With more than ten thousand cryptocurrencies in existence, the world of blockchains and digital currencies has become an increasingly competitive one. How do you, as a cryptocurrency business or a blockchain company, find your place in the market?

How can you use the power of digital marketing to create your own unique brand that stands out from the crowd?

This article explores a few marketing strategies to consider.

Let’s get started!


Social Media Outreach

As a blockchain business, the key to success is building a loyal community. In the age of social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit are excellent places to take this first step.

Define who you are and what you do, and set yourself up as an accessible source of reliable information online. There are thousands of people out there who are incredibly curious about cryptocurrencies but aren’t sure where to start. When they’re browsing through social media, you want them to find you.

Infographics that simplify technical concepts accurately and from a position of authority are what will help you expand your audience and build a strong community online. With the new Facebook ads policies for cryptocurrency ads, it is now easier than ever to get ads on social media for blockchain and crypto companies.


The Airdrop Route

Further, sending people free coins directly to their wallets is a quick way to spread brand awareness and get them interested. The more you’re willing to airdrop, the quicker and better your brand can grow. These can be pushed by Facebook ads for airdrops, social media posts, blogs, and other PPC ads to get the word out. Airdrops have become extremely popular, and successful, for online marketing for cryptocurrency.


Podcasts and Interviews

When it comes to digital advertising for cryptocurrency businesses, information is your best friend. Flashy advertisements are great, but some people may not respond as well to an add as they would with other marketing sources.

Instead, educate a wide audience about the intricate details of cryptocurrency and use this power to establish yourself as a voice of authority in the business. In addition to podcasts on sites like Spotify and Stitcher, creating your own YouTube channel is also a great way to present your company as one that’s authentic. This creates great online marketing for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, without only relying on pay-per-click ads.

Video collaborations with influencers, informative and engaging videos, and a dedicated effort to grow your channel will work in your favor.

A Solid SEO Strategy for Your Blockchain Company

Public relations and search engine optimization go hand in hand. When people look for relevant information or cryptocurrency companies, you must ensure that they find you.

This includes studying your competitors’ strategies, ensuring that your content and web pages are optimized for relevant keywords, and keeping track of your page authority. Over time you’ll be able to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, allowing you to make steady improvements and hopefully rank higher in search engines.


Talk to a Blockchain Marketing Expert Today

Social media outreach, Facebook ads, PPC ads, airdropping, podcasts, collaborations with influencers, and a solid SEO strategy are good ways to establish your blockchain company online. However, it’s always beneficial to leave the digital marketing to qualified experts who’ve spent years perfecting the art of marketing.

Get in touch with our blockchain marketing specialists for a free consultation and get dedicated branding advice for your business, today!

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