About Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC

We treat every client like we would treat our own business. Your success is our success!

Our goal as consultants is to create, maintain, and grow successful Search Engine Marketing strategies with our clients. These online marketing campaigns are designed for long-term results to help our clients grow their businesses and profits. Whether it is getting more highly-qualified leads, inbound phone calls, sales, or increase ROI and growth, we can help. Our consultants can design a digital marketing strategy that works towards those goals. We aren't about making as much money off of each client as possible, or dishonest business practices, we make sure our clients are treated fairly.

Our process involves heavy research of each individual client's product or service, industry, competitors, current state of the market, past marketing efforts, and the client's unique business approach. Once we thoroughly understand our client's business and marketing needs, we develop an in-depth internet marketing strategy. We then apply all of this to the actual Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. We believe that too many agencies jump into the setup process too quickly, without a solid understanding of their client's business. This is why, as consultants, we prefer quality over quantity, our clients are not just numbers to us.

We understand that our clients are depending on us for a successful online marketing campaign, and the results of our ad campaigns have a large impact on their business. That is why we take this responsibility very seriously. We understand that marketing can make or break a business.

Our consultants have been in the digital marketing space since 2008, with expertise in website growth, marketing, and development. We believe that continuous training is critical to keep up in the fast-paced industry of internet marketing. Falcon Digital Marketing is based out of Houston, TX.

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Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC Owner, Chris Cabaniss

After a long history of working in the internet marketing industry, Chris Cabaniss founded Falcon Digital Marketing, LLC in Houston, TX. He first found his passion for internet marketing in 2008 when developing a website, SEO strategy, and PPC ad campaign for a previous business while in college, this inspired him to switch to full-time marketing consulting to help other businesses create and grow their business online. To take his career to the next level and learn everything about what is takes to succeed online, Chris worked at one of the largest internet companies in the world – GoDaddy.
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During his time at GoDaddy, Chris quickly grew into a leadership role, participating in product development roundtables, training new employees and sales teams, and contributing to continuous improvement of internal operations.

After an unforgettable 3 years at GoDaddy, Chris worked as the digital marketing coordinator for a large investment firm. During this time, he managed over one million dollars in advertising and marketing spend, including PPC, SEO, blog development, email marketing, PR, and in-person promotional events. Chris later worked for several online advertising agencies to expand his marketing skills. During this time, he was able to plan and execute many successful PPC and SEO strategies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries.

Chris is also a native Houstonian, an active member of the American Marketing Association Houston chapter, and a Texas Tech Alumni.



Why Choose Us

No Hidden Fees and Fair Pricing. That's the way it should be.

We don't hide any of our work from you. You get full access and updates on our progress so you always know what your money is going towards.

We show you exactly where your money is going for PPC Advertising and Management. We'll show you with reports or directly inside any of your accounts.

We use the latest technology and tools to get our clients real results through their Pay-Per-Click advertising.

We produce reports that anyone can clearly understand, especially your CFO. With simple, straight to the point reporting, you'll know exactly how well your advertising is doing.

Contact us anytime with questions, we will respond quickly. We're always happy to go over your account in detail so you understand how we are helping you.

We have been in the internet marketing space since 2008. We are continuously learning, training, and updating our strategies to make sure we achieve top performance for our clients.

Many agencies setup your account for you, but in their own name, and do not give you a login of your own. We give you full ownership and access of your Google Adwords account, and all other accounts, websites, and analytics.

We offer month-to-month contracts so you are not locked in long-term. We do everything we can to get you great results, but if it does not work out for any reason, there are no cancellation fees or penalties.

Our Internet Marketing Services:

Pay-Per-Click Management

We can get your ads online to help you grow your business! We can manage ads in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Mobile Ads, Remarketing Ads, E-Commerce Shopping ads, Video ads, and Banner Ads.

PPC Account Audits

We provide advanced PPC account audits for Google Adwords accounts, Bing Ads, Facebook advertising, Google Shopping Ads, and more. We will provide you with a detailed report to go over your audit and discuss areas of improvement.

PPC Consulting & Training

Does your in-house team need additional training to get up-to-date with the latest PPC strategies and features? PPC consulting and training is the perfect option for agencies and in-house teams that want to give their Pay-Per-Click advertising skills a boost.