Google Adwords campaigns can be great for getting more leads, more sales, and growing a business using your website. However, don’t miss out on the free data and analytics you can get from your PPC ad campaigns and Google Analytics data combined. It only takes a few extra steps to get this data, and the extra data is great for optimizing a pay-per-click ad campaign.

Making Use Of Google Analytics
For those who are unaware, Google Analytics is a free tool from Google which allows you to view many different kinds of data for your webpages. All you do is copy and paste the Google analytics tracking code into the html of the page you are concerned with, or use a plugin, and you can then log on to the Google analytics page to discover plenty of information about your site visitors. You can find out how many visitors you are getting, where they are based, whether they return, how long they stay, what sent them to your site, did they convert into a lead, did they make a purchase, did they fill out a form, what was the sale total, and much more. It is worth getting used to this suite, as it is one of the most popular free analytics tools that the internet has to offer for your digital marketing. You might even want to look into online reporting tools too, to make sure your marketing strategy is perfect!

Analytics is best when it is used in conjunction with a proper digital marketing campaign – otherwise it is just a lot of data with no action. One of the best ways to ensure that you are making use of it well is to connect it to your Google Adwords campaign.

Detailed instructions are covered here by Google support in How to Link Google Adwords and Google Analytics –

Benefits of Linking Google Adwords and Google Analytics

Get More Data in Google Adwords Campaigns
When you link Google Analytics to Google Adwords, you can see additional GA data inside your Google Adwords dashboard simply by adding more columns. This allows you to see your ad performance data not just for Adwords stats like conversion rate, CPA, cost per conversion, CTR, but also get to see average time on site, pages per session, bounce rate, and percentage new sessions. In addition, you can import goals, e-commerce data, and remarketing audiences from Google Analytics to Google Adwords.

Learn More About Your Website Traffic with Both Systems
The most important benefit to bear in mind when you connect your Google Analytics to your Google Adwords account is that you can soon discover more information about your website traffic. This means that you can then tailor the keywords you use in your Adwords campaigns in order to bring in the right traffic that turns into more customers, not just more website traffic. Clearly, it is beneficial to have as much information on your advertising campaign performance as possible. Analytics provides you with that information, and it is a free tool that can use the same Google account to setup. If you’re looking to build your own customer data platform that gives you the ability to gather, filter, and unify customer data across traditionally siloed external and internal sources, take a look at Heap.

Provides More Information for Optimizing Campaigns
Google Adwords is highly effective for lead generation and ROI driven campaigns. In this way, you can expect to see many users coming to your website for information or to make a purchase – and staying because you have managed to tempt them with a product, service or information on our company. By using analytics to understand their searches and behavior better, you can ensure you are bringing the right people to your website that are likely to make a purchase or become a client, rather than just getting lots of website hits from low interest visitors.

Improve Your Stats
Many of the important web stats that you can see through analytics are also very useful to a pay per click ad campaign. Diving into all that Google Analytics offers is also very beneficial, but don’t forget to use your website traffic analysis to improve PPC performance. Even though they don’t directly connect, you can also analyze PPC traffic from Facebook ads and Bing ads to help improve those PPC campaigns as well.

By cleverly connecting Google analytics to Google AdWords, you can expect your marketing and PPC campaigns to be much more effective, as well as being more useful for the potential customer too. This is something all modern businesses should be aspiring to. For many businesses, Google is a great way to find new business. For business owners of any size, to have high profits from digital marketing, you will not get far without turning to the tech giant for help. The truth is that Google has done plenty to develop key marketing and analytics tools which no business can now easily function without. If you want to make sure that your business gets as far ahead as possible, then a focusing on a couple of its main tools will be necessary in order to make that happen. These two tools are, of course, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Both of these are vital for your business today, but they are best when they are connected as well. Google analytics should also be used to analyze all website traffic to improve effectiveness. This includes Facebook Ads, Bing ads, social media marketing, email newsletters, and of course organic traffic through your SEO efforts.

Getting Started With Google Adwords
For business owners not familiar with this system, Google Adwords is an online advertising platform whereby you choose a number of keywords you think your target audience might search for, and then place paid advertisements with in order to have your website appear prominently on the search engine results page (SERP). The system is much more complex, but that is the simple explanation that won’t take several pages to explain. Clearly, this is always going to be a powerful tool, but you do need to make sure that you are making proper use of it. Without the right training or the right PPC management service company, it can waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some businesses may just prefer to outsource someone who can do this form of marketing for them despite an explanation; not everyone can wrap their head around marketing, and as previously said, it can waste a lot of money if done wrong. There are plenty of companies who can help you with multiple forms of digital marketing, . However, for those that feel they can take their marketing efforts into their own hands, go for it! The real value of PPC with Adwords, after all, lies in the fact that you can draw in exactly the people that are trying to find the service you provide at the time they are searching specific keywords you bid on. Knowing how to use the systems effectively to get optimum ad performance takes many years of experience and quite a bit of training.

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