Bring People Back To Your Website With Remarketing Ads

You know the banner ads that seem to follow you around for days after you have looked at someone’s website? That is called remarketing or retargeting ads. The idea behind remarketing ads is that since you expressed interest in a website by visiting it and looking around a bit, you are a good potential in becoming a customer. Remarketing banners allow for that company’s website to stay top of mind to you by being a friendly reminder as you surf the web. You might have just been wanting to check the weather to see if you needed a jacket tonight, but you also got a reminder, with their banner ad, that your favorite store is still running that sale you were looking at and you don’t want to miss out.

The flaw that tends to happen with remarketing is that the marketers running the advertising campaign forget a very important step. It is critical that you exclude users that have just purchased or signed up on your website so that you don’t keep following them around. If you forget to exclude those site visitors, then you are actually going to run your remarketing campaign into a negative user experience because the user will just think, “I just signed up, stop showing me your ad.”

Another major reason to exclude users that have already converted on your website is so that you are not wasting your advertising dollars. The focus of a remarketing campaign should be to bring users back to your website that did not convert for whatever reason. With that being the main point of the campaign, you should only be displaying your banners to users that have not converted to make your remarketing campaign more effective.

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