More and more companies are focusing their marketing efforts on digital strategies this year. According to Statista, digital advertising is expected to generate $99,204m in 2019 alone.

Don’t fall behind with old-school marketing strategies. Instead, implement the latest and greatest trends. That way, you can boost your content and attract new customers to your website.

With these nine up-and-awesome digital marketing trends, you can build your business and propel ahead of competitors.

So what are you waiting for?


1. Chatbots

With chatbots, you can offer convenient customer service 24/7.

That way, you can increase engagement and show customers you’re ready to help—without actually doing much on your end. This saves you time and energy so you can focus your attention elsewhere. Meanwhile, the chatbots have you covered.

Chatbots offer customers real-time assistance. By asking relevant questions, they can understand the problem before directing customers to the right solution. 

This artificial intelligence tool also improves lead generation. 

By offering customers on page assistance, chatbots can lead website visitors to make a purchase or fill out a form. That way, you can gain new leads or increase sales, even after your team goes home for the day.


2. Voice Search

“Google,” “Alexa,” and “Siri” are now becoming household names.

These three digital assistants are making life a lot easier. However, they’re also changing how we search for information on a daily basis. 

With more voice, and even visual searches by using new technologies, companies need to prepare for changes in their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Instead of looking at a search engine results page such as Google, buyers will now rely on a voice assistant to provide the answer. This means fewer clicks to your ads (and fewer website visits).

Speaking of PPC, check out this article if you’re unsure whether Facebook or Google Ads are the best fit to boost your brand.


3. Personalization

No two customers are alike. Sometimes, that makes it more difficult to communicate with your customers to lead them through the sales funnel. 

With personalization, however, you can make sure each customer feels like they’re getting one-on-one attention. Personalized content can improve engagement and ensure your content is relevant to potential buyers.

However, this customized content relies on gaining visitor data first.

Once you know your customers, you can use demographics, behavior, or previous interests to offer customized content. For example, let’s say a customer visits your online store and looks at a product page, but doesn’t make a purchase. Using personalization, you can then show them PPC retargeting ads of the same or similar products.

That way, they’re reminded of their previous website visit and compelled to complete their purchase.

Personalization improves the overall user experience and encourages repeat buyers in the future.


4. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Many companies have recently added virtual and augmented reality ads to their list of favorite digital marketing trends.

This trend allows customers to experience unreal ads in their own reality. For example, many makeup brands now allow website visitors to “try on” makeup using their video cameras. 

Other companies are using augmented reality to boost brand awareness.

This can help more retail brands demonstrate the benefits of their business from the ease of smartphone devices. 


5. Micro-moments

According to Google, 91 percent of smartphone users look up information while they’re multitasking. These moments when we want to know, go, do, or buy are lead by a specific intention. 

They’re also quickly becoming a new opportunity for brands to market their product or service. During these micro-moments, customers expect ease and convenience. 

Capitalize on these moments when customers are most likely to make a decision.

By using these other online marketing trends during a micro-moment, you can offer customers that convenience and leverage the moment to make a sale. 


6. Machine Learning

Using customer data and artificial intelligence, companies can recognize patterns in behavior. That way, you can determine the best opportunities to engage with customers and drive their interest. 

Predictive data through machine learning also helps determine customer interests. Using this information, companies can develop the personalized content we mentioned earlier to appeal to those interests.

Then, you can use these trends in digital marketing to reach customers when it matters most.


7. More Video 

According to Cisco, 82 percent of all IP traffic will be for video content by 2022.

Using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, companies can engage customers with relevant video content. Snapchat and Instagram stories also leverage the fear of missing out by putting a time limit on this content. 

With live videos, you can make customers feel like they’re part of a moment.

These videos are also free to create and easy to broadcast. That way, you can reach a broad audience and drive their interest. This also improves customer engagement, which strengthens a company’s relationship with its customers. 


8. Cross-Channel

With so many different digital marketing trends and channels to choose from, it can sometimes feel like you’re stretching yourself thin. 

Cross-channel marketing, however, allows you to use these different marketing channels to your advantage. After all, your customers engage with your brand in many different places. These can include your website, PPC ads, and social media accounts.

With cross-channel marketing, you can create a cohesive experience. That way, customers will journey from one channel to the next without losing sight of the bigger picture.


9. Influencers

The last of these online marketing trends requires a little outside help.

Using real people as a part of your digital marketing strategy gives your brand authenticity. After all, it’s a lot easier to connect with a living, breathing person than words and pictures.

Try to find an influencer that reflects your company’s overall brand. Finding the right fit can make all the difference in creating that authenticity.

That way, you’re developing brand trust with your customers, too.


9 Digital Marketing Trends to Try

Don’t lag behind with your digital marketing strategies. Instead, get down and digital with these nine digital marketing trends. That way, you’ll never miss out on a potential opportunity to reach new customers and bolster your business!

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