Whether you’re new to Twitter or a pro, creating Twitter ads is guaranteed to yield many benefits for you as a business.

Twitter is an interest-based platform. People follow brands or certain personalities because they’re interested in a certain topic. Therefore, observe your audience first of all and then you can develop a strategy of what kind of tweets you want to send.

Do you want to send content of your own or do you want to piggyback on existing content on twitter?

With the twitter ads interface, you can create campaigns on Twitter that align with your business goals, pay for only the specific actions you want and track results over time.

If you are just getting started with Twitter ads for your business, here is a guide Twitter ad best practices.


Have a Goal

First, think about what the goal of your advertising campaign is.

Do you want to gain followers, capture email addresses or drive app downloads? Whatever it is, Twitter ads can help you reach it.

Let’s say you are a camera retailer who wants to drive customers to your website, select the option of website clicks or conversions.

Twitter will guide you through the process and provide you with creative templates that have been optimized for whatever you’re trying to do.

Setting precise goals will give you direction as you in Twitter advertising.


Timing and Frequency is Key

You may be asking, how often I should write a tweet?

Do not overdo it by tweeting too much. This is because people will engage with you and it will be enough for you to send the same tweet once every two or three days.

You should also be aware of the time you send your tweet or ad so that you can optimize your campaign.

The first traffic starts around 6 or 7 a.m. and then there is a small peek at lunch again.

However, if you want to reach the widest audience, tweet in the period between 6 and 10 p.m. and you’ll have the most views and best responses to your ad.



Targeting basically represents who you can actually target with your ad or your tweet.

Make sure you use the precise targeting options to make sure your tweet reaches the right people at the right moment.

Targeting options on Twitter include keywords, interests and followers or tailored audiences.


Keywords are when you can actually jump into the conversations of your customers. Twitter involves a person actually having a live conversation.

For instance, if a person is talking about weight loss and you have a weight loss product, you could put up an ad and have your ad or your tweet show up when that person says they want to lose a couple pounds.

If you have a travel product and maybe a person says they need a vacation, you could target that specific keyword and jump into the conversation.

Keywords also take place in the search bar on Twitter.

When someone is searching for a specific keyword, you can have your ad show up as well.

If there’s someone tweeting or searching on Twitter about your company or about a topic or product that you have to offer, make sure that you’re there.

Run a keyword targeted campaign using at least 30 to 50 keywords. You can add usernames, hashtags and keyword phrases into any keyword Promoted Tweet campaign.

Just make sure you keep it extremely relevant.


When it comes to followers, you’re able to actually target the people who are following other people.

Think about your particular niche, are there leaders or people that are just making it happen in your niche?

If you have such people that have big Twitter followings and you have products that are similar and you’re providing value, you can actually target all of the people following those leaders.

It is a great way to put your content in front of the right market.


If you are an entrepreneur or in a business field like authors or if you are into fitness, you can target by interest.

This is because it is broader and will open you up on to the millions of people on Twitter and you’ll be able to connect with all of them.

If you are in a situation where you want more traffic and a lot of clicks, then interest is definitely the way to go.


Set a Budget

Twitter ads help make the most of your marketing dollars because you only pay for the actions you want. You need to have a budget for your Twitter advertising cost.

If you are a camera retailer, you’ll only pay when someone clicks on the link to your website.

If you have a new brand and not a very big budget, you can be successful on Twitter by using existing content on twitter like hashtags.

There are a lot of events happening on Twitter and those hashtags act as a brand.

You can start by using them and will target people discussing the hashtags. You don’t always need to create your own copy and your own hashtags to begin with.

If you already have a brand and a huge budget, then you may want everyone to know about your latest product.

Twitter has a platform called firstview and basically what they are offering is doing 24 hours advertising.

Big brands can just buy a premium of the firstview and get the first Promoted Tweet.

People will open their app on Twitter and the first video that they’re going to see is the video from your brand.

You also need to bid and budget competitively. Your estimated audience reach and suggested bid can change depending on which niche you’re targeting is.

If you want to remain competitive with your bid in each specific campaign, keep in mind that you’ll only pay about a penny more than the second-highest bidder.

Adjust your campaign daily until you find an audience reach that you’re comfortable with.


Proactively Pause Low Performers

You don’t want to waste impressions on low performing keywords or ads and you want to be able to allow as much of your budget as possible to high performing ads and keywords.

Make sure that you go through it each day and optimize.

After your campaign is up and running, twitter ‘s reporting tools will help you analyze the metrics tied to your goals so you can easily measure and optimize your ads.


Optimize Your Tweets

Also, plan to have four to six direct response tweets.

Ensure you have a clear call to action and a URL at the end of the tweet.

Do not include any other clickable links in the tweet such as usernames or hashtags and make sure that you include photos because they have higher engagement.


Twitter Ad Best Practices for Your Business

Discussed above are some tips for optimizing the Twitter ad best practices for business success.

Twitter ads are an easy and powerful way to take your business to the next level.

Rather than just text, always attach a kind of visual or ideal even video in your ads.

Make sure you understand exactly who you can target on Twitter, the different types of campaigns you can run and all of the different ad types that you can use to your benefit.

Do not be among those who don’t utilize all of the different benefits and advantages that you have when it comes to marketing paid advertising.

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