Landing page builders are very useful to setup quick landing pages that run separately from your main website. People often want to know how to setup a landing page for a PPC ad campaign if their current website is not optimized the best way for their ads. In this training video below, we discuss the best landing page builders, how to build landing pages, and landing page optimization strategies to get more leads, more sales, and more conversions. This way you are not losing money on your paid ads.

When to Use Landing Pages

These landing page strategies work well for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, building funnels, and more. It is common practice to A/B test landing pages while running PPC advertising. Testing different combinations can lead to finding the best converting landing page to rapidly scale your profits and growth from advertising. Landing page builders are separate from SEO or content marketing efforts. SEO is done on your main website – this includes optimizing your main service/product pages, adding blog content, building external links, internal links, and more. Commonly, people find that a service page is very well optimized for SEO, but it is not a very good fit for landing page optimization best practices. The best landing page builders can fix this issue and make it fast and easy to create a few extra landing pages, or squeeze pages, to send your paid traffic to without affecting your SEO or content marketing efforts.

We discuss the best strategies as well as a detailed landing page builder reviews. There are different software options to choose from, and this depends on your industry, your marketing, and your end goal for the advertising sent to the landing page.

Landing Page Builder Reviews

If you are needing a landing page builder for funnels – this would require a ClickFunnels review to see if it is the right fit. Clickfunnels is the best funnel building software if you are doing a simple giveaway with an elaborate follow-up system. For example, you can give away something for free in exchange for an email (like an ebook or webinar), and then follow-up with that person with a LONG series of emails to upsell to a larger product or service. If you are not setting up lead generation with a free offer followed by a lot of follow-up emails to upsell to a larger product, this wouldn’t be a good fit for your business. It has to have a follow-up system. From the video, here is the Clickfunnels Coupon Offer we referenced.

If you are needing the best landing page building software, but you don’t use a funnel follow-up system, we recommend Unbounce landing page builder. Our Unbounce review covers more details, but this is perfect for running ads to a page where someone converts right there on the page – no follow-up needed. For example, this would be used for attorneys, home services, and other lead generation industries that don’t give away free samples and follow-up to upsell a bigger product later. This is also used if you want someone to click on the ad and then call you immediately to book a consultation, appointment, service, or even buy a product immediately. From the video – here is the Unbounce Coupon Offer we reference.

Learn more about choosing the right landing pages, and how to build landing pages inside our video training below:

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