Businesses can use a plethora of digital advertising options today to enhance their recognition, reach out to more customers, and gather more revenues and sales. The banner advertisements can highlight your business and its offering when created and posted websites that allow banner ads. You can use the Google AdWords platform for creating both “banner” as well as “text” advertisements. These advertisements will be displayed along with the search engine results and or on websites with ads The Google ad banners will also be displayed on the online websites that participate in the Google AdSense marketing network.

Creating a Google AdWords Advertisement (Ad) Banner

You can create the Google banner ads in their system or upload it to Google to launch your advertisement campaign. Google offers you the option to create multiple banners and display advertisements by using the “Google Adwords Ad Builder” online tool. Below are some important aspects of creating a banner and using Google Ads

File Types

The file types that can be used on Google AdWords for creating a banner include .jpg, .gif, .swf, and.png. For the size of the ad, Google offers you 9 different popular options. The size-related options available for the display ads on Google AdWords Banners include:

  • Mobile leaderboard Ad- 300 X 50
  • Leaderboard Ad- 720 X 90
  • Smaller square Ad-200 X 200
  • Square Ad- 250 X 50
  • Inline rectangle Ad- 300 X 250
  • Large rectangle Ad- 336 X 280
  • Wide skyscraper Ad- 160 X 600
  • Skyscraper- 120 X 600
  • Banner- 468 X 60

You can use the builder, or upload a file that was designed to fit the banner ad specific sizes.


Using the Google Ad Builder

Google has made it easy for businesses and individuals to create a Google Ad banner. You can log in to your accounts on Google AdWords where you will find a campaign button and tab.

  • Click on the “campaign’ tab/button and then on the “Ads” tab.
  • You will see the option of “Display Ad Builder” in the list displayed. Click on it.
  • Now you can navigate to the “Themes” heading and click on a relevant theme that you want for your online digital banner.
  • You will be required to enter some details including the name of the advertisement, a headline, the description, the “destination URL”, and the “display URL”. You will also be required to upload the logo of your business for the banner.
  • You will have to choose from the distinct size variations for your online digital banner.
  • Once you have provided all the information, you can click on the “Next” button that you can find at the bottom of the page and screen.
  • You can review all the information that you have provided for the banner and choose the “new ads” that you like.
  • Once you find everything proper and have chosen the newly created advertisement that you like, you can click on the “Save Ad” button.


Pricing Options

Google banner ads or Display Ads are almost always based on CPC (cost per click) pricing. There is no minimum budget or money requirement set up by Google. Therefore, you can create and post ads even at minimum budgets. However, you can also target the more particular demographics and the expensive keywords when you bid high. For a banner advertisement displayed on websites, you will get the bidding options including “Cost Per Thousand Impressions or CPM” and “Cost Per Click or CPC”.

If you only want to pay when somebody clicks on your link and ad, you can choose the CPC option. Its price may vary between $ 0.01/click to up to $ 100/click. The other option of “cost per thousand impressions” or CPM has a minimum price of 0.25. It can also go up to $100. For this pricing structure, you will pay only the set price even when the users click on the Ad an unlimited number of times. However, you must pay the minimum amount even when the users do not click on the Ad if you choose CPM.



Google Ads has helped even small businesses reach out to large populations and expansive customer bases. The option is also quite affordable as there are no minimum budget requirements on Google. When you want to enhance your revenues and sales at a low investment, Google digital banners and ads can be a good option. You can also consult a leading digital marketing company to create high-end and high-impact Ads and reach out to the target population based on specifics.

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