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Advantages of Twitter Ads

Using social media to grow your business is a given, but many business owners still don’t understand just how drastic and effective social media can be for their businesses. As one of the leading platforms for business growth, Twitter has exploded in popularity and it’s easy to see why many businesses can benefit from expanding…
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Alternatives to Facebook Ads for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency PPC Ads

Cryptocurrency has exploded into the mainstream and has lead to more people investing in it and there has even been software like Gunbot developed that automates peoples cryptocurrency trading. But this increase in popularity has also caused a lot of scammers to take advantage of people's lack of knowledge on the currency. This is why…
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Take PPC Campaigns To The Next Level With Call Tracking Software

When you run a PPC marketing campaign online, you probably measure different KPIs, conversions, or success metrics unique to your campaign. For instance, you are almost certainly paying attention to how many users visit your site each day. Most PPC campaigns also have conversion tracking for tracking forms that are submit, typically as leads. However,…
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