Ever considered advertising on Pinterest? With over 200 million active users per month, it’s an efficient platform to showcase your business’ products and services.

Sure, you can’t post an elaborate blog but you can use pinned posters, video ads, and then let your customers share the content to widen your reach. Contests and themed boards can increase customer engagement too.

But where do you start? How do you use Pinterest to its fullest potential?

It all starts by claiming your website.

Don’t Forget to Claim Your Website

Advertising on Pinterest starts by claiming your site. This is similar to how you can claim your business on Google My Business and Shopify users also get to add a unique HTML tag to their theme.

Once completed, you’ll see your logo attached to all of your pins. This is crucial for more effective brand boosting. At the same time, you get to track all the photos people pin from your site, allowing you to track which content sparks more engagement.

Prioritize this step before everything else. You won’t benefit from using Pinterest without linking it to your site and brand. The next step is to get the Pin button and place it wherever appropriate.

The Pin and Follow Buttons

Most WordPress themes and Shopify allow you to add the Pin button to all your product pages with ease. It’s as simple as adding an HTML line to your pages. It will appear beside the other social media buttons like the ones on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is the most important function because it lets people market your brand for you. They do this each time they pin a photo or video from your site, allowing their followers to see your content on their boards. It’s also the basis for tracking how many people engage with your content.

Adding the Follow button keeps your audience updated regarding your boards. Every time you add a new photo, they’ll receive notifications so they don’t miss out on the new ads.

Cross-Platform Promotion

If you’re already spending on a PPC campaign and Facebook ads, why advertise on Pinterest?

For one thing, cross-platform promotion broadens your reach and audience. You might have tons of Tiktok followers but they don’t see all your pins promoting discount vouchers on Pinterest. Those on Pinterest might not know about your contests and other promo offers on Instagram and so on.

YouTube is a great platform to advertise on. Video content couldn’t be more different from the picture pins, so if you feel confident enough, this platform is an excellent example of cross-platform promotion. YouTube can be extremely difficult to grow on, but with high-quality content and dedication, and perhaps a Visit to this website detailing a legitimate purchase of YouTube likes, your diversity in audience members should grow.

There’s also the benefit of using multi-purpose assets. A photo you posted on Instagram can later get pinned on customer boards. You can also use multiple platforms to promote things like a Pinterest competition, letting your followers do the marketing for you.

That’s right, you can work around Pinterest ads cost by encouraging customers to do it on your behalf. Go engage the audience and focus on user-generated content to your advantage.

For example, you can host a competition that requires people to Pin at least 10 photos from your site. The next step is to share a link to their new board on Facebook or Twitter, along with a hashtag designed specifically for this contest. Not only is it simple to do but they’re advertising your company and assets for you, for free.

Link to Shopify

Like Instagram, you can link your Pinterest account to Shopify.

This is a quick and easy system to monetize your Pinterest account, ensuring you can advertise and generate sales at the same time.

Did someone like the watch you posted on your Pinterest account? Using the Shopify add-on, they can now buy it from you without having to leave Pinterest. They don’t have to go to your site to make the purchase and then come back to the platform to continue browsing photos.

Advertising on Pinterest Still Relies on Keywords

Google AdWords is still the top paid marketing tool in the world. Marketing agencies see a 372% increase in ROI when they rely on this powerful system. That said, Pinterest makes for a great supporting tool too.

Yes, Pinterest focuses on visual media but to make the most out of its paid ads system you have to utilize the right keywords. Where do these keywords go?

Think about the name of the boards you set up. Do you call the board “shoes for men” or “cute shoes?” Keep in mind that the broad keyword strokes work differently for Pinterest compared to Google Adwords, meaning searches like “girl shoes” will show your board even though it’s labeled “cute shoes.”

While there are ways to use this to your advantage, you can succeed more by focusing on phrase match keywords and exact match keywords. This means you can prioritize keywords that you know people will type on the search bar instead of linking photos with generic, broad keywords.

Master Pinterest Ads

When your budget allows, use promoted pins. They appear the same as regular pins except you’ll see a small “promoted” label at the bottom. They’re Pay-Per-Click ads, which means you’ll pay a small amount each time someone clicks on these pinned photos.

Use these pins to make them appear whenever a person does a search that could relate to your pins and boards. Whenever they click on your pinned photos, they’ll get directed straight to your site. Make this even more effective by leading people not to your homepage but to the pinned photo’s direct landing page.

Doing this ensures they get to buy the product shown in the pinned photo without having to bounce around your site.

Not sure if you can afford a campaign using paid Pinterest ads? The good news is you can set a limit on how much you want to spend and the total duration of the campaign. In many ways, it’s similar to a regular Google AdWords PPC campaign.

Tell a Story

How does Pinterest advertising work? The secret answer lies in telling a good story.

Don’t make your boards a random collection of the products you sell. You don’t want to focus on a “products” board. People will see right through it.

Instead, try to pin photos that show a correlation to each other. Got products that share the same color or do you have products that are all suitable for the Winter? Pin those together in one board to showcase a particular theme.

Start Advertising on Pinterest Today

Advertising on Pinterest is both fun and challenging. There are many ways to approach it, from utilizing user-generated content to boosting paid Pinterest ads.

But is this enough? No, of course not. Pinterest is only one cornerstone when it comes to marketing your online business.

If you’re looking for more marketing opportunities and PPC tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide you the best digital marketing services that get you success.

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