Take PPC Campaigns To The Next Level With Call Tracking Software

When you run a PPC marketing campaign online, you probably measure different KPIs, conversions, or success metrics unique to your campaign. For instance, you are almost certainly paying attention to how many users visit your site each day. Most PPC campaigns also have conversion tracking for tracking forms that are submit, typically as leads. However, business owners and website owners often miss out on the tracking of key information that is also critical for measuring leads, CPA, and conversion rate.. We are of course talking about call tracking. Most call tracking software, like Call Tracking Metrics for example, all you to connect goal tracking to Google analytics, and in doing so, you will be able to learn key information that could benefit your PPC campaign.


What Is Call Tracking?

Simply put, call tracking programs will allow you to use a phone number that is unique to a marketing campaign. These numbers can be forwarded to your main business phone number so you’ll still get all the calls as normal. Some would argue that using something similar to the best ringless voicemail service might be a good way of having your product or services reach customers.

With call tracking like this, you can connect different unique numbers to various campaigns and get direct data as feedback that you can use to plan the future of your promotion and marketing campaigns.

There are various benefits of this type of tracking and reasons why it could provide an advantage for your business marketing campaign. Nearly all providers allow you to track calls at the keyword level, as well as campaigns, ads, ad groups, and all the same data as tracking forms as leads. If your business gets calls, it is critical to track them with PPC campaigns.


Advantages of Using Call Tracking for PPC Campaigns:


Use It To Evaluate Your Marketing Campaign

Since each number can be used for a separate part of your marketing campaign, you will be able to see which parts are working and which aren’t. For example, you can assign call tracking numbers to Facebook ads, different dynamic call tracking numbers for PPC for Google Adwords, and a different set of call tracking numbers for Bing ads. This will make it clear exactly which source, campaign, and even keywords that are driving calls for your business.

In addition to PPC data, there is also call data that can be accessed through call tracking, such as the volume of calls, where calls are derived from, length of calls, ring time, geographic data of callers, and more So, you won’t just be able to examine the effectiveness of areas of your site but the overall performance of individual members of staff as well by listening to the recorded calls.


Keyword Searches And Calls

By tracking calls, you will also be able to see a clear picture of which keywords customers use to search for your business. In doing so, you will know which keywords and phrases to bid on when setting up your business campaign. In doing so, you can limit the cost and make sure you are bidding higher amounts on keywords that actually pay off, and calls that are high quality, potential buyers. Call tracking has many advantages, however this is one of the top features for detailed tracking

An example of how you can use this key information would be when setting up mobile campaigns. Lately, mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches and become far more prominent. As such, this side of your campaign is crucial. Do you have a mobile-optimized page? If so, is it getting the clicks it deserves and more importantly, the conversions? With call tracking, you’ll be able to explore this possibility and use the information to improve your online campaign increasing your ROI.


Calculate Costs Clearly

Business owners constantly worry about how much they are spending on marketing and whether it is good value for money. With call tracking, you can receive accurate data about what areas of your advertising is working and what perhaps isn't. For instance, you can contrast and compare different advertising channels. You might find that your performance is actually weaker on traditional media than online, and if that is the case, you may want to improve the situation by focusing more of your support towards this online. You can also get a better ROI from calls by tracking large sales orders by which call they came from, and which Pay Per Click ad campaign that call came from.


Get A Full Dashboard

With call tracking, you can also have a full dashboard set up. This will tell you key information including where the call originated from, the length of the call, the caller ID, call routing, and many more advanced options. You can even listen to the recording of the call and find out whether a successful conversion occurred. With all this information readily available, you will be able to find out more about the potential customer and whether your current search engine marketing campaign was effective at getting them to buy a product or invest in your service. In-depth information like this can be key to making sure you take the right action with your promotion online and learn from your mistakes while using the pay per click advertising or keywords that are working more often.


The key thing to remember about call tracking for online marketing is that it doesn’t mean shifting your entire business model. You can still run your PPC campaign as you typically would. All you need to do is set up the unique numbers and dynamic numbers to gain a little more insight into your marketing as a whole and find out what those calls to your business really mean.


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