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"Able to get my PPC ads up very quickly, and I immediately saw a huge lift."

– Steven S, Sell My House NWA

"Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and helped drive sales to our company"

– Peter K, Family Tree Property Solutions

"Awesome at what they do! We’ve been using them for 6 months now with no complaints and plan to continue to use it for a long time."

– Tiger B, North Texas Cash for Homes

Google Ads Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Investors


Intro to Google Search Ads

Learn how to setup Google search ad campaigns for real estate investors, ad formats, Google Ad policies for Special Ad Categories for Housing and Real Estate, and how to get great results with the newest strategies and stay compliant. 

Google Remarketing Banner Ads

Learn how to setup Google remarketing ads and more advanced audience segments. We do full walkthroughs for setting up new remarketing campaigns in Google ads. You’ll learn highly advanced remarketing strategies to use for lead generation. 

Motivated Seller Keywords

Learn how to find the best motivated seller keywords for Real Estate investor ads on Google. The course has tutorials on how to do keyword research, get more leads from top performing motivated seller keywords, expanding keywords, and structuring your account for optimal performance.

Full Setup Tutorials

Full guide on how to setup Google adwords (now called Google Ads) campaigns for Real Estate Investors. Get a step-by-step walkthrough for the full setup start to finish for launching ppc ad campaigns on Google. This is the best guide for beginners, all the way up to experts. 

Competitor Keyword Spying

The training videos will teach you in-depth lessons on how to spy on competitor keywords to get the advantage on other real estate investors. Find the best keywords to target to get more motivated seller leads fast and cheap. The best keyword spy tools can show you how.

Negative Keywords

Learn how to cut wasted spend and not lose money on Google ads. Adding the most effective negative keywords, and knowing where and how to block low performing keywords is the best tactic to use negative keywords effectively.

Ongoing Optimization

Our training program teaches how to setup, and optimize campaigns to maintain top performance over months and years. You will learn how to effectively scale your Google ads with a high ROI. 

Google Ad Templates

Download our top performing Google Ads templates for Real Estate Investors. After years of testing, we know the best setup to get a lot of motivated seller leads fast and get the most out of your Google ads.

Best Ads to Use

Learn how to setup and use the best ads for getting motivated sellers through Google ads, and filter sellers that are not motivated to sell yet. We’ll show you how to make high-performing ads and optimize through advanced a/b testing.

Tracking & Google Analytics

Learn how to implement Google Analytics and track all of your leads and website traffic to better scale your ads fast. Learn where all of your deals and leads are coming from to know where to increase advertising and what sources to cut out.

Call Tracking

Learn how to implement advanced call tracking for real estate investors. This way you track your website leads and all phone call leads. It is very important to also track calls to know where all deals came from. This helps grow your Google ads campaigns fast.

Google Display Banner Ads

We teach advanced guides for how to use Google Display banner ads to target specific website placements, custom audiences, contextual keyword targeting, similar audiences, and more. Go further than just and dominate your market on all relevant websites.

About Our Google Adwords Training for Real Estate Investors

Our team has managed over $60,000,000 in advertising spend for over 12 years. We are experts in Google Ads and much more!


Through this course we teach specific Google Adwords Training for Real Estate Investors (now known as Google Ads.) With this strategy, real estate investors can get their ads up and running fast to get more motivated seller leads from Google ads. We cover everything you need to get started and succeed. 

If you have wondered how to get started with Google ads for Real Estate Investors, or even if you are an experienced expert, our training course on Google ads can take your business to the next level and get you more deals fast. From beginner to advanced, we can teach you the best strategies for Google Ads.

The Best Google PPC Ad Training for Real Estate Investors


Google Ads Templates

Get up and running fast with our Google ads templates for Real Estate Investors. This is the best way to launch fast and customize the ad campaigns to fit your campaign.

Best Motivated Seller Keywords

We’ll show you the best motivated seller keywords to target on Google ads to get high quality leads that turn into more deals!

Track Your Leads

Learn how to implement and use Google Analytics and advanced call tracking to know exactly where your best leads and deals are coming from!

Detailed Tutorial Videos

Each section includes detailed walkthroughs inside the actual Google ads platform to show you step-by-step setup videos in Google campaigns.


Best Google Ads Guide for Real Estate Investors

Our course can teach Real Estate Investors how to use Google ads to get more motivated seller leads and deals fast – no matter how much experience you have. The approach is simple – we teach the principles in simple presentations, and then demonstrate the lesson inside the actual Google ads platform. This way you get a full setup tutorial you can use to follow along to set everything up. We also do this training for Facebook and other PPC platforms as well.

Everything from the training tutorials, templates, video lessons, and demos are delivered in an easy to use e-learning platform. You just log in to take your training from anywhere and track your progress along the way. It covers lifetime access without limits – so you can re-watch the videos as many times as you want. This covers Google, Facebook, Analytics, Display ads, Microsoft Bing ads, and more. This is why we are the best Google Ads guide for Real Estate Investors.

We go through beginner level setup all the way through highly advanced strategies in Google ads. This works for any real estate investors – wholesalers, flips, virtual wholesaling, and more.

Questions About Our Google Ads Course for Real Estate Investors

How does the Google ads course work?

These are not downloads, you will receive account access to login and watch the training videos from anywhere. It saves your progress and tracks where you are in the course to make it easy to complete and re-watch.

Does the course work for Realtors?

Only if you are buying houses for cash. If you are wanting to work with clients to help them buy a house, or display your MLS listings, this course is not setup for you. It teaches how to find motivated seller leads through Google ads, Facebook ads, and other PPC ad platforms.

Is the course updated for Google’s New Ad Policies for Real Estate Investors and Housing?

Yes, everything is up to date and compliant with the new policies for Google ads for housing.

Are there any other fees for the Google ads training program for real estate investors?

No, the 1 fee covers everything to access the training program.

Is there free Google ads training for Real Estate Investors available?

Yes, we offer a free trial – click here to learn more:

What Else is Included in Our Google Ads Training Course for Real Estate Investors?


Facebook Ads Training

  • Intro to Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Campaigns and Ad Sets Best Practices for Real Estate Investors
  • Full Walkthrough – Setting Up a Facebook Ads Campaign Start to Finish
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel Setup
  • Verify Domain for Facebook – Add Custom Conversion to Domain
  • Facebook Ad Best Practices – Top Images and Ad Copy
  • Advanced Facebook Remarketing
  • Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Target Area Campaigns for Facebook
  • Targeting Real Estate Interests Audiences in Facebook
  • Targeting Custom Audiences – Uploading Your Lists in Facebook Ads
  • Targeting Lookalike Audiences in Facebook Ads
  • Debunking Facebook Ad Myths – Optimizing Ongoing Campaigns

Google Search Ads Training

  • Intro to Google Search Ads
  • Setting Up New Google Ads Account – Expert Mode
  • Full Walkthrough – Setting Up a Google Search Campaign Start to Finish
  • How Google Search Campaigns Work – Best Practices
  • How Google Search Ad Groups Work – Best Practices
  • How Google Search Ads Work – Best Practices
  • How Google Search Ad Extensions Work – Best Practices
  • How Google Search Keywords Work – Best Practices
  • Expert Keyword Research for Google Search Campaigns
  • Negative Keyword Research – Blocking in Advance/Ongoing for Google Search Campaigns
  • Keyword Research Software for Google Search Campaigns
  • Expanding and Optimizing Keywords for Google Search Campaigns
  • Top Performing Ad Copy to Use – Ad A/B Testing for Google Search Campaigns
  • Ad Group Templates – Expert Buildouts for Your Ad Groups and
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups – Expanding Top Performer Lead Volume for Google Search Campaigns
  • Campaign Optimization/Expansion – Testing Auto-Bidding for Google Search Campaigns
  • Setting Up Google Search Remarketing Campaigns (RLSA)
  • Optimizing Ongoing Google Search Campaigns

Google Display Ads Training

  • Intro to Google Display – Banner Ads
  • How Google Display Campaigns and Ad Groups Work
  • Full Walkthrough – Setting Up a Google Display Campaign Start to Finish
  • Advanced Google Display Remarketing
  • Targeting Website Placements of Your Choice for Google Display Ads
  • Targeting Websites Based on Their Pages’ Keywords for Google Display Ads
  • Targeting Homeowners With Banner Ads for Google Display Ads
  • Targeting Display Ad Custom Audiences – Keywords/Websites They Searched Recently
  • Targeting Websites by Topics for Google Display Ads
  • Targeting Similar (Lookalike) Audiences for Google Display Ads
  • Display Campaign Optimization – Checklist for Setup/Launch
  • Optimizing Ongoing Google Display Campaigns

Microsoft Bing Ads Training

  • Intro to Microsoft Bing/Yahoo/AOL Ads Network
  • Setting Up a New Microsoft Bing Ads Account – Expert Mode
  • Setting Up Tracking – Bing UET Tag – Conversion Goals
  • Importing Campaigns from Google Search Ads
  • Optimizing Ongoing Microsoft Bing Ads Campaigns

Google Analytics & Call Tracking

  • Intro to Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Setup – Goal Setup – Google Ads Linking
  • Call Tracking Setup