Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Video Ads

Pinterest is a huge platform for all website owners. Boasting 200 million users per month, if you're not utilizing Pinterest, it's like leaving money on the table.

With big competitions like Facebook and Google Pinterest, video ad became available to all advertisers to launch campaigns two years ago. This is a change from their content consisting of just pins.

If you're a digital marketer or using a marketer from somewhere similar to this digital marketing agency greenville sc pay close attention to learn the advantages of using Pinterest video ads.

What Are Pinterest Video Ads?

Pinterest video ads are simply ads in the form of videos versus an image. Pinterest is known for its heavy use of images to attract attention from their pins.

The company said this addition of videos added a positive experience for their users and when they see a video, they're much more likely to make a purchase.

Pinterest videos differ from other videos in that their ads take up the entire screen, versus a small section. A full-sized video allows for more attention, even if it's less than a minute.

The Audience

The Pinterest audience differs from Facebook and other social media platforms that are geared more towards connecting with other people. People log onto Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, DIY, planning, and others. It's a place to save ideas.

Pinterest has a leveraged this because users haven't entirely made the decision yet to buy - they're merely window shopping so to speak. So when someone is scrolling through Pinterest and sees an ad relative his or her situation, they can save it and potentially buy at a later date.

Up to 67% of Pinterest users say videos help them make decisions compared to other social media platform.

Using Pinterest Video Ads

Thinking of trying Pinterest video ads? Here are a few steps to take:

Is your account eligible?

Your account needs to be a business account to post video ads. If it's not, you can change this in your settings.

Ensure you can make promoted pins. A promoted pin is a paid ad on Pinterest - you spend money to support it.

The United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zeland, and Australia are the only places eligible for promoted pins.

Promoted pins can only be placed in your profile on your boards, so make sure your boards are not empty! The last thing you need is a Pinterest user to find your board with no content.

Make Your Video

The fun part - making your video!

Pinterest video ads have some specific guidelines for creating and uploading.

Here are some things to remember before posting your video ad:

  • Length of a video should remain between 15-30 seconds, though load as much as 30 minutes!
  • Format needs to be .mp4 or .mov
  • Square videos (1:1) work best
  • The resolution should be 240 ppi
  • File size maxes out at 2GB

Upload Video

Uploading your video ad to Pinterest is easy.

Log into Pinterest and click "Ads" in the upper left-hand side of the page.

In "Overview" is where you will begin uploading your pin and monitor the status of all your other video ads.

In the upper right-hand corner is a red plus sign. Click on it and select upload video.

Follow the directions to upload your selected video.

Create Your Pin

While your video is uploading, take some time to modify your pin.

  1. Choose from thumbnail images supplied by Pinterest, or use your own by clicking the Capture Thumbnail button. This option allows you to choose an image from your video. Keep in mind: videos will only play if someone clicks on them. Selecting a thumbnail that captures what you want to say is essential. However, promoting your pin will allow it to play automatically on a feed.
  2. You can only describe your video in up to 60 characters, so make sure to highlight all the most essential points about your ad.
  3. Add your website link to where you want potential clients and customers to learn more about your ad or what you offer.
  4. Once all these steps are completed, click "Next" and choose the board you wish to post your pin on. Though you're sharing it as a campaign, it will also be viewed by your other followers and expanding your reach.

Promote And Begin Campaign

Now that you've created your pin and video, you're ready to promote and begin your campaign!

  1. Click Ads again, in the same place as before, and choose 'Video.'
  2. Clicking on the red 'Create Campaign' button will walk you through the steps of building a campaign.
  3. Choose Build Brand Awareness through video. Name your campaign if it's new, and choose how much you want to spend - either a daily amount of lifetime amount.
  4. Click the red Add More Details and the bottom and continue.

The next step is creating an ad group. An ad group is your target market or demographic.

Here's how to set it up.

  • Choose a name for your ad group, and gear it toward your demographic. For example, Men, ages 20-40.
  • Ad Specifics. This includes the length of your ad; do you want a daily ad with a daily budget, or do you want to choose specific dates within a budget? It's your call!
  • Audience: Here, you tell Pinterest what kind of audience you want your pins in front of. You can choose to target your audience by their interests, people who've liked your pins, or by merely linking to your site.
  • Keywords: If you don't want the hassle of narrowing your audience, add a list of keywords.
  • Follow the rest of the steps by filling in the appropriate language, locations, and genders you intended to reach. Cap it off by choosing your cost per thousand impressions bid (CPM), and you're good to go.

After filling in the details, it's time to choose your pin.

Polishing Your Pin

Choose "All Pins,'' and your video ad should appear. Select it, make final edits, and click Promote Pin when you're ready to launch your campaign!

You can monitor your campaign by selecting "Ads'' and choosing "Video."


Pinterest video ads can complement your business well if done correctly.

Pinterest advertising is quickly becoming a preferred platform for many businesses, and larger name-brands have show success with Pinterest video ads.

Create your account with Pinterest today and try a hand at video ads to grow your business.

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