Web design is a creative and technical discipline of producing, managing, and developing web content. But, Design is not just about aesthetics; it’s also related to usability and branding. It is important to setup your website in a way to increases conversions, sales, leads, customers, and more. Here are a few easy tips any business can follow for a more profitable website:

1. Keep it simple.

You do not have to be a great artist to design a great website. It is all about reading the needs of your target audience and then making it work. Don’t expect your audience to be sophisticated and in-depth readers. Most of them will use the internet just like they use TV; to get their information quickly and effectively while they are busy with other things, so try to keep it simple. Remember that depth doesn’t always mean complexity; too much detail can actually be confusing unless it is properly explained. People are usually looking for a solution to a problem, so present that at the top of the page usually, in very simple text so they can reach out to your business.

2. Make it interactive

Make sure that your site has interactivity features. These include things like links, forms, or phone numbers and lists that can be easily completed. Display visual elements such as pictures and charts to give the site content relevance, or a video if you can. These are important because they help users better understand the information in your content. A great call to action towards the top of the page can have a huge impact on turning website visitors into customers! Don’t just have large blocks of text, get creative with the design. Also, follow standard format of phone number and contact or cart button in the top right header of the page, and in the footer. You don’t want to make it hard for people to call, contact, or buy from you website.

3. Use SEO and PPC to drive more traffic

Paid ads and SEO can get you more business a lot faster. SEO is definitely a longer game, but worth it in the long run. Paid ads, like Google Ads, can get you more traffic that turns into more leads, customers, sales, and profit, but it requires more budget. Make sure that SEO and PPC are built into your budget so people can find your website, don’t stop at the design work!

4. Reinforce your theme

Every website has a theme that can be expressed through the design. Use images, colors, and fonts to get across this idea. You can also use your choice of graphics and images to reflect the mood of your site. You should choose an overall design that will make sense with a specific business niche and then pick a relative color scheme that complements it as well as other aspects of the site such as icons or background images. It looks much more professional if the color scheme, pictures, and text all fit the same theme.

5. Make it easy to read

Your website should be able to convey information in any computer screen, even on handheld devices such as cellphones or tablets. Use a large enough font that is easy to read and write at least two lines of text per paragraph. Use headings and lists to divide your site into sections for easier reading. Avoid large blocks of text or small images people cannot see.

6. Make it consistent

Your website should reflect your brand identity, so using the same style of writing and format on every page is a good way to create consistency, preferably from the same person or team. This will make it easy for visitors to associate one design with your site because they will have seen its consistent design in other pages. It will also reinforce the user experience because they already know what your sites looks like, so they won’t get confused when they visit other pages with similar layouts. You can usually pick a theme in easy to use site builders like Squarespace, WordPress, or other website builders that have templates that you can plug in your text and images quickly to customize.

Summing it all up

Using the tips above will help you design a site that will be effective and functional for your website visitors to turn into leads, sales, and clients. A successful site will make your business more attractive to potential customers and increase sales. And don’t forget to build your website with SEO and Paid advertising in mind to drive more traffic and sales to your website and business!

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