What is Remarketing and How Can You Make it Work for You?

Of all digital advertising platforms, search engines like Google and Bing have the highest conversion rates

As you try to reach your target audience, you may be wondering how you can improve the conversion rates on your campaigns. Many businesses see conversion rates that don’t even approach platform averages.

One of the best ways to get more conversions is to use remarketing.

If you’re asking, “What is remarketing?”, you’re in the right place. This guide will help you understand the basics, then put remarketing to work for your business.

What Is Remarketing?

Not everyone who clicks on an ad or adds items to their shopping cart will convert. Remarketing allows you to target users who have already taken action.

An example illustrates the point. Suppose you run a business that sells running shoes and other athletic wear to consumers. After searching for “running shoes,” a user clicks on your search ad.

They arrive on your site and browse around. They spend some time looking at a few products. Then they leave your site again.

Remarketing allows you to reach out to these interested users once again.

Why Remarketing Works

Remarketing ads tend to have higher conversion rates than other ad campaigns. That’s because the people you’re showing the remarketing ad to have already expressed interest.

You can use the data you collected from their visit to entice them back. Did they look at a particular pair of shoes on your website? Advertise that pair of shoes to them in your remarketing efforts.

Retargeting allows you to “sweeten the deal” for these reluctant customers. Maybe you offer them free shipping or a small discount if they order the shoes through your site.

This new offer may address the pain points that caused these would-be customers to leave your site the first time around. With the new deal, they feel more confident ordering from you, and they complete their purchase.

How Can You Use Remarketing?

Remarketing is often simple to set up. Google and Facebook both offer remarketing options through their ad platforms.

To remarket to customers, you can use the data the platform and your website collected about an individual user and their visit. You can look at which initial offer got them to click, as well as what they looked at on your site.

You can then select from other “follow-up” ads you add to your campaign. These ads are even more targeted and relevant, which makes them even more effective.

In turn, you can bring some of those “lost” prospects back to your website and convert them into happy customers.

Get Remarketing on Lock with the Right Agency

Now you know the answer to “what is remarketing?” You even know a bit about how to start incorporating it into your own marketing strategy.

Digital marketing requires the right insights and skills. It pays to get the right team behind you, so get in touch with the experts. They can help you design a better digital marketing strategy.

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