YouTube is the world’s most popular online video platform and the second largest search engine. It processes at least three billion video searches every month. In recent years, YouTube has overtaken most cable networks in reaching the American youth.

Being one of the most sought-after search engines, it has become an attractive choice for online advertising. There are different types of YouTube ads available for entrepreneurs. What is important is to identify the form of advertisement suitable for your brand to drive your digital marketing campaign.

Below are the main categories of YouTube ads. Keep on reading!

1. TrueView In-Stream Ads

These ads aim to capture the attention of the viewer within five seconds. After this period, the person can choose to continue or to terminate the video. The ‘Skip Ad’ button at the bottom-right corner of the screen enables the audience to close the ad.

To excel in this type of advertisement, you must make your video captivating for the viewer. Try to convey the important message within five seconds just in case the viewer will discontinue the ad. Give priority to your brand name, a quick message, and call to action.

TrueView In-Stream ads are arguably the most popular YouTube ads. They cross the minds of most entrepreneurs looking to launch video ad campaigns. Apart from appearing on YouTube watch pages, you can find them on websites and apps which run Google ads.

YouTube charges such ads on a cost per view (CPV) basis, but it’s free until it reaches 30 seconds. If your video is less than this period, you get charged if it plays full-length.

When to Use TrueView In-Stream Ads

In-Stream ads offer a reliable way of reaching scores of people and are suitable for brand growth. They can reach prospects who are looking up specific keywords on YouTube or those viewing similar content.

Since the viewer has to watch the ad for at least 5 seconds, the In-Stream ads are perfect when introducing a new product or brand. You can use the strategy to target people watching particular YouTube channels or a website on the Google Display Network.

2. TrueView In-Display Ads

In-Display ads on YouTube are also known as Discovery ads. A thumbnail of your ad appears at the top-right sidebar directly above YouTube playlists or suggested videos. The image may contain some text which compels the audience to open the video.

It’s upon you to make the thumbnail of and the title of your ad attractive to draw the attention of the audience. The reason for this effort is that the viewers have to click on the video for the ad to roll.

Discovery ads may appear in YouTube search results or alongside associated videos. Mobile users may also see them on the YouTube homepage of their devices. YouTube registers a view the moment a viewer clicks on the ad.

When to Use TrueView Discovery Ads

TrueView Discovery ads are appropriate when your brand is not new on the market. The format may not yield the desired results if you apply it to create awareness about a new product.

3. Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are short videos up to six seconds which play before, after, or in the course of another video. Users cannot skip the ad. They give advertisers an opportunity to reach a significant online audience through a quick video clip.

Since the videos are only a few seconds, it is advisable to create a short but memorable statement. The message should convey the essential details about your product.

Despite the short length of bumper ads, they can create a lasting impact. According to Google, 9 out of 10 bumper ads drive a considerable improvement in ad recall. They can achieve the efficacy of TrueView ads if maximized.

When to Use Bumper Ads

Bumper ads work well when you intend to develop brand awareness to a massive audience. They are also efficient in running an online video marketing campaign on a low budget.

4. In-Search Ad

These YouTube ads appear together with organic listings after a viewer searches YouTube. For instance, when you search ‘how to lose weight’ on YouTube, the top results may be videos by advertisers.

Typically, In-Search videos do not pose as ads. They may provide informative tips or answers to queries and lace the presentation with marketing.

When Use In-Search Ads

If you are an expert in a given field, In-Search ads can draw clients to you. An informative video fused with promotional content can convert viewers to customers.

5. TrueView for Action

TrueView for Action ads are somewhat similar to TrueView In-Stream ads, but they do not take the shape of ordinary commercials. The objective of these ads is to provide direct responses to customer intent. This strategy is one of the latest innovations which utilizes the targeting capabilities of modern digital marketing.

This form of advertising allows advertisers to create custom CTA statements and append them to their videos as banners. With the help of YouTube, advertisers can reach prospective customers who search for content related to their products.

They can achieve this by optimizing their ads for the keywords which the target audience use on YouTube. As they search YouTube videos, they will come across the TrueView for Action Ads.

You can tailor the message with compelling words like buy now, book today, and so on. Just like in In-Stream YouTube ads, the viewer can close a TrueView for Action advert after 5 seconds.

When to Use TrueView for Action Ads

You can utilize this advertising tool when you know the search terms popular with your target audience. Once you are sure of what they are looking for, devise a custom ad which addresses their needs.

Types of YouTube Ads – Final Thoughts

Various types of YouTube ads boost digital marketing campaigns in different ways. However, entrepreneurs must know what works for them. For viewers to take an interest in your YouTube ad, you must make it enticing from the start.

Make the best use of the time which the ad provides. Ensure that the viewer sees vital details like the brand name and a call to action early in the video.

Finally, make sure that the video has exciting graphics and voiceover. Your first impression to the viewers can drive them to watch or skip your ad.

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