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With Facebook being a social platform that people visit to interact with their friends online, it makes for a fantastic place for advertising due to the high interaction taken by users. Due to this social aspect, it tends to get the connotation that it is only good for businesses that would be advertising on it to try and reach consumers. What a lot of business to business companies forget is that decision making business professionals are also found on Facebook, not just Linkedin. With the right targeting, you can still get your ad in front of the right decisions makers, it is just targeting them on a different ad network. This can work especially well if none of your competitors are doing this yet.

When looking at the large variety of targeting methods that are available within the Facebook platform, there are a lot of relevant items that can be utilized for targeting specific business to business professionals. Several of the targeting options that you find with advertising on Linkedin can also be found within Facebook. Not to mention that CPCs are significantly lower in Facebook than on Linkedin, which means you get additional quality clicks to your website for your budget.

Here are a few of the targeting options that can be found within Facebook that are great for narrowing down your target demographic for B2B:

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With clicks starting to cost a fortune on the search engines for several different business industries, it might be time to start looking into moving part of your marketing plan onto the social platforms. With Facebook PPC ads, you now have an alternative to only advertising on the search engines. This allows you to generate more business from a variety of sources if other PPC platforms become too expensive to stay cost effective.

Facebook lead ads also give you the option to collect someone's information within Facebook after they click on the ad, without having to leave the website. This tends to convert much higher because all, if not most, of the form will auto complete with the information the user has already provided to Facebook. You do also have the option to provide a link to your website, so you have the potential of collecting more leads and gaining more website traffic as well. If you choose, the ad format can look similar to a standard ad, but the form would pop-up after the ad is clicked, rather than redirecting the user to your website immediately.

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