A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Advertising

Are you looking for a way to expand your company's reach? Want to get the word out about your products and services online?

Well, most business owners know that Facebook is a good advertising venue. Marketers can get noticed on the platform. But many companies overlook the potential of other paid social media platforms such as Instagram.

Instagram has over 77 million members. Imagine how many eyes you can get on your company! And when users share your company photos and videos, there's a huge potential to help your business grow.

As one of the hottest social networking sites, Instagram is essential to build revenue. But with high numbers follows the competition. When it comes to reaching prospective customers on Instagram, you need a good strategy. Have you ever wondered why your friends are getting more followers on Instagram? Click here to find out their secrets!

What's the solution? Advertisements that attract attention and convert. Placing ads on the site will get your company noticed in a crowded market.

Instagram employs Facebook's advertising system. This means you can use many of the advertising strategies that are on Facebook, including narrowing down your target audience to exactly who you're interested in marketing to.

But using Instagram isn't exactly the same as using Facebook since Instagram is a different social media platform. Even Facebook advertising veterans need to learn Instagram basics to get the best results. Facebook users may not realise that you can use a free instagram followers app in order to gain followers on Insta.

In this post, you'll discover if advertising on Instagram is right for your company, how to use it, metrics advice and more.

Ready for a deep dive on Instagram ads? Let's hit it!

Advertising on Instagram: A Beginner's Guide

This is what you need to know.

1. Should You Advertise on Instagram?

Just as with any advertising methods on social media platforms, you must know if Instagram will benefit your company. This means will you be able to reach your target market.

If your target market is between the ages of 18 and 34, the answer is yes. Although Instagram attracts viewers of all ages, most are over 17 and under 35. Knowing the ages of your ideal customers will help you make the decision.

In addition, women love Instagram. So if you sell products that women like, Instagram is a good way to in terms of advertising.

Popular Products and Topics on Instagram

Certain topics get more views and shares on Instagram. Some of the favorites include beauty, fashion, food, movies, television, music, interior design and personal hobbies like gardening.

It will be more than worthwhile to advertise on Instagrams if your company sells any of these items. This way, you should be able to gain quite a lot of followers and likes. If your business doesn't fall under these categories, that's okay and you will still be able to use the platform. You might need a helping hand from Nitreo when it comes to followers but with time, creative content, and proper use of analytics, your page will develop.

But don't discount other products and verticals. Do some research. Does visual content such as photos and videos help you tell brand stories? If your answer is yes, Instagram could be a successful advertising vehicle to promote your brand.

How to Avoid Limitations advertising on Instagram

To avoid limitations when advertising on Instagram the first thing you need to do is create a Facebook page. If you don't you'll experience some problems since the two platforms work together.

Once you create a Facebook page for your company, sign up for an Instagram account. Without an account, you'll have less control.

Your Facebook page will show up on your advertisements but you won't be able to reply to comments. Your ads also won't be clickable.

And any online salesperson will tell you the point of having ads is so your customers can click on them and you can answer your prospects questions.

How to Create an Ad on Instagram?

So how do you create an Instagram ad? There's more than one way: there's five.

  1. With the Instagram app
  2. Through Facebook Ads Manager
  3. With Power Editor
  4. Using Instagram partners
  5. With the Marketing API from Facebook

Most marketers prefer using the Instagram app or Facebook Ads Manager to create Instagram ads. They make it simple for marketers to use.

Instagram partners are used by B2B companies who need to receive support from expert leaders.

Business owners use Power Editor and FB Marketing API for the sole purpose of creating numerous advertisements to run simultaneously

What Advertising Formats Does Instagram Use?

Similar to other social media platforms, you can select among a variety of advertising formats. You have four choices:

Like many other social media sites, you can choose between several ad formats. For Instagram feed ads, you have a choice of four for Instagram feeds:

  1. Single image - you can make up to six ads for one price
  2. Single video - the best format is MP4
  3. Carousel - lets you display two or more videos or images
  4. Slide show - up to 10 images with a looping video

Instagram stories offer just two options: a single video or a single image. Remember Instagram Stories haven't been around that long some they are unavailable in particular countries. Check with Instagram to learn more.

Keep in mind that your advertisement can be seen on only the Instagram app. This means members browsing Instagram without the app such as on a mobile browser or a tablet or desktop browser will be unable to view your ads.

In both cases, your ads will only appear on the Instagram app. Users browsing Instagram on a desktop computer or through a mobile site will not see your ads.

Metrics: How to Measure Success

When you navigate to Facebook Ads Manager, you'll discover performance data on a reporting table. In this form, you can access your performance data into three levels.

  • Campaign Levels – You see performance data from each that are part of a single campaign.
  • Individualized Advertisements – You'll view with how your text, images, and call-to-action perform individually.
  • Ad Set Level – You will see advertisements that share the same settings: schedule, budget, schedule, placement, targets, and bids.

Within metrics, you have the option to customize the reporting table based on specific objectives

Instagram Ads Tips

Follow these tips to achieve better success.

  • Run the Same Ads on Facebook and Instagram- Facebook optimizes ad placement when advertisements exist on both platforms.
  • Make ads look organic - Organic content inspires clicks. Make look images look similar to other Instagram feed posts. Keep the text short.
  • Ask permission to use your followers generated content - Always ask before posting content from followers. This will encourage audience trust as well as appear to look organic.
  • Local businesses should target local users - Target users based on their geographical location.

The Takeaway: Advertising on Instagram

Now you have a good foundation for advertising on Instagram. Instagram ads provide a great way to get leads and grow your business.

Looking for more advertising tips for your business? Explore the Falcon Marketing website to learn more. Or contact us to get started on your PPC campaign.

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