While social media in it’s simplest terms can be described as a platform for content sharing, in its most abstract it is a foundation for the digital world we live in. Gone are the days of tv commercials and billboards, and enter social media marketing. The new and efficient way to advertise products in this digital world.

With 3.96 billion active users on social media platforms, it’s no surprise this is the new frontier for marketing. Here are 5 ways to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Marketing with Facebook

The right network for another business may not be the right network for you. Each platform has its own style and tone. For instance, Facebook while the largest platform also has the largest amount of audiences. Marketing on Facebook typically involves being broad and general, making it easy to get lost among the thousands of other businesses doing the same thing.

Instagram, on the other hand, allows for more creative freedom. As pictures are its main way of content sharing, advertising with Instagram makes it easier for you to stand out.

Don’t take this as advice to limit yourself to one platform. All businesses should make as many social media sites work for them as possible! Just make sure you understand the tone of each one. You can also schedule and manage posts, increasing your pay-per-click (PPC), or hire experts to manage it for you as making regular blog posts can be time-consuming.

Influencer Culture

Speaking of Instagram, there’s a prominent social media marketing strategy rising from this platform, and they’re called Influencers. People with a mass following on Instagram, and even other platforms like Youtube, are being used as advertisement and marketing for products.

In exchange for money, these influencers will post content and advertise your product for you. This gives you instant access to hundreds of thousands of people’s newsfeeds.

Customer Service

Using social media is for communicating with customers. Engaging with comments, as quickly as possible, is one of the best things you can do for your social media marketing. Here’s why;

  • It makes your business feel real. As if there are genuine people behind it and not some monolithic enterprise that views people as numbers
  • It’s amazing customer service. People want to feel heard and validated. Responding to comments or tags on social media is a way to make sure customer complaints are heard and dealt with quickly

As more businesses move online, having a personal touch is more important than ever. Don’t forget about the real people behind the computer.


Being successful on social media is all about being on-trend, but it’s also about being different, new, unique. There’s only one of your business, use it to your advantage. Social media marketing should only be 20% promotion, the other posts should be about showing your uniqueness and meeting your audience’s needs.


The quickest way to get people to interact with your posts, increasing that PPC, is through incentives. Add value to your posts with free webinars, free case studies, or free consultations. Offering a free product or service adds value to your marketing, value your customers will want.

Now Go Out and Post!

No matter how you look at it, social media is here to stay. The sooner you bump up your social media marketing game, the sooner success will come! Just apply the tips described here today and you’ll see amazing results.

If you still feel unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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