2.5 billion people use Facebook!

Facebook has become a virtual marketplace allowing you to find your audience… just a click away! The creation of ad campaigns on Facebook could be the strategy you need for growth.

Below are five tips to scale your Facebook ads.

1. Take Advantage of Micro Ad Campaigns

Facebook has a useful micro-target feature that you should know about.

This feature allows you to pick your target audience’s location, gender, age and more. This is an essential first step because it allows you a fighting chance to not get caught up in the shuffle.

It can be difficult to separate from the crowd on Facebook, but by using the micro-targeting feature, you make sure that those that would be most interested in your content will see it.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Things

If you have the time and capabilities to do so, try creating a few different versions of the same content.

With more variety, you can test to see what your audience reacts to best, maybe you thought that your audience was going to like a poll, but they actually love a video, you can better plan future ads based on this.

This strategy makes sure that you are listening to your audience and keeping them coming back!

3. Spend to Grow

It is recommended to establish a spending budget.

Yes, it is true ads that are paid for do perform better, but there is more to it than just throwing money at the issue.

It is recommended that ad campaigns raise their ad spending as performance continues to improve. This allows for steady growth, that will continue to build! Instead of using a lot of money once, this will keep your ad and name in your audience’s mind for days.

The more exposure the better for you!

4. Tell a Story

Facebook now allows you to create story ads.

A story ad will appear at the top of your audience’s timeline. The best part is that by using this type of ad, you give your audience the chance to start a conversation in messenger.

It is proven that people have a higher chance of clicking on your content if there is a video attached. By creating a story video and a followup way to communicate the audience that you want will constantly feel engaged and want to support you.

5. Don’t Fix If Not Broken

You have probably created ad campaigns that are doing amazing!

Don’t be afraid to reuse. Your ad can always be copied and re-pushed with more funding behind it. The additional funding makes sure that the advertisement is seen by even more people, and it already is shown to work!

This is a great way to have advertisements with built-in brand affinity. It also shows new customers that you already have people that love what you are selling.


Advertising through Facebook connects you to a potential three billion people!

What you do with this audience is up to you and your budget. Your audience can provide invaluable information on how to grow, and what works with them. The better you are at understanding what they want, the better you will do.

If you follow these five tips, you can make sure that your ad campaigns will reach exactly who you want them to.

For more on how to advertise to the best of your abilities allow us to help!

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