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We will work with you to develop a long-term, effective Google Adwords (now Google Ads) campaign that yields the positive results you need to improve and grow your business.

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    • Get More High Quality Leads
    • Increase Inbound Phone Calls
    • Boost Your ROI
    • Increase Sales

Our Google Ads Management Services Offer:

Fair PPC Management Pricing - Fair and Competitive, No Hidden Fees
Month-to-Month Contacts - We Don't Lock You Into Long-Term Contracts

Full Transparency - You Have Full Access/Ownership to Your Accounts
ROI Driven Strategy Development - Get the Best Results from Your Ads

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Client Testimonials

"Falcon Digital Marketing has greatly improved our PPC and other digital advertising.  I would certainly recommend their services."
- John Buckley, National Legal Research Group  

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"They delivered the best results our company had experienced in four years of working with other digital marketing firms. They are honest, transparent and really took the time to understand our industry, our goals and worked within our budget to drive tremendous results! I highly recommend them!"
- Kelly Jenkins,

north texas cash for homes“Awesome at what they do! All we had to do was let them know what our budget was and the areas we wanted to target and they took over the rest. Completely hands off to allow us to actually spend more time in our business and leave the marketing to the professionals.
- Tiger Butler, TEB Properties 

"Falcon Digital Marketing was very knowledgeable and produced great results for my team. I would highly recommend them."
- Lee Smith, US Mortgage Corporation 

"I would highly recommend Them! Great Company, Great Service, Great Value, Great RESULTS!"
- Darryl Pikoos, Papercuts Inc 

piusi usa“I truly recommend  Falcon Digital Marketing to anyone who wishes to work with a professional digital marketing agency that takes pride in their work  
- Marco Dell'Api, Piusi USA

Why Choose Our Google Ads Agency?

Account Manager

You have direct access and communication with your Google Adwords account manager for better support and strategy development.

Monthly Contracts

Month-To-Month contracts with no cancellation fees. We don't force you into long-term contracts.

Unlimited Updates

You have no limits on keywords, ads, campaigns or any fees for account changes and updates to your Google Ads campaigns.

Free Reports & Meetings

No charge for Google PPC Ad reports, update calls, and meetings with us to discuss your Pay-Per-Click results.


Since 2008, we have managed PPC accounts from $500 per month to $350,000 per month in a wide range of industries and platforms.

Fair Pricing

Our Google Ads Management Agency offers up-front and fair pricing to all of our clients. Without any hidden fees - That's the way it should be.

ROI Focused Campaigns

We focus your Google advertising budget to grow your business and your profits, not just gets more website clicks.


We give you full access and ownership of your Google Ads Account, unlike some PPC management companies.

Best Google Ads Management Service


Keyword Research

We us advanced keywords research to build out the perfect Google Adwords campaign for your business. We will discuss the keywords in detail with you and send a list for approval, this way you know exactly where your advertising budget is going and we go over the top performing keywords with you. This ensures full transparency and better results!


Competitor Research

We use the best keyword spy and competitor research tools and tactics in our Google PPC management services for you. This keeps you ahead of the competition and makes sure you outperform your competition - local or national. We go beyond the basic Google Keyword Research tools and apply of years of experience with advanced tools to make sure we are going after the most profitable keywords.


Ad Copy Writing

By combing expert keyword research, competitive research, and your feedback, we will write highly-optimized and top performing Google PPC ads for your ad campaigns. You can be as involved, or not involved as you would like during the ad copy writing - we will make sure your Google ads are written using proven, tested ad copy best practices that we have used for years.


A/B Testing

We don't set it and forget it when it comes to Google Adwords Management. We strongly believe ads need to be continually tested to maintain high performance. As your PPC management company, we will test new ads, keywords, device bids, geo-targeting, and other advanced optimization to make sure we our always improving month-over-month.


Frequent Optimization

Some Google Ad Management Agencies don't do much after setting the account up for you. We frequently optimize accounts, no matter how many years they have been running. We will set your campaign up for long-lasting results and ROI, and keep improving them. This includes conversion rate optimization, increasing ROAS and leads, adding negative keywords, testing new ads, PPC bid management, testing new ad formats, testing new targeting methods, and reducing wasted spend. Unlike some PPC management agencies, we are available for regular status update meetings and email updates at any time.


Easy to Read Reports

We understand you are busy, that is why we make our reports easy to understand and show you if your online advertising dollars are producing the results you want. No fluff or confusing industry jargon - our reports give you real data - ROI, Leads, Phone Calls, Sales, and whatever else you need. Typically on a monthly basis, or more if needed.

Advanced Google PPC Ads Come Standard

Custom Setup

We handle full setup of your customized pay-per-click advertising campaigns - from account structure, keywords, ads, ad groups, ad extensions, bid management and more, even help you setup a new account.

Conversion Tracking

We can track what matters most to your business - leads, online sales, phone calls, website form submissions, emails, signups, whitepaper downloads, memberships, and more. We'll customize your tracking to fit your business needs.

PPC Call Tracking

See exactly where your calls are coming from - from keywords, to ads, to campaigns - we can easily track it all, even offline sources. You will also get full access to your call logs and call tracking dashboard. Contact us to learn more.

PPC Landing Page

We will provide you with a full audit of your current landing page or website to make sure it is optimized for conversions! We'll make sure your advertising dollars are well spent by sending pay-per-click ads directly to a highly optimized, high converting landing page.

Google Ads Management and More!

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Google Adwords Search Ads

Google Search Ads are online ads that target specific keywords related to your business. We will make sure your advertisement shows up when someone searches you on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, and other search partner networks. Whenever a potential new customer is searching you online, we'll make sure you show on the search engines to the right people at the right time! Our expert team knows how to get the best results for your budget.

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Facebook Ads

To expand your reach, we can setup advanced Facebook advertising campaigns to get you more leads, get repeat business, and find new business through digital marketing and social media ads. Our Facebook ad strategies put your business in front of the right target demographic and geo-targeting for your service area.

Social Media Advertising

If you are wanting to go beyond the search engine ads, our team is also highly trained and experienced Twitter ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram ads, and Quora ads. Based on our advanced research, we'll find which platform your target market uses and plan a social media advertising campaign for you. While Likes and Followers can be useful for branding, we also implement advanced lead generation ads, ecommerce ads, and ads designed to boost your sales.

Shopping Ads for E-Commerce

If you business has an E-Commerce website, we can help increase sales with Shopping ads on Google, Bing, and Facebook. Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, are a more effective way to display your products and boost sales online. We'll make sure your potential customers are finding and buying your products online. Standout from generic Search and Banners, start using shopping ads to increase sales!

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Mobile Ads

If your potential clients are heavy smartphone users, our experts will make sure your ads also target the right audiences in mobile ads. We can get you results from mobile website ads, mobile app ads, Call-Only or "Click-to-Call" ads, and mobile search ads. With mobile search ads increasing, you'll want to make sure your business shows on all devices for PPC ads.

Display - Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great way to broaden your reach online before customers start searching for you, or even after. We know how to target the right demographics, website placements, verticals, topics, and contextual keyword targeting to get your banner ads in front of the right buyers on the right websites. This ensures you are not wasting money on clicks that don't turn into more business for you.

Remarketing Ads

If a website visitor did not purchase or contact you right away, remarketing ads are a great way to bring visitors back to your site, especially for longer sales cycles in some industries. We'll design an advanced remarketing/retargeting strategy that makes sure website visitors come back to complete a purchase or become a new lead for your business.

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Video Ads

Websites like YouTube, News sites, and other video sites are very popular for online searchers wanting to find answers from videos. For entertainment, how-to videos, news, and information, online videos are a great choice place to get your video advertisement in front of your target demographic in a more engaging and memorable way than a text ad or banner ad. We can make sure your video ads produce the results you need and grow your business.

How Our Google Adwords PPC Management Company is Different

Falcon Digital Marketing specializes in more competitive ppc advertising markets on Google Adwords and other PPC advertising platforms. We build advanced advertising campaigns using top ppc tools, competitor research, industry research, and more. Through our highly-targeted approach, we are able to get better results from Google Ads than most search engine marketing agencies. We have taken on some of the toughest industries for online ads, including advertising for real estate, attorneys, limos, eCommerce, software, investing, B2B, and more. We are headquartered in Houston, TX, but we also focus on nationwide campaigns, as well as top cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver. Our goal has always been to develop SEM campaigns that help our clients grow their business, not just get more website clicks. By implementing advanced targeting, setting up detailed tracking, and frequently optimizing advertising campaigns, we can easily achieve this goal. As the internet advertising industry continues to expand and evolve, we are always up to date on the latest trends and strategies that work. This helps us keep our clients ahead of the competition and up to date on the latest advertising technologies so they can be more successful.

Industries We Commonly Work With

Falcon Digital Marketing tends to work with competitive industries for Google Ads and other PPC platforms. For Google Adwords management, this most commonly includes Google ads for home repair services, Insurance, Google ad management for real estate investors, e-commerce stores, Google ad management for attorneys, B2B markets, software, and more. Since customers are specifically searching for what they need on Google, most companies want their ad to appear for the best keywords. This is a wide range of industries that would involve any potential client doing a search on Google to find your product or service, which is nearly every business. Many businesses use Google Ads for lead generation or to create more sales. Our advanced Google Ads campaign setups make sure you are getting a great ROI from your ads on Google, not just getting more clicks to your website. With how competitive it is, and how many users visit everyday, it is critical to have a better strategy in place to not waste your budget without getting the results you need to grow. After working with many industries over the years, we know what works and what does not work. We use advanced tools, research, and strategy planning to make sure we put in place campaigns that get better results on Google Ads. With this careful planning process, and strategy planning with our clients, we are able to outperform other Google Ad Management Agencies, and help our clients succeed online. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your Google ads campaign management.