your investment. You’ll see a consistent rise in leads that you can nurture and bring through the customer funnel to sales and conversions.

Learn how you can create a PPC advertising campaign for business to business companies.

PPC Ads for B2B Focus on The Audience

When you’re involved with B2B digital marketing, you have a smaller audience than a standard B2C company. If you want qualified leads coming to your site and not random ones, then you need to completely understand who your audience is and what keywords to use for them.

Is your audience the head of the HR department? Is it someone who manages the sales and advertising team? If you can focus on who your audience is, then you can better create ads, copy, landing pages, and more that targets them specifically.

You may have people in more than one area of a company you want to target. No problem, create a campaign for them too. It’s only by laser targeting your audience that you’ll get the highest return on your ad budget.

Research Keywords for Your Niche

Since your business is B2B, the search volume for your keywords is less than B2C companies. It cannot be stressed how important good keywords are for your PPC campaign. Unlike SEO where you can put as many keywords as you want on blogs and web pages, PPC keywords are an investment.

Each word you choose costs you money, so you need to maximize your keywords for each ad. Measure the search volume of the keyword compared with the competition. One aspect many companies forget about is negative matching keywords.

Some keywords may cause your ad to show up despite not having anything to do with your business. Negative keywords tell the PPC platform to not include it for your ads.

Measurement and Changes

A good pay-per-click campaign isn’t stagnant. It’s constantly changing based on your keyword research and ad performance. Most PPC platforms have robust measurement systems to tell you how well each ad and keyword does.

One of the best ways to maximize your ad budget is through AB testing. You make a small change to the ad and see how it works compared to the original ad. It’s through small tweaks that you maximize your return on investment.

Also, businesses often do considerable research before making a purchase, especially for high-cost items and services. While a B2C company can expect immediate results, B2B PPC takes time. Don’t expect a lot to happen overnight and keep measuring and maximizing your ads.

PPC Is Worthwhile When Done Right

Many companies don’t understand how PPC works and they quit after having a bad experience with an ad campaign. PPC ads for B2B can be profitable, but they must be run the right way.

If you want to learn more about PPC or might be interested in PPC management, please feel free to contact us today.

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