What is the Difference Between SEO And PPC

If you have been involved with online marketing, I’m sure you have heard the terms SEO Omaha and PPC. What you may not have heard or know is how the two differ. The below images shows the difference between the two placements on a Google search. The SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) were recently updated to appear like this:

Blog - SEO vs PPC visual copy

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and these are the organic, non-paid, results that you see on the search engines results page. SEO is more of a long-term play to be able to show higher in the search results for terms that are relevant to your website. This is accomplished by building out relevant content on your website over time.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and these are the ads that you see at the top and on the bottom of the search engine results page. These used to be displayed on the top and on the right for Google, but a recent update changed to not show ads on the right side of Google.com. In order to have your ad displayed on the page, you have to pay to be in these positions. When setting up a PPC campaign, you are able to choose the search queries, or keywords, that you want your ad to be displayed for. If someone searches the keywords you are targeting, your ad has an opportunity to show.

Ideally you would want to have your website show in both the organic and in a paid position for your keywords. This would make it so that you would to be able to take up more real estate on the page and have a stronger presence in the search results.

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