PPC Ads: Best Way for Real Estate Investors to Find Motivated Sellers

One of the benefits of PPC ads is that you only pay when people click on your ad.

PPC ads are especially helpful for real estate investors who are looking to find motivated sellers fast. This is because you don’t pay simply for exposure, you are only paying for people that are actively searching on Google to sell their house now, and then click directly on your ad. But before real estate investors dive into PPC ads, they should know what strategies to employ.

They should figure out the best way to reach their audience. Here are some PPC ad strategies to consider if you’re a real estate investor.

Have a PPC Budget

While PPC ads are great because you only pay when people see your content, you still need a budget to figure out how much you’ll be spending per month.

It’s important to first figure out how much a deal is costing you, and what you make per deal in revenue and profit. For example, If you know that it cost you about $2,000 to $5,000 per deal, and it takes you about 5 leads per deal, you can work backwards to estimate your PPC ad budget. Typically we see real estate investors’ PPC budgets start at $3,000 per month, but a smaller budget may work for a smaller, less competitive area. It also depends on how many houses you are wanting to buy, and the size of your team.

You also need to determine how many houses you can actually buy per month. Typically you can buy 1 or 2 houses off of a $3,000 per month PPC budget, depending on your area. If your team can’t handle 10 deals per month, you need to scale your pay per click ad budget with your team.

Know Your Keywords

There are two kinds of keywords you should know: negative keywords and target keywords.

When you are looking for specific keywords to add to your PPC campaign, you should consider keywords that are high in search volume and low in competitiveness, and the right type of house seller.

If you want to attract sellers, you will not only target keywords, but also have negative keywords. These are words you want to exclude from your search targeting in Google ads. These filter out sellers that are better fit using a realtor, or are simply not motivated sellers at all. These negative keywords can also filter out parts of the city, like a zip code, that you do not buy houses in. You should check your ppc campaigns at least weekly to block out negative keywords that are wasting money and not bringing in quality leads. Even with a great list of keywords for motivated sellers, there will always be some bad search terms that slip though and need to be blocked with negative keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

When targeting the right keywords for investors, you can filter quality leads for motivated sellers only. The keywords for realtors are much different than keywords for real estate investors that work. It is important to research the market and competitors to find a great list of keywords for REI.

Persuasive Copy

Lastly, the copy you write in PPC ads should be specific to the motivated seller.

You want to write copy that is persuasive and appeals to the motivated seller. You should address their problems and how you have a solution.

For example, your ad should contain “We buy houses fast, any condition”. This helps filter out people who have a house that is NOT in poor condition. They don’t need to find house buyers that buy in any condition because they are able to easily sell their house listing on MLS. You can also add copy that separates you from other competitors, since all of the ads are showing side by side. Are you able to close very fast? Do you buy flooded or mold houses? Do you work with houses with a lien or other unique situations that other investors don’t buy from. You can also bring attention to Better Business Bureau rating, years in business, houses purchased, years of experience, or other trust-building selling points to include in your Google ads.

Location Targeting

Make sure to take advantage of Google’s geo-targeting options by only showing ads to people in your targeting area. You can target zip codes, cities, or even a radius of a specific location. This keeps your ads from showing in areas where you do not want to buy houses. Most real estate investors will focus on a region of the city, such as a 30 mile radius of a major city. This allows them to target the city itself, and the areas surrounding the city and suburbs. Your target area needs to be large enough to have enough volume for Google to serve ads to that area, so don’t target too small of a population.


Now You Know PPC Ads Strategies That Can Help You Find Sellers Fast

When it comes to PPC ads, you need a strategy that is going to help you find motivated seller leads. You have to understand the copy, the keywords, targeting and more.

Now you have a basic understanding of PPC ads and how they can help you find motivated sellers. For info on hiring us, view our services page here – PPC advertising for real estate investors.

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