With the daunting number of landing page builders available in the market nowadays, knowing which one to choose can be an overwhelming task.

Ease of use, customizable CTAs (calls to action), pricing, analytics tools, templates, and plugins are just some of the many aspects to take into consideration when analyzing different landing page builders.

But worry not, you don’t have to tediously analyze the dozens of different landing page builders one by one, we did that for you! And here are our choices for the 3 best landing page builders.


1. Unbounce

The best landing page building software by far is Unbounce. This is a very easy to use, drag and drop editor that allows any user to quickly create high converting landing pages. The price is very reasonable and they already have a library of pre-built, optimized landing pages for any industry.

Unbounce landing page integrates with almost any system, so you can add more tracking, connect to CRM, add tracking code, or anything else you need to do for PPC ads or other marketing efforts. Our top recommendation for a landing page builder is Unbounce. Get the Unbounce coupon here.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages is, without doubt, is also an easy to use landing page builder, with its intuitive drag-and-drop page builder and predesigned sections you can easily move from one area to another.

At a base, Leadpages offers you 100 different templates, and dozens more that you can buy, to fully customize your landing page however you wish.

And like any builder worth its money, Leadpages also comes with a wide variety of integrations and features – detailed analytics to see statistics on your page, email marketing features, A/B testing, integration with WordPress, and a bunch of different plugins.

One of their competitive advantages is their Conversion Guidance tool, which creates a prediction on how much your page will convert based on different traits and elements on the page.

3. Landingi

If Leadpages wasn’t easy enough to use, you can choose Landingi instead.

The reason is simple: when using Landingi, you don’t even need to lift a single finger to create a landing page. With Landingi, you can hire them to create the landing page for you, offering their expertise in conversion and the digital market to create the most effective landing page possible for you. This alone makes Landingi stand out from its competition.

But it doesn’t stop there: their landing page builder is incredibly easy to use, they have top-tier tech support, more than 300 different customizable page templates, and every single one of their plans also comes with custom domains and SSL encryption.

Their cheapest trial starts at $29/month and lets you create an unlimited number of landing pages and have an unlimited number of conversions. It does limit your limits to 1000 unique visits per month, however.

Their $65/month, $89/month, and $109/month plans severely increase the limit of unique visits, to 20.000/40.000/50.000 unique visits respectively and provide you with more custom domains.

And on any of their plans, you can increase the limit of visits by 5000 visits per month for each $5 you invest.

Each plan also comes with a 14-day free trial.

If you need the best landing page builder, consider using Unbounce, or possibly one of the alternatives if that just doesn’t fit your preference or your landing page needs.


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