Whether you’re a brick and mortar business or an online company, advertising is essential for growing your customer base. However, it’s essential to use the best marketing strategy.

The Facebook vs Instagram debate is a long-standing issue for advertisers. The two social media platforms offer unrivaled opportunities for businesses. You can instantly reach potential new customers while also nurturing your existing client base.

However, to benefit from your ad campaign, you need to get the best return on income (ROI). It’s essential to monitor your ad performance on both platforms to understand what ROI you can expect.

Read on to find out whether you should advertise on Facebook or Instagram.

Target Demographic

The key metric for Facebook ads or Instagram ads isn’t really how many people see your post. It’s more important that the right people view your ad.

Facebook has an older demographic than Instagram, with the majority of users being 35 years old or above. In contrast, less than one-third of Instagram users fit into that category.

An older demographic often have more disposable income, but this won’t help if you’re trying to sell them skateboards. Your PPC strategy must target customers who are most likely to find your ads interesting.

Fortunately, both platforms allow you to monitor your ad performance closely. You can quickly see who is clicking on your ads and then budget to target that age group.

You can also drill down into fine detail. The ad platform will breakdown other basic stats to see where your ads are working.

A professional PPC management company can take care of your social media campaign and deliver outstanding ROI results.

Social Media Ad Trends

Being aware of social media ad trends is crucial to the success of your PPC strategy. While some companies may opt to invest in one platform, such as Google ads, this may be risky.

Social media trends can change in the blink of an eye. Currently, Instagram ads are ideal for content that requires a short attention span.

However, you may find Facebook ads work better if you’re telling a story to your client. Facebook users love to share content with their friends, so you can often achieve a large reach.

It’s challenging to stay on top of changing social media trends unless you watch them daily. Working with a reputable PPC management company means you can react quickly for better returns.

Facebook vs Instagram

Both of these social media giants offer different benefits for your business. To get the most benefit from your PPC advertising campaign, you should be visible on both platforms. Technically, Facebook owns Instagram, so it is 1 platform (Facebook Ads) where you can buy ads for both platforms. Once you get your ads going, it will show how the ads are doing on Facebook VS Instagram. You can also choose to target only 1 platform before the ads launch, or duplicate the same campaign to test on FB and IG, but in 2 separated ad campaigns – if you have the budget. The different platforms have different ad formats, so make sure your ads and images are optimized correctly using the preview ad tool that is shown while creating your ads. You don’t want to have a blurry or stretched picture that won’t show correctly on the platform – this can hurt ad performance.

By running ads on both platforms, you can see which demographics love your content. Consumers usually don’t buy after one ad view. It can take up to 7 interactions before a potential customer is ready to make their purchase.

By staying active on both Facebook and Instagram, you exponentially improve your online sales chances.

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Investing in a PPC strategy is essential for building your online presence. Rather than thinking of your choice as Facebook vs Instagram, you should embrace both platforms.

Working with an experienced company that stays at the forefront of social media trends is vital.

To get ahead of your competition and win more online customers, contact the friendly PPC team at Falcon Digital Marketing today.

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