The Importance of Thank You Pages in Online Marketing

During the customer journey to a purchase or completing a lead form on your website, there can be many touch points. Optimizing each touch point can boost overall performance to help various marketing campaigns work off of each other. After a website visitor completes a purchase or fills out a lead form, there are many benefits to redirecting that user to a new Thank You page or Order Confirmation page, rather than simply having a message pop-up that their form was submitted. Here are some of the added bonuses for using a confirmation page, rather than a confirmation message on forms and purchase.


Why to Use A Thank You Page for PPC Campaigns

Opportunity for Upsells on E-Commerce
If the website visitors just made a purchase, you could add similar products based on what they just purchased or a coupon for their next purchase to gain return website traffic. Many ecommerce platforms have this already built in, you simply have to add it to the order confirmation page.

Opportunity for Follow-Ups
The website visitor already expressed interest by submitting a form. This is a perfect opportunity to add additional actions such as signup for a newsletter, follow you on social media, watch a video, etc. It is easier to get website visitors to take these steps separately on different pages, rather than cramming many actions on to 1 page.

Opportunity for Pre-Selling
On the thank you page itself, you can add more content for “Why Choose Us” or a video, or a “next steps” outline. It is likely for a digital marketing lead generation campaign that the next step will be a sales representative calling the lead, scheduling a demo, or emailing the lead. Once the form on the website is filled out, the sales process has just started, not finished. This is an easy opportunity to add some pre-selling material to help you standout over competitors.

Easier to Track
Redirecting a form or a purchase to a new URL is much easier to setup for conversion tracking than a confirmation popup or tracking a button click. You can also use website visitors that reached your thank you page as a remarketing/retargeting audience – typically for blocking from future remarketing ads or showing specific ads to existing customers.

Better User Experience
After a website visitor makes a purchase or submits a contact form, it is much clearer as to what happens next when they are taken to a page that explains this. Also, it clearly confirms that their action was completed successfully and no further action is needed.


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