Almost half of all businesses are using PPC in their marketing strategy. They are seeing the benefit of using PPC to drive traffic to their website, generate more leads, and produce more sales. While a lot of businesses are using PPC in their digital marketing strategy, it doesn’t always translate into success. There are still some businesses that make mistakes with PPC, especially in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, and industrial companies.

Companies in the Oil and Gas industry are unsure of what keywords to use, let alone what negative keywords to use, and how to attract consumers.


Here are 5 common PPC advertising mistakes to avoid for oil and gas companies that can help them start making more profit.


1. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

One of the mistakes you can make with PPC ads is not choosing the right keywords. You are choosing a broad keyword rather than a specific keyword phrase. Choosing the setting of modified broad match, phrase match, or exact match is ideal to avoid wasted spend on irrelevant searches.

Oil and gas companies need to figure out what keywords their ideal customer is using. The keyword research tool inside Google Ads is free, and highly effective for finding these top performing keywords.

2. Avoiding Negative Keywords

Another mistake is not using negative keywords in your PPC ads. Negative keywords are the words you don’t want someone to find your business with.

Negative Keywords can make sure the wrong audience is not finding your business and giving you clicks that are useless. The keyword research tool is also good for finding what people are searching for that you DO NOT want to show your ads for, and you can add negative keywords to a campaign BEFORE it goes live. Also, frequently checking the Search Terms report for campaigns will help you filter out bad keywords for campaigns over time.

3. Website Isn’t Optimized

If you are producing a lot of clicks but finding people are leaving your website, it could be that your website isn’t optimized.

The problem with PPC ads is not entirely the ads, but that your website isn’t ready for the influx of visitors who click on your ad and are pointed to your website. Making sure your website is Responsive can help, and also make sure the ad is going to the most relevant page, not the homepage in most cases. For example, if the ad is focusing on a specific product or service, the ad should go to the very specific page when clicked.

4. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Another mistake in your PPC ads is that you could be targeting the wrong audience. That means you are choosing the wrong keywords.

With oil and gas companies, they need to figure out who is using their services and what their ideal client’s problems are.

Oil and gas companies need to figure out how to help their customers overcome a problem. That means doing the research and seeing what they are looking for. When you understand that, you can create more relevant and targeted keywords. Often times there are household or personal uses of a product that has a similar name as an industrial product. You can help reduce these clicks by adding more info to the add, such as “Industrial” in the ad headline. You can also add more keywords that indicate this is for industrial or manufacturing use – such as high volume, bulk, or weight, or gallon, or other keywords that indicate this product or service is not for home use.

5. Not Retargeting Audiences

Another problem in your PPC ads is not retargeting audiences. You have people who are interested in your problem and then visit your website, but you aren’t retargeting them.

You have to rekindle their interest and see how you can get them through your funnel. Setting up a google ads remarketing campaign can help stay in front of users with your ad even after they have left your website.

Now You Know What PPC Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

If you are in the oil and gas industry and run PPC ads, you may have these PPC advertising mistakes. The good news is that all of these mistakes are fixable.

You just have to understand your target market and figure out how to help them.

If you want help with your PPC ad campaign, you contact us here.

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