The Impact of Google Removing Right Side Ads

When the initial announcement was released of the right side ads being removed, there was a bit of a panic seen across the internet. There were concerns about companies losing their ad space, conversion rates dropping (due to some ads doing really well on the 1st spot on the right side) and ultimately prices increasing.

For the first couple of weeks, all of the concerns that were being passed around the internet become a harsh reality. There was panic seen and CPCs sharply increased in many Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns  within certain industries and in other industries, there was barely a difference.

As some time has now passed, the storm has come and gone. What seems to be the new normal for CPC pricing has stabilized. With there being less ads and the same amount of competition, the CPCs naturally saw an increase. Keyword categories that already had high competition saw a larger increase in cost than those that only have a handful of competitors, but the results CPCs are not as high as some had feared. The right side ads may be a thing of the past, but it also gives the opportunity to venture out to other advertising options.

With some advertisers seeing an increase in cost of google search ads, they are seeking alternative PPC advertising methods. These other methods include other search networks like Bing Ads and
Yahoo ads, as well as gmail and display ads. It is also gives companies the option to shift spend to social networks to generate additional business from all of the social platforms.

If your industry was one that had a large impact from the rising cost in CPCs to the point that it makes it difficult to see your ROI, then we recommend seeking some of the alternative online advertising methods. Keep in mind that Google is the largest search engine, so you do not want to pull all of the funds away, but consider shifting a portion of your budget.

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