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Intro to Google Ads

With our online Google Ads training course, you can have an in-depth understanding of how the Google ads platform functions. These include ads, campaigns, ad extensions, and keywords among others settings. With the best Google Adwords strategies, you will be able to better deal with ROI and learn everything that you will need for success.

Advanced Remarketing

It is important to understand how the setup experts remarketing PPC ads can campaign beyond the fundamental strategies. You will learn effective ways of targeting users at various stages of the funnel with the aid of an advanced method of remarketing audience targeting.

Full Walkthrough Tutorials

Our Google ads training will give you detailed walkthroughs, up to date, inside of actuall Google Ads accounts. You need to learn the right means to research, implement and subsequently optimize  for targeting the ROI with the relevant Google Search Ads – our walkthroughs show you step-by-step.


Best PPC Keyword Tactics

You need to learn the right means to research, implement and subsequently optimize the best keywords for targeting the ROI with the relevant Google Search Ads. A good tutorial will teach you the most effective strategies for scaling profits quickly with the best keywords.

Negative Keyword Best Practices

In the PPC ads training course, you will get to understand how to keep bad traffic and clicks that wastes money in check. You will learn how to add negative keywords in the right way and implement the right tactics to optimize these keywords for better ROI.

Competitor Keyword Spying

It’s important to learn the correct means of using the advanced PPC keyword spy tools so that you can remain much ahead of the competition and that your strategies fetch substantial results. A good course will show you the right tactics to outperform your contenders and their keywords.

Ongoing Optimization

In the Google ads training course, you will not only learn how to formulate viable Google ad campaigns, but also optimize them gradually over time. You will also come to know about advanced optimization for scaling top-notch campaigns and cutting out wasted spend in PPC campaigns.

Google Ad Templates

With this course, you will get access to downloadable Google ad templates and resources for aiding you to kick starting and strategizing your PPC ad campaigns. You can check the most advanced agency checklists to launch and optimize a fabulous Google adwords campaign.

Best Ads to Use

Our Google Ads training guide will go over how to write better ads, how to properly A/B test your ads, and how to optimize ads over time for a better ROI from your ad campaigns. Up-to-date for the newest ad format requirements.

Tracking & Google Analytics

It is essential to understand how you can implement Google Analytics in the right way and track all the leads, traffic, sales, and ROI for fast optimization. When you become aware of where each of your conversions are stemming from so that you can make an informed decision about where you must boost advertising and which sources to get rid of.

Google Display Ads

With our Google Display Ads training, you will be better able to target the right placements and web content for the targeted audience for procuring ROI from banner ads as well, rather than clicks and branding only.

Best PPC Software & Tools

You willlearn the use of the right Google ads PPC software and tools that are used by ad agencies for the rapid scaling of all the top-performing PPC ad campaigns. You will be better equipped to determine the most promising PPC call tracking software and landing page builders along with a lot more.


Who is this Google Ads Training Course For?

DIY for Business Owners

If you run a business on your own, then this Google ads training course will give you an insight into how you can better manage online ads yourself. This fast, accessible and easy training guide will walk you through the complete setup and optimization of the Google Adwords campaigns for maximizing profits.

Training for In-House Marketing Team

For professional in-house marketing teams, the course is suitable for all levels to quickly master Google Ads research, setup, and optimization long-term. Rather than outsourcing, you can keep your PPC ads management in-house by training your marketing team.

Professional Training for Agencies

We offer Google Ads Training by Professionals for Professionals. Get more training for your team or get better training for your new team members. Help your agency run top performing Google ads campaigns for your clients!

Best Google Ads Training Course

The Google ads training course initiates with the basics which makes it perfect for beginners. In later videos, it builds into advanced strategies for Google Ads so that it can be very benefitial for experienced experts as well. Moreover, it is 100 percent online, which means you can access the course from anywhere and track your progress – all at your individual convenience, and re-watch as much as you want.

The training course for Google ads is focused towards the advanced strategies to get more profits from the ad campaigns, not waste money on just clicks, or optimization score, or Quality Score. We have implemented all the crucial methodologies that are tried and tested in the real-life business scenario to keep up a higher ROI for Google Ads campaigns. This way you can rest assured that the Google Ad strategies you learn about are efficient and up-to-date


ROI Focused Training for Google Ads

It’s natural to think why should you choose Falcon Digital Marketing Agency when there are loads of companies offering courses online. But do you know that many of them do not show the right methods of making profits through Google ads or show methods that are completely out of date? When there is too much inclination on optimization score or quality score, then the focus shifts from the critical metrics that can fetch you the desired ROI, rather than just clicks to your website.

We focus on ROI, metrics like Conversions, Conversion Rate, Cost Per Conversion, and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). With Falcon Digital Marketing Agency’s Google Ads training course, the focus of the course is specifically pivoted around tactics that can secure the best ROI rather than getting website clicks and wasting budget unnecessarily.


How is Our Google PPC Ads Training Different Than Others?

Created by Falcon Digital Marketing Agency, not one person that ran ads for themselves one time.

The expert and competent team of Falcon Digital Marketing Agency has experience in dealing with PPC ads for more than a decade. We have successfully launched over seven thousand ad campaigns. We have been testing our PPC ad methodologies and strategies continually and only put the best training courses in their programs.

It’s worth noting here that this Google ads training course was not created and developed by a single person who have had run the ads once or twice for themselves. Falcon Digital Markting uses industry leading Google Ads strategies that you can learn for setting up your business’s PPC ad campaigns or even helping your clients. It would be wise to settle for the best rather than testing random methods and sit back hoping they are going to work for you.



How Does The Google Ads Training Work?

The complete PPC ad training course by Falcon Digital Marketing Agency covers more than 70 video lessons which include downloadable resources.

This will help you formulate and optimize the ad campaigns effectively. We have consolidated the content in such a way that the focus is on the most brilliant strategies for reaping profits while skipping all the unnecessary fluff that you need not be concerned about. As a result, you can complete the training much faster which, in turn, will pave the way for faster profit earning.

The complete training covers critical topics like Google Ads for Search, Remarketing Ads, Google Analytics, Display Ads, and Microsoft Bing Ads, along with PPC software and tools. The videos are created in a way that it includes all the important aspects without becoming long-drawn. Parts of the training are in PowerPoint to discuss methods and strategies, but most of the training videos are walkthrough tutorials inside actual Google Ads campaigns.

This course is crafted with an intention of teaching an individual everything required for research, setup, planning, and optimizing the Google PPC campaigns to measure profits faster. Most importantly, when you sign up for the Online Advertising Academy training program with Falcon Digital Marketing Agency, you will also get access to the membership section where you can see all the training videos from anywhere online, track your progress, and watch the tutorial videos as many times as you need to.


Questions About Our Online Google Ads Training Course

What Will I Learn in This Online Googe Adwords Training?

This Google ads online training program goes through Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Google Analytics, PPC Tools, PPC Software and more. It is perfect for any business that wants to learn how to run Google ads yourself, from beginner to experts.

What is the Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for our PPC ads training course. This does not apply to our PPC Management Services – only the training course.

Is This Course Updated for the Latest PPC Ad Strategies?

Yes. We continually update the Pay Per Click ads training course based on what we are using at our agency and what is working for our clients. This isn’t outdated like some Google ads training on YouTube, or some of the Google PPC ads courses on Udemy.

Who is this Google PPC Ads training course for?

This is perfect for marketing agencies that need expert training to stay up to date, advertising professionals, and business owners that prefer a DIY PPC ads training program over hiring a Google ads agency.

Can I Buy 1on1 Training Sessions or Team Training Sessions?

Yes, in addition to the course, we do offer separate training options for 1on1 training sessions or team training sessions. This is for a separate fee than the course itself, and can be purchased to best fit your individual or team training needs for individual, corporate, agency, or team training for PPC advertising.