Nearly half of all companies are now using some form of marketing automation. Pair that with the 451% increase in lead generation from marketing automation, it’s no wonder that AI in advertising isn’t going anywhere soon.

If you’re new to marketing, you may not be aware of a new form of marketing that is changing the way companies purchase ads. It’s called programmatic marketing.

Are you interested in increasing your sales and lead generation? Sit tight as we explain the machinations behind what is programmatic marketing?

What Is Programmatic Marketing?

Before marketing automation, creating advertising required a lot of back and forth with people. Programmatic advertising has changed the game.

No longer do companies have to apply the traditional methods of advertising. No more requests for proposals. No more tenders. No more quotes, or negotiating with humans.

Nope. With programmatic advertisements, companies can use software to buy digital advertising. Programmatic ads use machine learning and algorithms to purchase ad space.

While it’s not a fully automated experience, it cuts down on time spent with the conventional advertising approach. For new business owners, entrepreneurs, and the like, this means more time spent on other factors of your business that need attention.

What Is the Process of Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic marketing helps businesses of all sizes through a simple process. It involves three steps:

  1. Advertising – companies decide on a product they would like to promote, who they wish to target for advertising, and the messaging.
  2. Programmatic Targeting – programmatic exchanges take the ad and pitch it to publishers who meet your target audience.
  3. Publishing – Publishers who meet the target audience criteria are matched with the ad.

While it is a bit more complex, this is the overall gist of the programmatic marketing experience.

How Is Programmatic Advertising Helping Companies, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs?

What are companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs buying? They are buying audiences and a certain number of impressions.

This is commonly referred to as cost per mille (CPM) which means cost per 1,000 impressions. For instance, if a company buys ad space for $1 CPM, that means a company pays $1 for every thousand impressions.

This helps businesses of all sizes focus on targeting, optimization, and other issues.

Better still, they have hard data to pinpoint what ads are working. Equally important, they know which ads aren’t performing.

Still, some businesses don’t have the knowledge, skills, or the time for targeting and optimizing. That’s when outsourcing to digital marketing agencies makes the most sense.

Outsourcing this to professionals makes marketing completely automated!

When You Automate Your Marketing—You Automate Your Sales

What is programmatic marketing? It’s a tool to help automate your advertising.

A company’s sales are only as good as its marketing, branding, and messaging. Businesses of all sizes now have the power to target their audience, optimize their ads, and analyze their ad spend.

If you’re looking to fully automate your marketing, reach out for a free consultation.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using a digital marketing agency to power your sales? Please check out our blog for more tips, tricks, and marketing trends.

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