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Tracking Micro Conversions

You might think that when a user visits your website, it is only a success if they then commit to a purchase and a full conversion takes place. However, a lack of purchase doesn’t necessarily mean that the visit has not been a success. In fact, there are a number of micro conversions that could…
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Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

When you are running a business, you might be operating with a limited budget. If that is the case, you might need to choose between traditional and digital marketing. Traditional marketing uses offline tactics to reach and gain the interest of the consumer. Whereas with digital marketing you can utilize the full power of the…
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Advanced Remarketing Audiences for Better PPC Results

Going beyond the standard "All Users" 30 day audience can help your PPC remarketing campaigns perform significantly better. Most advertisers get okay or poor performance from these Pay-Per-Click campaigns because they simply are not applying the advanced remarketing strategies for Google Adwords. Here are some of the expert strategies to implement in your PPC remarketing…
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Add Live Chat for More Sales and Leads

Are you exploring ways to improve your website? Improvements to your website should benefit the consumer and make clicking on your site a better experience for them. That’s why adding a live chat function to your website could be the best decision you will make. There are many benefits to adding a live chat function…
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